Clouds , mountains , valleys and buildings

June 10, 2009 § 11 Comments

Another hot tourist spot in Ooty is Doddabetta .

Amazing scenery is not free any more , the count your heads , eating bajji and drinking tea , as if you are a terrorist who is trying to blow the country up , by not paying Rs 5 or 10 whatever it is per head ( I forgot to mention , the same is true for the flowers , they charge Rs.30 for the camera in the gardens and I am pround to say I shot enough to get me value for money πŸ˜€ , don’t get it why they need to charge for cameras , cameras don’t dirty , they tell the truth , if there is garbage , then the photo won’t look good – forget charging for the cameras , encourage them and you might see the amount of littering going down ) .

Anyway considering we didn’t go any where off beat ,as this was more for us clearing our city-ed heads , this is what happens .. But at least the telescope view was free – they showed me a cross and claimed that to be a military hospital in Coonoor , for all I know that could have been a cleverly made mark on the other side of the telescope .

From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip
From ooty trip

That just about covers every angle you can see from there , see I told you , it is just a view and nothing else , but well a thing of beauty if forever ( well something else is forever as well – Chennai and this stupid climate , sweaty! Hot! ) .


Up we go like a teak tree

October 7, 2008 § 22 Comments

From misc3

Yup,that is a teak tree.It is growing,skyward.It has leaves and it sheds them and then new ones take the place of those which were given to the ground.It grows,day by day,year by year,hour by hour,decade by decade,second by second.We too grow,continuously.

Growth and creation.

When we cut the tree,we will use it for variously purposes.But its value shall always be high.Its today’s value will be more than what it was yesterday.

We need to grow too.Our thoughts are our leaves.With them we understand the world and we can get our food.Unless,we think,we cannot live.And with our mind,we need to create,a better world and not destory.Where a tree is cut,we need to plant another,where a building is brought down,we need to erect a better one.Where a system fails,we need to put another in place,better than the previous one.

But what if all the trees are said to be evil and all of them are cut and thrown away?That is what is happening.We are first plucking the leaves,one by one,why?Three alphabets -GOD.

Is it needed? No way.God is associated with creation and not destruction.Yet why is that force causing so much of destruction?The conclusion which we can arrive at,is that God,is misinterpreted.Who taught those people to cut?

IF the tree is bad,then the problem was with the seed,so let us try and make the bad at least better,for cutting them now would be of no use,they would just waste our space and might be even pollute the soil.So let us give them something,a little bit of goodness ,so that at least when they rot,they give out something good.

Let us remember,if there are no trees,the clouds might just go away.

From misc3

Cloud patterns

September 16, 2008 § 21 Comments

From antiques
From antiques

When i was small,i used to sit and watch clouds and try to predict what is going to happen or sometimes i used to see what they looked like.So what do you see in the above pictures?

day dreaming

August 31, 2008 § 8 Comments


































Clouds,sky,trees and mountains-heaven.

August 19, 2008 § 15 Comments

Heaven.I wish i can walk on the clouds.

Mountains.I wish i can live there.

trees.wish I can have them around me.

Sky.wish I can keep staring atΒ  it.

Me.I wonder what am I?

They.Do they think about me?

Earth.What is outside you?

Beauty.What can grace you?

Time.Where is the clock?

Moment.It was in the past.

Feel.Old but new.

Balance.Freedom is it?

Peace.No pain?














Photoshopping ya!

July 10, 2008 § 17 Comments

Lol,this is the first time i am using photoshop πŸ™‚ What do you think,not bad for a beginner ? lol πŸ™‚ And ya the Buddha was my first ever photo with my mobile cam(ya ya i have already mentioned that,but blah blah i am feeling very happy ,so nothing else matters πŸ˜‰Β Β  )

the storm within-a feeling

June 23, 2008 § 7 Comments

A feeling.
It tightens you from within.
It takes everything you believe in,
away from loose sight
of yourself,you become as small
as a lost elf.Your body was
lost in a theft.

A feeling.
You feel that life has no use.
You hear a hundred things,yet refuse
to listen to that something within.
it eats you slowly from within,
you loose hope,you wish to end it all
yet you cannot.

A feeling.
You search for your lost light.
You can’t see it,even at night.
You take flight,
you try to fight,
with all your might.
You try to survive.

A feeling.
It has a grip on you.
It makes you repent all that is you.
It makes you wish hate,
it makes you think about a bad fate,
it tries to make a hell’s gate
all around you.

A feeling.
you want to come out of it.
You search for the way out.
You go round and round,
something needs to be found.
You lose yourself in a prayer,
the light shines the brightest

clarity-a hole in the sky

May 27, 2008 § 5 Comments

clarity-a hole in the sky,
among dense clouds
-filled with majestic earthly
vapors-thought crowds.

throwing shadows-
over mountains and planes,
those covered by,
cannot fight,

the illusion thrown from high above.
all the tools of something bigger,
of thing not necessarily cleverer,

yet we need to fly ,
as high as it’s origin,
to know what causes
and what is the cause of causes.

clarity-a hole in the sky,
among dense clouds
-filled with majestic earthly
vapors-thought crowds.


May 25, 2008 § 10 Comments

can you see the bird fly high?
wonder what it is like,
among the clouds with wings
stretched so wide.

i too want to fly,
no,i am not satisfied,
with imagining flight,
i want to take of and be light.

i want to go through the clouds,
i want to out race the birdy crowds,
i want to watch sun rises and sets,
i want to win all the racing bets.

i wonder how is it,so high,
what will happen if i die?
will i dive inside some deep,
and permanently sleep?

i want to fly high,
i seriously want to fly,
i am stretching my arms,
come on all you winds!

i wait,
one day i will,
nothing is impossible still,
so i wait.

the sky has a heart

May 23, 2008 § 9 Comments

Between all the grey clouds,
there is a heart in the colour of love,
I wish ,the whole humanity will see,
at least till the picture lasts .

up above the earth,
floating masses of vapors,
hiding the sun from the eye,
pouring for new birth.

If this could heal the world,
let is do so,
the heavens seem old,
at last are no more cold.

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