Say no to terrorism

September 15, 2008 § 17 Comments

Just add evil to the end of the word ,God,

God + Evil=godevil or Go devil !

So You know,what is happening now.Everything is done,in the name of God! And the actions which it leads to are called evil.So basically we have let the devil go around,without actually knowing it.So the best thing to do would be,remove the evil from the equation.That way we will have only the “God”.Now that we know,what is happening,lets stop encouraging the Devil.Let us say no to things,which we can see are “evil”.So let us all say a strong no to Terrorism,first.We understand we had encouraged the Devil,now we want to stop it.Let us all together say no to terrorism.We should remember one thing though,it is people like you and me,who make up the terrorist too.So what we should take away is the “evil” and see the reason for their action and try to address it and not go around calling them evil.Behind everything there is a cause.Who knows ,if you and me aren’t able to find justice,won’t we too pick up the gun? We can argue all we want that,one wrong cant’t be corrected by another,but then to the person who commits it,it is not wrong,but justice! 

One thing common between whole of humanity is God.Even if you don’t believe in it,you acknowledge the idea’s presence among others.Let us use,what we have in common to remove the “evil”.The world looks black and unknown,if we close our eyes in fear.Let us open it and face what hurts us.The times of “whose god is it?” are gone.We are in an age where ,”Our God ,it is”.We need to stop hurting each other,for the sake of ourselves.What would you get if you destory more than what was done to you? For the twin tower a country? But even if the war is justified,the crimes commited after that can ever be justified.We don’t need wars and weapons,they are used against brothers and sisters,only when we are scared of them and feel threatened.You can always talk it out.No one is superior and no God is greater han the person and his belief.So together let us all say, ” We say no to terrorism.” And let us all make sure,no one is hurt.By no one i mean,the terrorist also,remember they too are people.It is very easy to say,forgive,but it is tougher to practise.Even if we don’t forgive them,at least let us stop them from destorying more of what we have created.they have had their pound of flesh and now they better stop.We should fight them not with guns,but with the thing,which threatens anyone the most,understanding.It should be a fair trade,but not in terms of life.If they want infrastructure,then we can give them,but in return,they need to add to the development,not merely abstain from killing.If they want their own land,we can give them that too.But then,a land in which people support them.It is no more about politicians,it is about us,the people.After all,who said they know better?And we are not blind,we can see what is happening.It is no more about someone,it is about You and me.So let us join together and do this for the most selfish reason ,” to live”.The war got over,a long time back,humanity lost it.So together we need to bring humanity back on track.


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§ 17 Responses to Say no to terrorism

  • I really dislike the cartoonish “good guys vs. evildoers” mentality of the Bush administration and how their first reaction to anyone that disagrees with them is to not talk to them. I think it’s been working directly against what you advocate in this post.

  • Sameera says:

    Very well said!I am with you buddy.Cheers to salvaging humanity! 🙂

  • Tarun Goel says:

    Save life, save humanity…

  • SanityFound says:

    Very well said, sometimes people just need to wake up.

  • Sakhi says:

    hope, everyone thinks in this line!! 🙂

  • Aneesh says:

    What’s the solution for terrorism?

  • lena says:

    Thats really cool when we stand up and say No to terrorism, but in reality, what difference does it make? Everyone knows terrorism is a crime against humanity but nothing will change until those who want more power and money will be ready to give up on their ambitions

  • Dinesh Babu says:

    Wow, that is a good one – Devil is the Evil that starts from where God ends!

  • […] GoDEvil Jump to Comments Devil is the Evil that starts from where God ends. […]

  • Nita says:

    I guess I am not such a generous person as you Vishesh. I do not feel that terrorists should not get hurt. I feel they need to be locked up.

  • Jeevan says:

    “So what we should take away is the “evil” and see the reason for their action and try to address it and not go around calling them evil.” Well said!
    Instead to destroying we can think of cleaning by peace sweeping out the bad thing to see they are human too in nature where we all are same.

  • vishesh says:

    @paul: yes…they are…

    @sameera: 😀

    @tarun: aye aye!

    @sf: yup 😀

    @sakhi: 😀

    @aneesh: communication and guts…

    @lena: well we can’t stop our gen,but the future….

    @dinesh: i will say,when god is over used…

    @nita: hmm…sometimes i feel like that too..but then we will be doing the thing,which we are locking them up for,right?

    @jeevan: 😀

  • Nita says:

    No we are not doing the same thing. After all we are not killing them. We are just locking them up so they cannot do more harm.

  • Reema says:

    Gandhian post,eh? I second Nita’s view.

  • Keshi says:

    Lovely post, great msg!


  • Those who commit acts of blasting innocent people to death will have to be tried for their crimes . . . but, there would be no end to terrorism if it is fought with state terrorism . . . state terrorism is just as despicable as terrorism, if not more, as the perpetrators of state terrorism get away scot-free . . . this will only lead to more terror . . . it is a vicious cycle afterall . . . terrorists were not just born . . . they were made terrorists by the circumstances . . . once the circumstances that lead to terrorism are wiped out, there will be no chance for terrorists to spring up . . .

  • handmaiden says:

    The above commenter pretty well hits the nail on the head, IMO. I would add, terrorism is perpetrated by religion, which is used as a justification, on individual & state levels.

    As a secular humanist who does NOT factor God or the devil into any equation, my take is that it is each individual must take responsibility for their own actions. I believe we only have one life & this life is best served furthering the cause of mankind as a whole. Our actions in life propel or hinder the evolution of human beings. Man kind is capable of great things, just look at our technological advances. We are an amazing species, we CAN conquer the universe.

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