Pink Panther 2 movie review

February 27, 2009 § 20 Comments

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Note:- The following review is by my 11 year old sister.I myself haven’t watched the movie yet,but from what I hear from her it pretty good(ya ya “boards”).

Pink panther was exciting , hmm.. you can say a little bit romantic , full of comedy and a movie for all to watch. The movie is about the famous pink panther diamond which was stolen from a museum in France by an international thief in disguise , Tornado. The crime was to be solved by a dream team consisting people from all over the world. (five members and two assistants.) The leader Clouseau does his best to make his opinion heard but everyone else considers him to be batty and stubborn and do not bother about him. After two embarassing incidents he was kicked out of the team. But in the end he was smart enough to solve the crime!!! Tornado was………not telling! watch the movie to know.

What I liked about the movie was that small details which add humor to a movie were not left out. The music was also good as it changed according to the scene. What was slightly irritating was that the French accent was a little too much.

The star cast is Emily Mortimer as Nicole Nuveau, Aishwarya Rai as Sonia Solandres,Jeremy Irons as Alonso Avellaneda,Jean Reno as Gendarme Gilbert Ponton,Molly Sims as Marguerite,John Cleese as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus , Alfred Molina as Chief Inspector Randall Pepperidge the British genius, Andy García as Inspector Vicenzo Brancaleone the Italian hero, Yuki Matsuzaki as Kenji Mazuto the Japanese whiz kid and Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau the French idiot. I liked Steve’s acting and Ashi’s was good too.

Rating:- 9.9/10

P.S :- This is the first Hollywood movie which does not have too much of kissing in it.



P.S:- Ya now she is going to get it from for watching such a  movie without me. Also I should say her english is damn good,I was nowhere near this when I was 11.Guess I will let her do all the reviewing from now  on,what do you say?  P.P.S:- See her blog also 🙂 


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