August 26, 2008 § 12 Comments

A need for peace,set everything free.
Free,free,so free,that balance,
the balance was lost in between.
And the world broke loose,
and chaos started its rule.
Everything that ever existed was
left to think of an ancient called peace,
which no one knew,how it will be.
A few thought and tried to reach,
a few made noise and tried to beseech.
But on the whole,
nothing mattered,
for peace was lost,and will be found,
until that day,we are left with only a search.

The tales of the past,
point and lead,to one.
The views of the present,
present and represent only one.
In the future,too,
one shall be the king,while the others slaves.
Yet who is the king?
And who is the serf?
Who is the maker of destiny,
and who is the creator of peace?
In the name of peace,
as in the name of God,
blood is shed and destruction bred.
But still it evades us all,
like through the centuries it has done,
it is so close yet so far,
in turmoil it seems buried,
and in hope we dig-in hope,brusied.

Peace we all yearn for,
in silence we burst our brains,
in noise,we shut our ears,
yet nothing appears,
for the feeling,the serenity,
which we think is peace,
fails to appear.We feel a fear
getting hold of us,we feel
an unknown arm,stretch
from no where and bind us.
We say peace ,peace,
and cry in excruciating need,
yet nothing comes,
for we fail to see,
that peace is alive,
and we are dieing.
So in a bid to live,
we try and remain still.
In hope of clairty,
we try not to breath,
then breath being the sign
of life,we try bite off
the need for air,
but in the end take
a gulp of it.Yet no peace,
rises,for in us,
we fail to see,
that which holds peace.

A serenity,a calm,
the deep lull after the storm,
peace arrives in our direst need.
The wind seems beautiful
and the breath of nature,
teasing and wit full.
Lost at the discovery,
we name it peace.
yet the stillness,
taunts,at the name,
and mocked,we ad-hoc
into the impossibility of peace.

Lost and desperate,
we hurt ourselves and the world.
we name things as unwanted
and our purpose unholy.
With pain we try to set ourselves free,
and with the pain,
we destroy what we loved,
for peace we don’t know,
nor have we bothered to see.
filled with despair and without
direction or knowledge,
we set our selves ablaze,
with the match,in hope of
lighting the hidden knowledge within.
In the fire,we burn and we burn,
till being burnt is not pain but pleasure.
We then see life,
as something magic
and realize that nothing is tragic.
Poignant,though it may seem,
we laugh at our own stupidity.
For those few moments,
the ancient peace,
flies home,to haunt man.
For those few moments,
it controls life,as it once did.

In peace,we say,we want to live,
yet we never perceive that peace
is not just being still.
unless we really see peace,
we are doing but destroying our race.
Everything seeks peace,
as everything is from peace.
So is peace love?
Or is it a part of love,
like everything else is?
Love is in peace,
as love is the supreme,
for if not for love,
nothing will move.
Peace is not ,not moving,
but merging one with love.
Peace is the sensation,
when nothing matters.

To reach peace,
we need thought and action.
To achieve peace,
we need calm and meditation.
To understand peace,
we need war and destruction.
To perceive peace,
we need acceptance and rebellion.
To feel peace,
we need self and soul.
To know peace,
we need success and failure.
To become peace,
we need nothing- peace,
for peace is nothing but
you,when everything else is gone.

Peace is within and without.
To make it come out,we need to know
that life and living are a part of the salvation.
Renouncing is not achieving,
it is knowing the value of things,
which is true renouncement-
by knowing you give up the ignorance
and thus learn that destruction is a process,
aimed at self motivation.
Would death matter,
when nothing else is there to shatter?
When we know peace,
we wouldn’t need,we wouldn’t fell the need,
to clutch to life,as if it was everything.
yet life has value,as does death,
for the existence of mortal self,
is to pay heed to the ways of the pilgrimage.
Nothing happens out of tune,
and none of us are complete immune
to the fear and to the darkness,
as night is a phase without which day,
will be lost in its own days.

When the fire within is felt,
and life slowly is set into a cool melt,
then we know that the ice,
was a cover,for the true light,
which was always residing and will reside
and will be your soul-guide,
into this world to face your plight.
Since we see peace within,
we will be able to begin
our mission and lead life
to its maximum limit.
And in the name of peace,
we will no more destroy
in its name,but will begin to create
our own way,to set our world free
from the freedom and make it balance
with our own knowledge of existence.
Yet the peace needs to be fond,
and decipher we need to its value.

freedom is being bound-
freedom is having a home,
and knowing that to it we will go.
And peace is what once bound freedom,
and till date we seek it, which we misplaced.
Somewhere the tide hides it,just beyond our eyes,
within us we know,and to that we come and go,
in the name of peace,we do,
in the name of god,none shall bow,
for peace is one within the god,
and within us,we can see,if we were
to open out eyes and see.
Everything is an illusion,
but illusions are to be broken.
To break an illusion,we need to feel,
and belong to the other frame
and respect the illusion,
and watch the illusion
understand and then become a master of it.
For not living and fulfilling is destruction,
for without thought,fact is not reality.

peace exists and will always exist.
The Pinnacle need,is peace,
and that we all will forever seek.
So in the search let us be kind,
and yet us search and understand,
let us not destroy that which needs life,
let us light everything else with the wand
of life,so that peace can rule,
in its name.Peace is the heart of love,
peace is one within.Peace is peace.
And shall always be.Illusion is everything.
But the purpose of suffering is,
not only to bare,but to feel and understand.
The purpose of joy,is to know,that
we don’t need to suffer,
for in joy there is peace.

the light shines the brightest



June 15, 2008 § 6 Comments

Smoke on the water,
reflections in the water.
world is directed towards water,
everything needs water.

If water ceased to exist,
everything on earth will perish.
if water dries out,
there will be no more thirsty shouts.

we are all dependent on it,
we are all controlled by it.
why we humans who are free,
bound by this one need?

if destruction was to happen,
water will be its origin,
as all came from within,
water,is a solution and problem.

If water were the right price,
then why cannot we trade by it?
if water is the absolute need,
why does everyone pollute it?

water is the quintessential need,
even if there is feed,
to live life and lead,
water is the tantamount need.

water exists every where,
even in deserts,somewhere.
It is the purest of all,
yet the dirtiest of all.

water can wash,
water can bash,
water can lash,
water can care.

to show we all deserve
water as it was.water,might be
everywhere,but still take care.


May 25, 2008 § 10 Comments

can you see the bird fly high?
wonder what it is like,
among the clouds with wings
stretched so wide.

i too want to fly,
no,i am not satisfied,
with imagining flight,
i want to take of and be light.

i want to go through the clouds,
i want to out race the birdy crowds,
i want to watch sun rises and sets,
i want to win all the racing bets.

i wonder how is it,so high,
what will happen if i die?
will i dive inside some deep,
and permanently sleep?

i want to fly high,
i seriously want to fly,
i am stretching my arms,
come on all you winds!

i wait,
one day i will,
nothing is impossible still,
so i wait.

to earth-the need for unity

February 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

equality is what we preach,
yet inequality we never impeach.
human rights are what we need,
yet we are ready to feed-
on those without the basic need.
which caste or creed,
is not a weed
to the nations’ need,
but an olive to the political trend.

laws are meant to be broken-
not for helping mend,
but to send animal and human
to the demon.
money is thicker than blood,
oil is thicker than blood,
who cares about flood
except those who have suffered?

earth is our home,
all we did till now is sing an ode.
we created a fallacy-the code
of conduct,for we have forgotten,
the nature’s allocation.
goods are for sale,
captalise and you will be hailed.
it all started with the rail,
since then we have failed,
to see what we have cleaved.

we are all in a mess
the earth has become restless.
in the remaining moments
of consciousness,
we need to envisage,
then encourage,
then manage,
a way to redeem
for our planet’s sake.

you and me are not just
you and me,but somebody.
there is no space for nobody,
the world is and will be
because of everybody.
first we need to sort
the differences among us-
it doesn’t matter where you live
someone has to give
or nothing might live.
we cannot do anything till,
we stop our urge to kill
and try to fill
earth, with our will,
all that we need to
give back.and things
which we made it lack.
this should be our last attack,
this is for the future life
of animals and plant life.

the saga will go on,
we write the chronicles –
on and on.
but one day everything will be gone,
we will realize something went wrong,
that will be too long,
and we all will be gone,
everything forgotten,
the sands of time,
will move on,
earth will be something,
which once belonged
to the milky way.
some other will see our last ray.


February 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

united we stand,
divided we fall.
can we we all
be together till
the dirge call?

unity is a promise-
just as love is-
to be one
and then none.

unity calls
for hard talks
and sweet talks.

if united we can be,
then earth will be lovely.

unity is needed.

without unity,
everything turns untidy.

unity is not a ambition.
but our compulsion.
sans it we will face suffocation.

unity is not ,mere physical
need should be to kill
the need to be cynical.

united we stand,
divided we fall.
this is a call,
for us not to fall.
it is left to us all.

now and then,time to awaken

February 25, 2008 § 4 Comments

all bubbled water full of pride,
we no longer can hide
and this has led to strife.
ago-they lived life,
not at the edge of knife,
but by seeing everyone as nice.

now we are cobwebbed
at each other and frustrated
about our lives.muted
no more we are,for no more rooted,
to our culture-venerated-
we soon might become wasted.

we think now how to save-
after all that rave.
with nature we have lost enclave,
now we try to engage,
covered by many a percentage,
as how to envisage.

between now and then,
in the transmission,
we forget to ken.
between now and next gen,
we never know when,
we might lose our skin.

together we can-
with our past forgotten
and of love for human-
our unity will strengthen,
our earth will be given
what was from it taken.

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