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Yup a tag after a long,long time,so long that if i were to grow a beard,I would have bagged the role in the next Aamir Khan film.Ha ‘isone is about Movie quirks.Of course i usually avoid all fimly tags,mainly because i don’t watch that many films,so well something different…And this is one from verbivorehere . 

Movie quirk :-

1)I go to the theater like once in 6 months or maybe twice.And the best part is,if we as a family are to go,we decide to books the tickets on the eve of the show.And well sathyam always has no tickets left for us.For the shoelace movie,we managed to book 2 tickets online,then as a quick fix,my called up the theater people and told “her kids,who are very small cannot miss the movie”,so there we had four tickets.

2)Since we do not watch movies at the theater,it means we get the DVD from rental a rental shop.So we get the usual pop corn and other snacks and watch the movie at home.This gives us the freedom to make fun of the movie,or in my case ROFL /kicking the football around,if the movie is boring.

3)I like to watch Aamir Khan’s,Kamal Hassan’s,Jonny Depp’s and Will Smith’s  and Jackie’smovies.Their movies have some sense in them and the acting usually is good.Of course you can add Heath Ledger but his books are closed already.

4)Tamil movies are the limit.Bollywood is no match.The movies are so horrible and the stunts so amazingly,as we say in Tamil,”kadula poo”(flower on the ear…er…hope you get what i mean).

5)Frankly the heroines just can’t act.Well at least one of them can’t Katrina Kaif,I think,she and her that Akshaya Kumar,are ugh!..And In kollywood,well they at least do some acting.

6) When i see a good character in a movie,I try to think,how i would have done the role.

7)I  can’t understand Hindi,but it is improving by the day.

8) Whatever…I am bored…i don’t see the point in senseless movies…I like movies like The dark Knight,where there is good a cting,like Pirates of the Cariabbean,where the story is inspiring,like Taree Zamine Par,Goal,which again has a good story line,Anbe shivam,The pianist,Dashavatharam etc.I hate the boring old,boy likes girl stories,I always wonder if gravity,fainted while watching such films..

9) I like nice songs.There have been a few amazing.Also I feel Tamil cinemas should have subscripts.There are a few amazing movies,which are well,awesome.And funnily enough they mostly are Kamal’s.


Anyway,I don’t really like to discuss movies,will rather prefer football…And ya passing this on…hmm…if you are bored or haven’t done a tag in a while,you are welcome to do it…ha one person has to do this though,Nikhil.

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  • pria says:

    Me too waiting to watch good movies during the holidays. U have an award in my blog.

  • I think there were some good bollywood movies too. But they were all before a decade! I wish someone could start a tag writing about the top ten movies they have watched in their regional language. That way, even we can see good movies from say, Bengali movies, for example.

    Destination Infinity

  • Reema says:

    U r not that much quirky regarding movies 🙂

  • Kiran says:

    Straight forward and serious tag you have over here regarding movies 🙂 I am an action adventure movie lover myself i.e Speed, Die Hard, etc

  • Aneesh says:

    pretty frank review there…
    Yup, I too rarely watch bollywood movies….
    But, I watch english movies a lot… Yup now that’s one of my hobbies

  • Kapil says:

    You don’t understand hindi! [;O] What?!

  • manushi says:

    yeah even i feel that all regional films should have subscripts so that ppl can enjoy them universally…

  • I don’t watch too many movies either. As far as bollywood movies are concerned, most of them are boring and have similar themes. I don’t watch the few good ones because I don’t understand Hindi and I have absolutely no intention of learning the language. They need to be sub-titled or dubbed if they want to reach a wider audience.

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    You should just watch movies to enjoy. So sometimes I like gravity defying stunts and senseless stuff, I brand them comedy and I laugh. I watched Aegan and I laughed so much. The Comedy was good in loose bits, but the movie was bad, but the action stuff made me laugh even more.

  • vimal says:

    Watch more movies and Im sure you will be quirky enough !!!

  • Keshi says:

    Im a huge fan of Kaman Hassan..Im in love with him!! :):)


  • Keshi says:


    I mean. Sorry abt the typo before!


  • hmm ur very true abt bollywood movies havng no stuff in it ths days..kollywood has talent in it..but u knw wat certain people jst spoil it with ‘hero worship’ nd heroism n tamil..kamal too such gr8 talent he has ..if nly he doesnt spoil it by playng the gr8est ‘hero” n such cases id vote for hollywood movies..they are such real life stuffs..

  • Apar says:

    You must watch movies without analysing too much. That helps when watching tamil/hindi and sometimes even a few english movies. Just appreciate the good parts, ignore the bad ones, laugh at the stupid ones 🙂

  • Jeevan says:

    i rarely watch Hindi movies, and often watch some dubbed Hollywood film in Vijay and sun TV.

    There is list of movies i have looking to watch, but could not get original quality DVDs most.

  • @pria: 😀

    @DI:nice idea 😛 why don’t you start it?

    @reema: 😉

    @kiran: 😀

    @aneesh: 😀

    @kapil: mei toda toda hindi malum…so if that is hindi,then.. 😛

    @manushi: 😀

    @raj: I agree..they all have the same thing over and over again…

    @Dinesh: I can’t do things mindlessly 😛

    @vimal: 😛

    @keshi: lol 😛

    @verbi: u talking about dashavataram? I liked it 😛

    @apar: 😀

    @jeevan: ya DVDs are becoming a thing of the past 😛

  • Manasa says:

    I love Aamir 😀

    Flower in the ear.. I can imagine.. ROFL..

    😛 -vishesh

  • arvind says:

    I Like m0vies which are entertaining whether they have a g00d st0ry 0r n0t 😀


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