ENDHIRAN-Movie Review

October 7, 2010 § 1 Comment


Something we are all used to- a movie not living upto the ‘buildup’ given. But not a Rajinikanth film- no way . It is entertaining, engaging and fun!



July 20, 2009 § 15 Comments

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Well the weirdest herd ever is back. Frankly the first few minutes , got me all worried. I love the Ice Age movies, nope , no this not how it is supposed to be, the jokes seemed so dry.

But the second Sid falls through the ice , the movie comes alive! Manny is shown as a caring husband and to be father,Deigo is planning to leave the herd , Ellie is about to have a kid and Sid well is Sid. The characters seem to have a human side to it, more like a metaphor to our sterotypes. And in this respect it is almost complete what with the Jack Sparrow wannabe weasel Buck(only the philosopher and the poet are missing , but then guess they don’t fit into humanity 😉 ).

Few of the jokes were out of place in a kids animation movie(lol-the best one was the ad before the movie started-use rubber and stop AIDS,guess it is better to begin when they are young :P). Infact it is Buck who saves the movie’s face.

In all an enjoyable movie,entertaining , especially if you watch it in 3D.

rating- 7/10


July 16, 2009 § 17 Comments

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This one picks off where the earlier one left. We find Sam Witwicky leaving for college. He tells the Autobots that he wants to be like any other college going kid , only to find that something from the cube(through the shard he possess)  has gone into him. The Decepticons go after Sam(Shia LeBeouf) with whose help they can reach the  Enegron source  (buried in earth many centuries ago) which kills stars and converts the star’s energy to energon.

Megatron is revived and the Decepticons try to ‘steal’ the information from Sam , who is saved by Optimus Prime and others.But Optimus gives up his life while trying to save Sam. Without Optimus to stop them , the fallen and Megatron tell Earthlings to hand over Sam or that the entire planet will die. Without knowing what to do , Sam , his girlfriend Mikaela(Megan Fox) and his college room mate Leo Spitlz(Ramón Rodríguez) with the help of the former agent Simmons (John Turturro)from Sector 7 , learn about other aliens hiding. One such alien Jetfire , is an old decepticon who has changed sides , is found in an Air museum and is reactivated . Sam tells him about the symbols which “sees” . Jetfire teleports them to Egypt.

With Optimus’ body being brought to Egypt and the decepticons trying to revive the Energon source , Sam finds the Matrix of Leadership , using which he can activate Optimus and a battle starts.

The movie was awesome! I loved every bit of it. Its got a bit of humour strewn about and the battle scenes are breath taking! With all the hooting and cheering in the theater , it was a lively experience 🙂

Of course a few of my friends tagged along to see Megan Fox and so I should say that the makeup as good and so she looked good too. The acting is pretty good too and the jokes are timed properly. Optimus Prime , I think was cheered more than Megan Fox.

As such the movie was worth my money and worth writing a review. I liked it and well will go back to watch the third part as well. A few of were left to wonder , why aren’t there any colleges in India like the one in the movie 😉  The effects are damn good , infact , you don’t realize that the Autobots and decepticons aren’t alive! Amazing movie , must watch !

rating- 9/10.

Pink Panther 2 movie review

February 27, 2009 § 20 Comments

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Note:- The following review is by my 11 year old sister.I myself haven’t watched the movie yet,but from what I hear from her it pretty good(ya ya “boards”).

Pink panther was exciting , hmm.. you can say a little bit romantic , full of comedy and a movie for all to watch. The movie is about the famous pink panther diamond which was stolen from a museum in France by an international thief in disguise , Tornado. The crime was to be solved by a dream team consisting people from all over the world. (five members and two assistants.) The leader Clouseau does his best to make his opinion heard but everyone else considers him to be batty and stubborn and do not bother about him. After two embarassing incidents he was kicked out of the team. But in the end he was smart enough to solve the crime!!! Tornado was………not telling! watch the movie to know.

What I liked about the movie was that small details which add humor to a movie were not left out. The music was also good as it changed according to the scene. What was slightly irritating was that the French accent was a little too much.

The star cast is Emily Mortimer as Nicole Nuveau, Aishwarya Rai as Sonia Solandres,Jeremy Irons as Alonso Avellaneda,Jean Reno as Gendarme Gilbert Ponton,Molly Sims as Marguerite,John Cleese as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus , Alfred Molina as Chief Inspector Randall Pepperidge the British genius, Andy García as Inspector Vicenzo Brancaleone the Italian hero, Yuki Matsuzaki as Kenji Mazuto the Japanese whiz kid and Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau the French idiot. I liked Steve’s acting and Ashi’s was good too.

Rating:- 9.9/10

P.S :- This is the first Hollywood movie which does not have too much of kissing in it.



P.S:- Ya now she is going to get it from for watching such a  movie without me. Also I should say her english is damn good,I was nowhere near this when I was 11.Guess I will let her do all the reviewing from now  on,what do you say?  P.P.S:- See her blog also 🙂 

Wall-e(movie review)

September 30, 2008 § 17 Comments

Humans have polluted earth,so much,that they can’t live here any more.So they leave the planet to itself and go out into space,in a fully robot run space ship.Ops,but they forget to turn off one robot,Wall-e.700 years later,they send another robot,called eve,to see if earth is liveable.And there wall-e falls in love with eve.Wall-e manages to get into the space ship which carries eve back to the humans craft.

Humans no more know that they can walk.they  are obese and  don’t even need to move around-they have robots for everything.But the plant which eve brings back from earth,is a sign that earth might be liveable again.The super obese captain suddenly realizes that,humans true home is earth! And so they plan to head back,but the auto pilot thinks otherwise…

One of the best movies i have seen.It puts an important message across,in a very entertaining way.It makes us notice the fact,that earth too has a limit.

Who told love is for humans alone? Robots fall in love too and their love  brings humanity back to earth.A sure must watch.There are very little dialogues and the movie itself is only 90 minutes long.Enjoyable,fun and at the end of the day,makes you think about earth,the surface,below the sky!I will give this one a 5/5.


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Journey to the center of the earth-movie review

September 28, 2008 § 22 Comments

Put on your 3D glasses and get set to travel to the center of the earth.The movie is about how,three people -Prof.Trevor Anderson(Brendan Fraser),his nephew Sean(Josh Hutcherson) and Hannah(Anita Briem) end up at the center of the earth.The movie is based on Jules Verne’s classic,’Journey to the center of the earth.’
Beneath the earth surface lies a world,which once was on the top.The journey begins,when Sean,comes to Trevor’s home,with a few of his father’s(Trevor’s brother) collection.In it is a copy of the book(Journey to the center of the earth),with notes scribbled on the side.The professor,who is in search of the a way to the center of the earth,finds the solution,in the notes.They go to Iceland,where they meet Hannah.They get caught in a thunder storm,while trying to find clues and get shut into a cave.From there on the journey to the center begins.

The movie is one surely worth a watch.The acting is pretty good,i liked  Josh Hutcherson’s(Sean) acting the best.A movie which one can enjoy.It invovles a bit of rock science and a few ancient creatures.I haven’t read the book,so i am off to get it.Once i read the book,i will be able to make a comparison between it and the movie,but am sure,the book will be better.I will give it a 4/5.


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August 10, 2008 § 16 Comments

Khudakayliye(in the name of god)is a  beautiful movie.The reason why i say beautiful is because beauty is one which can be attributed to everything.Two brothers who are musicians ,take two different paths.One renounces music  and the other goes to USA to pursue a career in it.The movie revolves around what happens after 9/11.One of the brothers has to endure the tortures of the American police,even though he was innocent,While the other is shown the true purpose of the fanatics.

In the end Mansoor(who is beaten into insanity),tells (rather his last words before he is beaten into madness)the world that don’t hate all Muslims just because a few have hurt you.

I loved the movie.We have always questioned how can people be lead into believing things. The movie shows both sides of the story.One is where ,men are chided into believing things and the other is where people are lead into animosity,against an entire community.Through out the movie,i was raged by so many things.The most painful thing about it was the fact that it showed the reality,which most of us are far away from.

A must see movie.I would give it a 5/5.All the actors did their roles brilliantly and the music too was very good.So if you haven’t seen it yet,put it right on top of the list 🙂

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