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Yup a tag after a long,long time,so long that if i were to grow a beard,I would have bagged the role in the next Aamir Khan film.Ha ‘isone is about Movie quirks.Of course i usually avoid all fimly tags,mainly because i don’t watch that many films,so well something different…And this is one from verbivorehere . 

Movie quirk :-

1)I go to the theater like once in 6 months or maybe twice.And the best part is,if we as a family are to go,we decide to books the tickets on the eve of the show.And well sathyam always has no tickets left for us.For the shoelace movie,we managed to book 2 tickets online,then as a quick fix,my called up the theater people and told “her kids,who are very small cannot miss the movie”,so there we had four tickets.

2)Since we do not watch movies at the theater,it means we get the DVD from rental a rental shop.So we get the usual pop corn and other snacks and watch the movie at home.This gives us the freedom to make fun of the movie,or in my case ROFL /kicking the football around,if the movie is boring.

3)I like to watch Aamir Khan’s,Kamal Hassan’s,Jonny Depp’s and Will Smith’s  and Jackie’smovies.Their movies have some sense in them and the acting usually is good.Of course you can add Heath Ledger but his books are closed already.

4)Tamil movies are the limit.Bollywood is no match.The movies are so horrible and the stunts so amazingly,as we say in Tamil,”kadula poo”(flower on the ear…er…hope you get what i mean).

5)Frankly the heroines just can’t act.Well at least one of them can’t Katrina Kaif,I think,she and her that Akshaya Kumar,are ugh!..And In kollywood,well they at least do some acting.

6) When i see a good character in a movie,I try to think,how i would have done the role.

7)I  can’t understand Hindi,but it is improving by the day.

8) Whatever…I am bored…i don’t see the point in senseless movies…I like movies like The dark Knight,where there is good a cting,like Pirates of the Cariabbean,where the story is inspiring,like Taree Zamine Par,Goal,which again has a good story line,Anbe shivam,The pianist,Dashavatharam etc.I hate the boring old,boy likes girl stories,I always wonder if gravity,fainted while watching such films..

9) I like nice songs.There have been a few amazing.Also I feel Tamil cinemas should have subscripts.There are a few amazing movies,which are well,awesome.And funnily enough they mostly are Kamal’s.


Anyway,I don’t really like to discuss movies,will rather prefer football…And ya passing this on…hmm…if you are bored or haven’t done a tag in a while,you are welcome to do it…ha one person has to do this though,Nikhil.

Quantum of Solace-movie review

November 9, 2008 § 23 Comments

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Someone please kill him! Well yes,he is James Bond alright,but come on how can he escape all those attempts to kill him? Let it be a car chase(the movie starts with Bond driving a Aston Martin in Seina ,chased by the bad guys as usual) or boat banging or the Aeriel  ,none of them can even tickle the guys shoelace!Seriously,Bond makes our wondrous tamil superstars look like mortals!

Daniel Craig  seriously looks old!The actresses are pretty good(ya and well its Bond movie,so he gets the girls).I liked the performance of Olga Kurylenko(who does the role of Camille) the best.

The movie is too fast paced,at times you are left wondering what is going on.There are a lot of “I will shoot and I don’t give a hoot” movies out there and this one is just one among the lot.The only reason why it even has this reception,i feel is because its a Bond movie.Compared to Casino Royale(this is a sequel to it) ,this is bad.

Bond is out to seek revenge for the death of Vesper(The lady who dies in Casino Royale) and he meets Camille who it seems is also after the same person.The face of the enemy(it seems) is Dominc Greene( Mathieu Amalric) who heads Greene planet and is a member of the Quantum.He is involved in organising a coupde’tat in Bolivia and all he wants in return is a desert,but why? The Americans too seem to have a finger in the pudding.What on earth is going on? 

What exactly is Greene planet after? What is this Quantum?

Bond Never really gets his revenge.The movie ends with Bond walking away into the night in Russia.Of course Mr.White(whom he manages to capture in the beginning of this movie but manages to escape) is out and Quantum is seems to a mystery.


Final word:-

Well if you like Bond,then you might enjoy it.There weren’t many gadgets in this one.It is all about Bond chasing and being chased -cars,boats and planes.As I said ,the movie is too fast paced and it could have been slower.It got monotonous in certain places because I have seen those type of scenes before in other movies.In the next movie at least they should send a bullet through him or get him poisoned (like in Casino Royale).The music was superb,especially the opening song( Another way to die by Alicia Keys and Jack White)The acting was pretty good but still i don’t like Craig.Rowan Atkinson seriously is still better(Jonny English).

rating:-3/5(well after all its a dumb bond movie).

Wall-e(movie review)

September 30, 2008 § 17 Comments

Humans have polluted earth,so much,that they can’t live here any more.So they leave the planet to itself and go out into space,in a fully robot run space ship.Ops,but they forget to turn off one robot,Wall-e.700 years later,they send another robot,called eve,to see if earth is liveable.And there wall-e falls in love with eve.Wall-e manages to get into the space ship which carries eve back to the humans craft.

Humans no more know that they can walk.they  are obese and  don’t even need to move around-they have robots for everything.But the plant which eve brings back from earth,is a sign that earth might be liveable again.The super obese captain suddenly realizes that,humans true home is earth! And so they plan to head back,but the auto pilot thinks otherwise…

One of the best movies i have seen.It puts an important message across,in a very entertaining way.It makes us notice the fact,that earth too has a limit.

Who told love is for humans alone? Robots fall in love too and their love  brings humanity back to earth.A sure must watch.There are very little dialogues and the movie itself is only 90 minutes long.Enjoyable,fun and at the end of the day,makes you think about earth,the surface,below the sky!I will give this one a 5/5.


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Kismat Konnection-movie review

August 16, 2008 § 12 Comments

Boy meets girl.Boy was the most promising one in college,but has no success.Meets girl.She is his lucky charm.well the rest you know i guess.WOW! unbelievable no twists nothing,just simple and straight forward.

But this is worth a watch.For one thing Shahid does his role well.In certain places it was almost like a repeat ok Jab we met,but still it was worth my time,especially since we all had a nice time guessing the story.It had a few laughs here and there and the main highlight of the movie was the speech in the last scene.

I didn’t like any of the songs and why go all the way to CANADA? I agree with what Nita says(though the comment is with respect to another movie,i see it apply here too ) :

Frankly that’s getting boring. I mean, who wants to see the Swiss Alps in Hindi movies again and again and again! Sometimes I wonder if the actors and crew go abroad because they want a foreign holiday or because they want the film to appeal to the NRI market…it certainly isn’t necessary for the story. And I am sure NRI’s would love to see India more than anything else.

For this movie,any Indian city would have been fine.Or is it that the same problems can’t be dealt with here?Or well maybe they all seriously needed a holiday.What do these people get out of making so many flop movies?I mean this kind of stuff isn’t going to sell right? Then why do such things? The main idea behind any business is to make profit and these people are supposed to be doing that.The only thing they are doing is making actors richer and richer ,this is not needed,let them make their money by really entertaining us,not by doing such dumb movies! I understand the message the movie wanted to convey,but having made us forget about using our brain ,how do they expect to put across their message in the last scene of the movie?The intention was good,but to put across your message you need powerful stuff.I am not going to rate this one.

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August 10, 2008 § 16 Comments

Khudakayliye(in the name of god)is a  beautiful movie.The reason why i say beautiful is because beauty is one which can be attributed to everything.Two brothers who are musicians ,take two different paths.One renounces music  and the other goes to USA to pursue a career in it.The movie revolves around what happens after 9/11.One of the brothers has to endure the tortures of the American police,even though he was innocent,While the other is shown the true purpose of the fanatics.

In the end Mansoor(who is beaten into insanity),tells (rather his last words before he is beaten into madness)the world that don’t hate all Muslims just because a few have hurt you.

I loved the movie.We have always questioned how can people be lead into believing things. The movie shows both sides of the story.One is where ,men are chided into believing things and the other is where people are lead into animosity,against an entire community.Through out the movie,i was raged by so many things.The most painful thing about it was the fact that it showed the reality,which most of us are far away from.

A must see movie.I would give it a 5/5.All the actors did their roles brilliantly and the music too was very good.So if you haven’t seen it yet,put it right on top of the list 🙂

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August 2, 2008 § 11 Comments

Well doing one role is tough alright,but to roles ranging from an old granny to Bush ,from a medieval priest to a scientist,well it takes some doing.Before i start writing a review,i must say that even if you don’t understand tamil,get a CD with the sub-titles and watch it.It is a must watch.

I knew this movie would be good,first thing,it was Kamal movie and second a lot of people didn’t like it.The reason why most people didn’t like is obvious.The movie needs a lot of interpretation.The movie unites people from different cultures,different faith and beliefs all in one final stand off.It was amazing! to say the least.How does the Shivite and Vishnavite fight in the medieval time have to do with the tsunami? That is the profoundity of the movie.The whole movie is based on the chaos theory.

Kamal Hassan is acting is not just superb but more than that.To act in so many different roles and to relate them all is amazing.Except in a few places(very very little) the movie didn’t have any slag.While the makeup was not as convincing in a few roles as others,it was good.In fact i think it was better that way,it had more of a drama feel to it,than a movie.I wonder if it is based on some book,for it had so much intelligence in it .Moneys are sure clever than man!(it has something to do with the move:P )

Asin does a good job too.And Mallika does her cameo well too.The villian,the hero and all most of the important characters played by the same person,it is sure worth spending your three hours.As i said in the beginning ,it is worth watching this movie,so go and see it now 🙂

These two songs have become one of favorites(ya,the never ending list).All the songs were good,but these two (especially the first one stand out for the lyrics).

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