Say no to terrorism

September 15, 2008 § 17 Comments

Just add evil to the end of the word ,God,

God + Evil=godevil or Go devil !

So You know,what is happening now.Everything is done,in the name of God! And the actions which it leads to are called evil.So basically we have let the devil go around,without actually knowing it.So the best thing to do would be,remove the evil from the equation.That way we will have only the “God”.Now that we know,what is happening,lets stop encouraging the Devil.Let us say no to things,which we can see are “evil”.So let us all say a strong no to Terrorism,first.We understand we had encouraged the Devil,now we want to stop it.Let us all together say no to terrorism.We should remember one thing though,it is people like you and me,who make up the terrorist too.So what we should take away is the “evil” and see the reason for their action and try to address it and not go around calling them evil.Behind everything there is a cause.Who knows ,if you and me aren’t able to find justice,won’t we too pick up the gun? We can argue all we want that,one wrong cant’t be corrected by another,but then to the person who commits it,it is not wrong,but justice! 

One thing common between whole of humanity is God.Even if you don’t believe in it,you acknowledge the idea’s presence among others.Let us use,what we have in common to remove the “evil”.The world looks black and unknown,if we close our eyes in fear.Let us open it and face what hurts us.The times of “whose god is it?” are gone.We are in an age where ,”Our God ,it is”.We need to stop hurting each other,for the sake of ourselves.What would you get if you destory more than what was done to you? For the twin tower a country? But even if the war is justified,the crimes commited after that can ever be justified.We don’t need wars and weapons,they are used against brothers and sisters,only when we are scared of them and feel threatened.You can always talk it out.No one is superior and no God is greater han the person and his belief.So together let us all say, ” We say no to terrorism.” And let us all make sure,no one is hurt.By no one i mean,the terrorist also,remember they too are people.It is very easy to say,forgive,but it is tougher to practise.Even if we don’t forgive them,at least let us stop them from destorying more of what we have created.they have had their pound of flesh and now they better stop.We should fight them not with guns,but with the thing,which threatens anyone the most,understanding.It should be a fair trade,but not in terms of life.If they want infrastructure,then we can give them,but in return,they need to add to the development,not merely abstain from killing.If they want their own land,we can give them that too.But then,a land in which people support them.It is no more about politicians,it is about us,the people.After all,who said they know better?And we are not blind,we can see what is happening.It is no more about someone,it is about You and me.So let us join together and do this for the most selfish reason ,” to live”.The war got over,a long time back,humanity lost it.So together we need to bring humanity back on track.


61 years have gone by

August 15, 2008 § 17 Comments

sixty one years gone by-
an year older at midnight,
as a nation,one step forward,
as a nation,we fought our way-
out of depression and suppression.
Another year just flew by,
the year’s wealth and health
is now embedded for the future,
and will be carried by time and tide.
A country of immense knowledge
and a country of saying and adage-
People of action fight and live;
the breath of nation is it’s people’s will.
The vast lands,might have been parched,
the rivers might have run dried,
the “development” might have killed
the needed balance,to sustain development,
but we can still replant ,with our determination.
The past’s glory and a vibrant culture,
the back bones which makes our state better.
To the world we now give,
and to the world we no more are darkness.
factories and roads compete,
and our businesses reap.
sixty one years of freedom,
which has been fueled by martyrdom
and the ancient wisdom.

Yet a new need has risen,
when we the people,
have to join hands,
to unite and face ourselves,
for the time has come,
when those elected by the people,
exploit the people.Time has come
to reach out and destroy
all that is not needed and imbibe,
the good of the past and the better
of the present,for the sake of the future.
The time has come to light
the lamp,of passion and inspiration.
Until everyone does his or her bit,
until we stop war and shake hands and sit,
we will again again go down the pit.
We need to be untied,
as a people and as a nation,
not just for the country,
but for the sake of whole of humanity.
It might sound impossible,
for differences cause rebels-
so what?
let us live and let live
and do that
first know your self
and learn to think and act
for yourself.
A nation is made of people,
and as the pillars of a nation,
we need to first indulge in contemplation,
once done,
our true progress will begin.
So let us join hands
and cause the change,
let us walk together,
to make our nation and world better.

jai Hind!

for the future

July 23, 2008 § 14 Comments

This is my 200th poem.

A million things to say,
each for a far of ray.
A million wants to be fulfilled,
each for every second lived.
A million ideas are born,
yet before we can act most are gone.
More than a million years,the earth has lived,
yet for it to be what it is ,many have been killed.
More than a million lives has been given,
to let humanity,its hold strengthen.
It was a long time back that everything began,
it will be only for a while more that man,
can rule on that which is not his.
We say it is our destiny,but what we miss,
is that we are the makers of it.
What is truly fit,
is that which is nature,
which by time is still in nurture.
What will be the future?
what will help us to travel further?
unity,might be an answer,
but who will be the leader?
We are nature,
we are nature,
and together we are the savior
and the harbinger.
So let us put or millions together,
it might make us better,
so whatever you are,a banker,
a engineer or a baker,
just put something in,
doing good is no sin,
just listen,
is the only thing which can happen.
or well soon everything will be Nothin’.
So do yourself some good,
well whether we like or not we all should,
for it is not for you,not for me,
it is for the future,whom in your dreams you see.


July 15, 2008 § 9 Comments

Cowardice teaches you bravery,
Anger teaches you patience,
greed teaches you poverty,
hate teaches you love,
disrespect teaches you respect,
tears teach you to smile,
depression teaches you elevation,
suppression teaches you emancipation,
failure teaches you success,
death teaches you life,
illusions teach you reality,
misery teaches you joy,
division teaches you unison,
one teaches you unity,
negative teaches you positive,
darkness teaches you light,
black teaches you white,
strife teaches you peace,
humanity teaches you inhumanity,
touchwood or serendipity
you just need to discover
and understand the other.

a thought on unity

July 3, 2008 § 8 Comments

unity should not hurt one
and kill another.
Unity should not give up
one for another.
For in unity,
there is one and not many.
Unity is an eternal bond,
to free those in dire
and elevate humanity higher.
unity is love.
yet not full of it.
For difference
among pragmatics exists
as much as difference among
lunatics.For equality
always is maintained by inequality,
And unity by strife.

Why how will the world be if
we all were united and one?
who will get things done?
who can we fear and run?
who can get the unwanted undone?
who can poke poverty to turn into fun?
who can make the darkness shun
itself and have the best left
from the very best?

unity is not about you or me
but us.And we together need
to make it work.You are you,
I am me.So i will do what i do
the best,you do what you
do best,rest will have to fall
into their places,if not,
we will tie our shoe laces.
So if unity can solve something,
then we need to be together.
Just remember,
that you aren’t the better,
so do your part,for the world’s better!

someone grant me a wish

May 9, 2008 § 16 Comments

someone grant me a wish,
i want to make my life rich-
with love and friendship
and happiness without any hitch.

someone grant me a wish,
i do not want to judge,
though i am judgmental,
i want to be blind of difference
though my sight is bright.

someone grant me a wish,
i want to open my arms,
i want to give all i have,
i want throw what i can,
though i am quite a cynic.

someone grant me a wish,
i want to break a silence,
i want to stop the noise,
i want to create music,
that which will be pacific.

someone grant me a wish,
from the small world in
which i live,let me spread
that i know,which can
stitch the world together.

someone grant me a wish,
i want to do i want to do,
i know i am one of the few,
i feel something big is due,
don’t stop me,if you knew
i can,you will grant me a wish,
which will heal the world,
which will say love,which
might cure strife,which
might reunite humanity
into one big life.

someone grant me a wish,
i want to make my life rich-
with love and friendship
and happiness without any hitch.

need for something new

April 23, 2008 § 8 Comments

the good
and the bad
have made us look sad,
we are desperate
and desirous of something new.

we have put animals in the zoo,
we have blow the earth-through,
stuck things around with glue,
and finally ruled with humbug virtue.

it is time for a change,
time to move on with age,
time to salvage,
time for something agape.

unless we can forge unity,
we will not gain immunity
against our own animosity-
the love-hate of humanity.

born undiscriminated,
growing up discriminated,
trying to live emancipated,
in death elevated.

for the good of humanity

March 18, 2008 § 8 Comments

somewhere-with no origin,
somewhere-with no margin,
a race came into beginning.

humans they were called,
humanity became a part,
insanity became the heart.

the great race,
of fame and chase,
never fails to amaze.
a beautiful face,
with unknown base,
with the ability to gaze,
into lives different ways.
progress became alliance
and failure became defiance.
everyone had resilience
and we started our menace.

ideas split ways,
when we decided to question,
what we are for-destined.
humanity became populous
and our security began to blush.
a few decided to crush
and in a rush
everything lush,
turned rust.
cynicism took over,
and our morals went lower,
in groups we lived closer,
to increase our chance of survival.
we became clever
and a few became miser-
humans were meant for exploit
why earth was meant to be spoilt!
destruction and hunger
were no more part of nature-
we upset the nature’s harmony
and called ourselves humanity !

morals are meant for others,
why we call ourselves nature lovers.
no more do we allow trees to have flowers,
and with that we have altered showers.
rules are meant to be broken
and for that we are chosen
a path which will impart
a hypocrisy all in the name of
democracy! humanity is for a cause,
its mysteries are all lost.
crack the earth
and tare apart
its heart-
we fuel our desires,
we decorate our hearts,
we fail to see peace,
and breach,
our own basic needs.

paths are many
and we have a right to choose any,
but preaching and gluttony
have reduced them to penny.
was supposed be to
a great race,
when on earth are we going to mend our ways?
greenery can be only
if we are ready to see trees are merry.

putting things candidly
we have become our own enemy
we were all born to die,
there is no place to hide.
everyone can chide
but we all have lied.
nature can save itself,
for us humans to keep our dwell
we need to see beyond jewels.
we need to fill our basic need,
we are same as the weed,
but only don’t have a seed,
that can be buried.
it is time to hurry.
we can’t go back in time,
nor can we buy time.
ways need to forged,
and earth adored.
give up pollution
and think back about evolution.
it is time to cause a revolution
time to give nature remuneration.

together united,
unlike before where we were divided.
together united
we can make progress
we are all part of the congress.
measures we need to adopt,
to refreeze the poles,
and close the opened holes.
we cannot stop the cars
it will lead to more wars,
earth may not need us,
but we need earth,
it is left to us go back to our birth,
where harmony
was beauty-
it will be for the good of humanity.

to earth-the need for unity

February 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

equality is what we preach,
yet inequality we never impeach.
human rights are what we need,
yet we are ready to feed-
on those without the basic need.
which caste or creed,
is not a weed
to the nations’ need,
but an olive to the political trend.

laws are meant to be broken-
not for helping mend,
but to send animal and human
to the demon.
money is thicker than blood,
oil is thicker than blood,
who cares about flood
except those who have suffered?

earth is our home,
all we did till now is sing an ode.
we created a fallacy-the code
of conduct,for we have forgotten,
the nature’s allocation.
goods are for sale,
captalise and you will be hailed.
it all started with the rail,
since then we have failed,
to see what we have cleaved.

we are all in a mess
the earth has become restless.
in the remaining moments
of consciousness,
we need to envisage,
then encourage,
then manage,
a way to redeem
for our planet’s sake.

you and me are not just
you and me,but somebody.
there is no space for nobody,
the world is and will be
because of everybody.
first we need to sort
the differences among us-
it doesn’t matter where you live
someone has to give
or nothing might live.
we cannot do anything till,
we stop our urge to kill
and try to fill
earth, with our will,
all that we need to
give back.and things
which we made it lack.
this should be our last attack,
this is for the future life
of animals and plant life.

the saga will go on,
we write the chronicles –
on and on.
but one day everything will be gone,
we will realize something went wrong,
that will be too long,
and we all will be gone,
everything forgotten,
the sands of time,
will move on,
earth will be something,
which once belonged
to the milky way.
some other will see our last ray.


February 27, 2008 § 3 Comments

united we stand,
divided we fall.
can we we all
be together till
the dirge call?

unity is a promise-
just as love is-
to be one
and then none.

unity calls
for hard talks
and sweet talks.

if united we can be,
then earth will be lovely.

unity is needed.

without unity,
everything turns untidy.

unity is not a ambition.
but our compulsion.
sans it we will face suffocation.

unity is not ,mere physical
need should be to kill
the need to be cynical.

united we stand,
divided we fall.
this is a call,
for us not to fall.
it is left to us all.

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