May 25, 2008 § 10 Comments

can you see the bird fly high?
wonder what it is like,
among the clouds with wings
stretched so wide.

i too want to fly,
no,i am not satisfied,
with imagining flight,
i want to take of and be light.

i want to go through the clouds,
i want to out race the birdy crowds,
i want to watch sun rises and sets,
i want to win all the racing bets.

i wonder how is it,so high,
what will happen if i die?
will i dive inside some deep,
and permanently sleep?

i want to fly high,
i seriously want to fly,
i am stretching my arms,
come on all you winds!

i wait,
one day i will,
nothing is impossible still,
so i wait.


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§ 10 Responses to i WANT TO FLY

  • I have always dreamed of being as free as a bird in the sky! 🙂

  • I love you…When April bends above me and finds me fast asleep, dust need not keep the secret a live heart died to keep. .. when April tells the thrushes the meadow-larks willknow and pipe the three words lightly to all the winds that blow. Above his roof the swallows in notes like far – blown rain’ willtellthe little sparrow beside his window- pane. O sparrow , little sparrow, when Iam fast asleep, then tell my love the secret that Ihave died to keep…..

  • I loved you and this love by chance inside my soul has never fully vanished; no longer shall it ever make you tense; Iwouldn’t want to sadden you with anguish. I loved you speechlesslyand wildly, by modesty and jealousy was stressed; I loved you so sincerely, and so middly, as, God permit, may Love you someone else….

  • I’ve lived to see desire vanish, with hope I’ve slowly grown to part, and I am left with only anguish the fruit of emptiness at heart. Under the storms of mercilles fate my thriving garland , withered lies -I sadness, lonesome. I await :How far away is my demise ? Thus, conquered by a tardy frost, through gale’s whistling and shimmer, late , on a naked limpexposeda lonesome leaf is left to quiver…

  • vishesh says:

    @raj: 🙂

    @Tanya: 🙂

  • Aaarti says:

    Neat poem… i think at some point in our lives, all of us wanna feel free n fly….

  • Priya says:

    Reminds me of “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson.

    I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes, till I touch the sky.


  • pria says:

    Good one ther V.

  • Manu,Shiba,Shilpa,Megha says:

    its gr8….i love this poem…wow
    A bird…….we r….. we all love dis poem

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