February 24, 2009 § 19 Comments

So I managed to do a few sketches,they of course help me cool and relax between all the madness of not studying( ya joking,I am so bugged of people asking me,how are you studying,blah blah,that the second anyone asks that question,I start screaming like an American actress..).
Of course,I still don’t have a camera(March 21st ,march 21st!) but this time I guess the pics are better as managed to have enough sunlight while taking the photos( mobile cameras without flash work damn well in natural light,they suck otherwise)..So here goes…

This one was actually done in school,a while back…I think it was English or economics and was doodling while trying to go to sleep stay awake…


From mobile photos!

The next 5 are pretty recent …


From mobile photos!


From mobile photos!


From mobile photos!


From mobile photos!


From mobile photos!

I don’t like the last one that much,but still decided to put here,it was alright till I went slightly over board…my fav is the last but second one,I don’t usually do that much detailing but decided to try something different…

And well I found another old one,not exactly compete,but still….


From mobile photos!

Again please forgive the poor photo quality πŸ˜› What do you think,I have improved? And which one do you think is the pick of the lot?

P.S: See this linkΒ ,I have decided to set shop πŸ˜› Once my boards are over,I intend to scan my sketches(the ones which look good) and use them there,for now,just went with my photoshop images and a couple of photos(don’t have time to work on it πŸ˜› )


Alive and abide

December 28, 2008 § 6 Comments

From mobile photos!

And as the world stood below,
The skies are waiting to be conquered.
As the sunlight fades,
A need to be on top dawns.
The demons of hell shall never take a hand,
And even if death might someday,
Descend from the above,
Today,it is there to be won.
Not of avarice or glutton ,
But for the joy of life,
For living,for being human.

No curse can ever take an hand,
for goodness is innate in man.
Yet so an abyss depth can scare
and make you return to the ground.
Yet the inertial desire can never bind,
And so unlike a bird but like
An angle in your dreams,
You want to soar high,
high,higher than life.

Wont feelings can go away,
From this day,
From this moment on,
There is no wrong,
Except that which
threatens to break
The fundamentals of life.

Freedom is that which you can,
Where you are;Being bound,
is the zealous curse of a virus
Whose strength of life is dead.
Though another one among all,
A dot in a line,endless,
If not for you,everything shall
End.A code, fathomless,
Yet innate,twixt,nexus,
Between an end and beginning
known yet unknown,
For such is the refection,
Surreal in reality,
yet real in immortality.

Many dreams surround,
Myriad dreams make life,
It shall go by,
And all i wish is to reach
Beyond my reach,
Move away from the circles,
Take a leap from the vertex
of a triangle and move along,
the line,my locus shall be within.
Reality is what i perceive
And when i sleep,
The world is lull,
And me with alive
And morals within,I abide by.

Β The light shines the brightest

Sketchin’ again!

December 5, 2008 § 14 Comments

the photo quality isn’t exactly good,coz i had to use my mobile cam.Someone*ahem ahem* broke the camera ,ya” someone” I know you will be reading this i know πŸ˜‰ Anyway here we go πŸ™‚ ,I have added more shadows so,that the sketches are clear.Which one do you like?Β 

From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!

A subway full of water

November 28, 2008 § 18 Comments

Β Β Β 

From mobile photos!

A subway full of water.This is the subway opposite Pothys(can you see the building?) .Lovely isn’t it.My area is an island.Thankfully my street is better off than most places.Except the 14 hour power cut,there have been no other problems,oh of course Β i forgot the mosquitoes who tried to sing a lullaby.I didn’t have the heart to kill such talent,so i bore it all night long.


From mobile photos!

Above are Auto drivers of Chennai,huddled up,discussing the situtation.The subway is after all one of the cities most used.”T-nagar traffic jam aa”,is one of the most popular statements in Chennai.

From mobile photos!

Swimming anyone?The dirtest water you shall find anywhere on earth,baring the koovam and Adyar,both of ’em by the way have breached their banks i heard.

From mobile photos!

And so a few people who were too bored by the power cut(and the autodrivers of the near by stands) decided to play some cricket to entertain themselves.You can a mini river falling into the lake.

From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!

Yup who told you,cricket needed a big ground to play?So what if the English team has run away after a 5-0?We will send these local players.They are capable of adapting to any condition anywhere.Now that is adaptability!

From mobile photos!

My first video ever!!

September 4, 2008 § 13 Comments

Lol,i know the quality is poor,but it was shot in my mob cam ,so πŸ˜›

A picture

August 13, 2008 § 19 Comments

Can you see the picture above?What do you conclude from it?

If not for storm there is no peace

August 8, 2008 § 3 Comments

dark sky,
rainy day,
perfect life,
and happiness.
Yet caught in,
the blood flows,
the mind speculates,
and control you try to.
you wish for freedom
and to be free,
yet you are arrested
by some unknown will,
the origin too unknown.
You wish to shout
or run away,
yet unseen chains bind,
your eyes cry for help,
your faces tightens,
yet the sky makes you happy.
Rain-you feel your own
tears metamorphose ,
and a eternal joy,
floods;beauty is sown,
time is forgotten.
you walk on as if everything
didn’t happen,rebirth,
the world is better,
and safer thanks to the storms.
If not for storm,
then there is no peace.

P.S: I extend the deadline for the order and beauty contest till tomorrow evening.

hide like a flower?

August 5, 2008 § 11 Comments

What do think this flower is doing?If you were it,what would you be thinking(taking that the flower can think! )

stormy sky and life

July 9, 2008 § 13 Comments

Behind it lies something.

Why hide?
Why hide?
why hide?

Why can’t the sky face the glorious earth?
The sky seems to cry,
at the sight-it can’t stand
its opposites life being
ripped to shreds by something called life.

Life has a purpose.
Was it to destroy all that was ever made?
Why is there any good left?
Are those tears ,which fall from the ether,
the last song of disparity of the sky?
Is the wind that blows,
the song of death,
of life?

Yet as the sky cries and humanity dies,
in me exists a sense of peace.
At last all the destruction seems
to put me at ease.

IS it the fact that i always hated it all?
Did i hate those beautiful days,
of sunshine and the clouds race?
Did i hate all of my life?
Why i thought i chose it?
Yet there is a peace within me.
It makes me feel free.
It is an silence which seems to last forever.
I fell so much better.
I feel humored.
I feel eternal.
I feel rescued.

The gods of the moon and the sun,
sleep for a while
and those of vapors,oil my heart and life.

As those dark heavens move on,
I return with an understanding,
I feel as if everything is a new beginning,

the world is at equilibrium,
the world is me.
I am the world.

OH! the light disperses them all away
and the birds return to their way.

Think photo

July 6, 2008 § 20 Comments

Here is something different*

Choose a picture from below and write anything about the picture(can be a word/sentence/poem/story anything) telling what you feel/think about it πŸ™‚








8 )



* this is the first time i am trying something like this.The idea behind this is to see how people think and react and respond to pictures and what type of picture hits the eye of the majority πŸ™‚

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