ENDHIRAN-Movie Review

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Something we are all used to- a movie not living upto the ‘buildup’ given. But not a Rajinikanth film- no way . It is entertaining, engaging and fun!



INCEPTION(movie review)

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Brilliant, thought provoking, entertaining, awesome, well executed and mind-blowing stuff!

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THE KARATE KID-movie review

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Last minute call from friends and I found myself in Sathyam, on a leather chair, having paid 30Rs. for parking, rushed through the traffic, dressed up hurriedly-was it worth all this? …..Yes, the movie is awesome!

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prince of persia sands of time

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On Avatar

February 10, 2010 § 7 Comments

Man vs Nature?

Maybe. But what I noticed was the callousness of certain people towards “others”. For those who do know some history, you will remember the stories of how the various trading companies( the European ones in other continents ) were established.

The movie  also shows how capitalism can lead to a cul-de-sac when interpreted by narrow minded fools. It shows how, we have sold  ourselves for petty gains, without understanding the larger picture.

A movie, like most works of art, is a representation of a person’s cognition.However baseless and banal it seems, the very fact that, that exists means that, that exists in reality. And when as movie as good as this comes out, it sure deserves some analysing.

If the movie was to be dated as current, we will quite clearly, have Uncle Sam as the mindless military man, trying to blow things up and disturb and disrupt the balance of a place. The fact that his own avarice and fears were the reason for the problem will not be noticed. Peace will be given the white flag and then washed in blood of  the “naive natives”.

If taken to denote the modern epoch as such, the imperial masters will be the wanton gluttons. From trying to learn the ways of the indigenous they evolved into creatures that ripped apart the basis of many a society ( the positives do exist, for eg. this language, but then the bad should be read with the good and cannot be balanced, this is not God’s ledgers). Oh! and when you talk about green as such, who is behind global warming again?

The movie also brings out the stratification in our society today. Free will, democracy, rights and other such mighty words are sent down the dusty avenues of naïvety. Everyone talks about it, but no one really gives a damn. Try and watch closely and you will find that except for a few, the rest are just too damn busy, to give a hoot about rights and responsibilities. If you can roar and roar really loud, you will be heard. If you have a sweet voice, you can be a singer.

There was a particular dialogue in the movie, ” they killed their own mother”. Well not really. Earth can save itself. It has been here for millions of years and it probably will be. The ignorant specie we are, we fail to appreciate this fact. We promote green and all the while being deceived. Man is after part of nature too, after all. So we should watch out for ourselves.

Whether you call it chaos theory or attribute to God or brand it as “whatever”, the truth is we don’t know enough. We just assume and we have no clue if we are right or not. We imagine and try to build our own world(or create in this case). Ultimately, what’s going to bury the human race, might probably be on its way, so we should try to enjoy ourselves, without trying to impose anything on each other.

The movie did end with nature siding with the “good guys”. That again is the author’s view, I guess. I loved the movie, on the whole. I loved it as an artist, as a human being and most of all as an Earthling. But end of the day, love alone isn’t enough, action is needed. And what do each of us carry home?

Do we talk about greenery and trees? Or respecting “aliens”?  Or about trying to understand each other? Or about the futility of war and having a wider vision? Or about innate beauty? Or another movie recommend to our friends? It is left to us. To me, it talks about all that and much more.

If only we could understand each other and our world better. We grow up too fast and forget the child in us. We seem to forget that we can be more responsive to change only if we try to understand ourselves and our world. We seem to forget to smell, to taste and to savour. The delight, quite clearly is not there. Maybe we should take a day out and rediscover ourselves, who knows?

P.S:- Think I have weeded out the mistakes..if you find any typos tell me 🙂


December 5, 2009 § 8 Comments

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It’s been a while, since I wrote a movie review. Put it down to not watching enough movies. And there is a good thing about that too- when you do want to watch a movie, you call buzz a friend, ask for a good movie and watch it, no need to worry about getting stuck with a bad one.

This movie is awesome, to say the least. I loved it. “Boy meets girl” story alright, but the ending isn’t what you expect. The music( by Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen)  is superb, it makes the movie even better. And the acting was damn good, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who plays Tom Hansen) and Zooey Deschanel ( who plays Summer Finn)  bring their characters to life and make you think it is a real story.

The story moves back and forth, between day 1 and day 500. It is about a relationship and it is very “American”, but nothing wrong with that. The girl doesn’t believe in true love and the boy, thinks she is his soul mate. They are “friends” but Tom is not quite sure, if he wants it to be that way.

I like the way the movie builds up, not all that forceful, slow and steady, I had a smile through out the movie, I think 🙂 The sort of movie, you can watch when you want something fun and nice to watch.

I recommenced this one. But those who don’t like “American” types of boy-girl relationship and a bit of swearing and “masala” thrown in, stay away.

Rating- 9/10 ( wanted to give it a 10, but well am not going to rate it too high 😉 )


July 20, 2009 § 15 Comments

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Well the weirdest herd ever is back. Frankly the first few minutes , got me all worried. I love the Ice Age movies, nope , no this not how it is supposed to be, the jokes seemed so dry.

But the second Sid falls through the ice , the movie comes alive! Manny is shown as a caring husband and to be father,Deigo is planning to leave the herd , Ellie is about to have a kid and Sid well is Sid. The characters seem to have a human side to it, more like a metaphor to our sterotypes. And in this respect it is almost complete what with the Jack Sparrow wannabe weasel Buck(only the philosopher and the poet are missing , but then guess they don’t fit into humanity 😉 ).

Few of the jokes were out of place in a kids animation movie(lol-the best one was the ad before the movie started-use rubber and stop AIDS,guess it is better to begin when they are young :P). Infact it is Buck who saves the movie’s face.

In all an enjoyable movie,entertaining , especially if you watch it in 3D.

rating- 7/10


July 16, 2009 § 17 Comments

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This one picks off where the earlier one left. We find Sam Witwicky leaving for college. He tells the Autobots that he wants to be like any other college going kid , only to find that something from the cube(through the shard he possess)  has gone into him. The Decepticons go after Sam(Shia LeBeouf) with whose help they can reach the  Enegron source  (buried in earth many centuries ago) which kills stars and converts the star’s energy to energon.

Megatron is revived and the Decepticons try to ‘steal’ the information from Sam , who is saved by Optimus Prime and others.But Optimus gives up his life while trying to save Sam. Without Optimus to stop them , the fallen and Megatron tell Earthlings to hand over Sam or that the entire planet will die. Without knowing what to do , Sam , his girlfriend Mikaela(Megan Fox) and his college room mate Leo Spitlz(Ramón Rodríguez) with the help of the former agent Simmons (John Turturro)from Sector 7 , learn about other aliens hiding. One such alien Jetfire , is an old decepticon who has changed sides , is found in an Air museum and is reactivated . Sam tells him about the symbols which “sees” . Jetfire teleports them to Egypt.

With Optimus’ body being brought to Egypt and the decepticons trying to revive the Energon source , Sam finds the Matrix of Leadership , using which he can activate Optimus and a battle starts.

The movie was awesome! I loved every bit of it. Its got a bit of humour strewn about and the battle scenes are breath taking! With all the hooting and cheering in the theater , it was a lively experience 🙂

Of course a few of my friends tagged along to see Megan Fox and so I should say that the makeup as good and so she looked good too. The acting is pretty good too and the jokes are timed properly. Optimus Prime , I think was cheered more than Megan Fox.

As such the movie was worth my money and worth writing a review. I liked it and well will go back to watch the third part as well. A few of were left to wonder , why aren’t there any colleges in India like the one in the movie 😉  The effects are damn good , infact , you don’t realize that the Autobots and decepticons aren’t alive! Amazing movie , must watch !

rating- 9/10.

Sambar magic(the tale of thondiraja)-part 6!(spoof)

February 7, 2009 § 10 Comments

read part 5 here.


And the computer crashed! The king got irritated and was about to blow up,but something struck him!He looked beyond that which is seen-The OS was vista and yes it lived up to its name! If you want something search it out! Such divine revelation! Maybe that is why he opened the gates and ran out and made lots of bills! Ha and so the king set about preparing the trip.

But before any packing,he needed to eat.He took out his mobile and called the wonderful home minsiter.The minister barked into the phone,

” And yes we are facing problems! But law wasn’t written in a day! It took more than two years to write,word by word,issue by issue,problem by problem! Just read the fine print! You guys missed out the star! –Conditions apply!”

The king took in a couple of deep breaths and in a icy voice replied,

“My fine sir! If only life can be made fair,by using a fairness cream! Now this is your king here.I do appreciate your preparations for the world human rights day summit,but if you want to hold on to your stars,better get into that ferrari of yours and be here and if you don’t I will have that head of yours and that branded spectacles chopped like interest rates!” 

And the minister in a mocking tone replied,

” Oh! Sire,but pardon me! I shall be there! I was preparing for the call in programme, evidently they want human rights unplugged! In fact they are giving world leaders free calls! Its about tigers you see and men with beards,you see! I shall be there!” 

And the phone went dead.Ha but the king forgot to tell him to bring him food! He dialed again-

“All lines are currently busy,please dial later!” 

“Oh! by my great thondi!” The thondiraja blew,”what is this! ”

And the power went out.Even as the generators were switched on,the king’s face turned white! But just as a major explotion was about to take place as if someone was testing nuclear weapons under the bed of a ill leader,the home minister ran home!The pace at which he did run,was amazing!If the olympic sprinters were to run without steriods then this would be it!

The miniter went on his knees and apologised! There can be no doubt,this was true culture! This cooled the king,like a beer from a bar in Mad-lur! 

“Chiao! Cheeks ! Thats polite ! I am pleased,but now get up,If you want to get married,go to Mad-lur or Bad-lur and sit in a park on fourteenth of this month with a girl! Cheap and easy! the media will also be there! I will gift you a saffron colour ice cream!  My such social service! And oh! Remember to wear the Levi jeans and the miss…who ever it is,that pink,Venus’ short shirts! ”

beliwered the minister answered

” But I am already a married man! ”

” Then get up and get me something to eat! I shall be going for a hike! So I will not be here for a while! Now remember to check the date on all invitations for thondi idol! Oh! And please avoid bad translation! I don’t want people to think this is any other show! IT IS THE IDOL show! Why even Jackson wants to take part! Too bad he isn’t a citizen of Thondi! And don’t forget to forget sending an invitation to Himesh! Let him stay there and sing for the queen! And remember to create some problem or the other everyday or I will be penalized by the news channels and remember to check that the proper diet is served for the children of thondi! ”

And the king took a breath but before he could resume,the minister ran, now more like a sprinter on steriods to fetch the food! He had never heard the king so unhumourous! If only it was the economy ,he could bail it out!

The king now left alone,he tried to on the comp,he pressed and pressed it,nothing happened….until in rage he kicked it,with the Ronaldo technique! And boom! He was suddenly in the Sambar world! But at a different place…Now wait a minute it seemed to make some sense..


“SMSes are short,

MNS is a blot,

Businesses are caught,

Seats are bought,

Time for a simple thought,

You voice shall play a part,

But better think twice,before you tie the knot.”

But his voice,he was no sage with a mouth in his foot! He didn’t SMS anyone did he, he took out his mobile again and to his surprise he found that he had a message in his inbox,

“This V day free massage for you and your other half at 50% discount! Hurry limited offer!”

“Ha pity, will this lead to him finding his better half! Ha this Sambar,it is crazy! Like a croc in a T.V. ad   ! Now he needed to find a blot. But he realzied that million dollar pens don’t blot nor does anyone in the state of Thondi own a decent leaky parker! The poorest man was..poor? That was never heard of in thondi,where will he get this pen!”

He thought and began to take a stroll…His sudddenly turned around and saw a dog following him.No this was not  a gift from his mobile network to follow him everywhere! This was no  voota-phone(voota -borken) ,something caught his attention,he started closing in on the dog.The Dog seeing such a huge figure coming close to it,turned and began to run!

The great big fat,Raja Raja Raja Thondiraja ran.It was a sight to behold,a mark in history! Something which obese children will read in the future and get inspired by,he started spriting like Captain VJkanth ,this was what the doctor..er…sage ordered for..

Slumdog Millionaire-movie review

January 15, 2009 § 18 Comments

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Usually,when I write a movie review in my blog,I feel guilty,that I am writing something which is not really what I want to write,but i am doing it for the hits(albeit the fact,that I write reviews only for movies which make an impression).But this movie is different.

No doubt AR.Rahman,fully deserves the Golden Globe.In fact,this is a movie which deserves the Oscars.The directing,dialogues,acting,camera,this,that and everything was perfect.

The movie is about a boy(or man) ,18 years old,from the world famous slums of Mumbai.He goes on to will Rs.20,00,000/- in a reality show-Who wants to be a millionaire? The role of the protagonist is played by Ayush Mahesh Khedekar, Tanay Chheda and  Dev Patel.

Jamal Malik,is being questioned in the police station-how on earth,did a slumdog,manage to get into a position ,where if he answers the next question,he would be a Millionaire twenty times over? The usual cinema style portrayal of the Indian police,kicks of the movie.But when he faints during the shock treatment. The police inspector(Irrfan Khan),decides to question in a more humane way.

As each question of the previous night,is roled out,Jamal narrates,how he knew the answer.He goes on to narrate the grim life of a “slumdog”.He knew an answer to a question,because his mom was killed in communal violence,he knew another,thanks to the people who make children beg and almost took his eyes away.The role of the show host is played by Anil Kapoor.

The “Three Muskeeters”(the book by Alexander Dumas,ha!another one to read),all are untied  after the communal violence.In the end,it is all for the third Muskeeters ;”For you, a thousand times over….” from the book “The Kite Runner”,aptly describes the movie.The three Muskeeters are Jamal,Salim( Jamal’s elder brother,played by Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail,Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala and Madhur Mittal)  and Lathika(Freida Pinto,Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar,Rubiana Ali).

It is truly a candid movie.It decepits the dirty world of slum.It also shows us,how “dons” are born.This being a English movie,does provoke a feeling,”they always portray India like this” , but then how are we going to make them change it?

I don’t want to reveal anything about the movie.I would give it a 5/5.Only thing there a few scenes which might make a few people cry.Would say a above 15 film(I don’t kids will really appreciate,a kid being blinded,so as to beg,gruesome indeed).

Thanks to wiki for the names.If you want a detalied review,you can find it there.

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