BRIDA-Paulo Coelho

May 24, 2008 § 14 Comments

translated by Margaret Jull Costa.

A book on the tradition on the moon and the sun(concentrating more on the former),it is the tale of a 21 year girl who wants to learn magic.The book travels through each one’s personal gift,the ways in which the tradition of the moon magnifies it ,the link between the physical world and the magic world and recognizing our soulmates.

Brida learns that she is witch.She learns the various exercises of the witches.She understands the past and the beauty of the world as she moves towards being initiated as a witch.

The book is a collection of knowledge and experience,without one the other has no use.The book has a meditative and a poetic rhythm,the vibrations of which you can feel even after you finished the book.Frankly, I am struggling to write this review,because there is just too much to tell and to compress the beauty is not possible,not even a photograph can express it.The emotions are so true and raw that,identification with the character is so easy.Like all of Paulo’s work,you can see and feel the same experience as the author.Though I have used it many a time-mesmerizing is the word.There were many analogies between the Indian stories and the book.Truth is simple and that is what makes it complicated,the book was like an reassurance that my country’s belief hold good the truth,it is just that we fail to see what is in front of our eyes.

I am left with a feeling that reality is something we all seek in this mortal world.Love,life,living,passion,mystery,history,story,magic,music,rhythm,beauty,infinity is the simplest way to summaries it.


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