Religion, freedom and What to kill?

July 30, 2009 § 12 Comments

As a human being your place on Earth  is dependent on your “sense of belonging”. And we try to belong to a myriad number of groups , in various permutations and combinations , but ultimately the one that seems to scar the singular human comradeship is our religious affiliation.

To secularists it causes endless heart aches, to see humans tear apart each other. But then we have come to a point , where a few frown upon these secularists and the heads of such groups declare them as infidels or a threat to their religion and that they need to be dealt with.

Is belonging or not belonging  to a religious group all that important?

What has made religion the single autonomous power , with their various Gods?

One argument would be that man in general prefers not to take up responsibility.

The irony here is, we have taken it as our responsibility to take care of these religions , with our life and even more.

As we move into a new Era , where in we have started to accept that we need to change our attitude and our demeanour and approach to solving the pragmatic problems in living, the way we define our “sense of belonging” is quintessential .

The reason for problems is that we interact and in the process  two universes of ideas clash , the barring is too much to sustain a bi-ambitious world.

One way to ensure a mono-synthetic society is to conclude that suppression is the only way to maintain a balance. If we look at this syllogism closer , we will find that the major premise is that we need a balance and the minor one that suppression is the only way.

And this exactly is what religion has helped evolve over the ages of humanity.

I do not claim religion is the root of evil , rather that religion has been chained and is being made to do as the masters who control it want it to do. Religion in essence aims at freeing man and hopes to breach the boundaries of human perception.

But in reality the essence of religion lies in the minds of people . The majority of whom are  gullible, influenced  by the rhetoric of orators and politicians. The reason for this gullibility is because we cannot define what is “good and what is “bad” in absolute sense. The alteration done is so simple that many fail to see it – a change in the yard scale. And to change this , we first need to change the latter premise – that suppression is the key to the balance.

To redefine maintaining a balance in any other way , than the existing one, is going to be a task which is hard to even imagine – we would need to move away centuries of domination and slavery. Unfortunately , the method adopted in India(i.e. giving reservations) is a negative step. In a way it is acknowledging that we have become subservient to the pseudo dogmas. It would only strengthen the hold of the suppressive methods.

What is suppression? This is a important question to answer. I would call it curtailing ‘freedom’.

Freedom is again a word which needs to be defined. You can say freedom is that which gives an individual a proportionate sense of belonging and acceptance. And here lies the answer , to what we can try do.

We need to understand and appreciate freedom. The line between indulgence and freedom may be very thin , almost nonexistent but the crux of freedom lies in the way we perceive and interact with others. Of course we cannot interfere with the way people think or make choices for them , but what we can do is try to remove the vintage prejudices and sneers , by stopping them from reaching our future.

We should try to find our way to a better race , not by thinking what ‘God‘ would find comforting but by understanding that our decisions are binding on the future of our kind. It might seem Utopian to dream of such a day, for after all we are no more than a galaxy of cells working together to survive . But then doesn’t this galaxy coexist without any Upheavals? Of course you can say that their thinking capacity is taken away by the ‘brain’. But what is the brain , but again another collection of cells?

But of course there is always a reflex or death. We can say reflexes give us a short term relief , i.e. revolutions are a temporary respite and well that death is the ultimate end of a bad mind. But then what dies and what lives on?

This is the question , which religions have capitalized on. And through out our history this is the question used as a fear of tool. I do wonder if hell really did exist, didn’t those exploiters realize that they would be the first to be dipped into a cauldron of boiling oil? But of course they do claim that , they are messengers of “God” .

At the same time without fear and guilt , we humans probably will be out of control. But then , I think it is better we remove these fears created by our imagination and present to our kind the real threats – without proper cooperation and coordination our race might bring about its own end; Earthquakes, tsunamis , floods, drought etc .

If we care enough for the living – this is not just about  ‘healing the world’ , it is about saving ourselves. The world can take care of itself. Earth as a planet will go on for millions and billions of years. And anyway whatever you do , will affect the entire universe . And no it is not caring for the smaller things – it caring for the most important thing – the ‘I’ .

Kill religion? I don’t think so. We need to kill our inhibitions, which stops us from understanding.

Is killing justifiable?  Can you face yourself ?

P.S;- Thanks Indi for helping me in edit this 🙂


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§ 12 Responses to Religion, freedom and What to kill?

  • “Is belonging or not belonging to a group all that important?”

    Unfortunately, I think it is critical to humans….which is why, even if you take away religion, they we will group together based on language, the colour of our skins, caste, sub-caste….whatever it takes.

    And that is how all problems begin!


    Quirky Indian

    PS: “Thanks Indi for helping me in edit this”
    Edit? Indi? You must be joking! 😉

    Hmm..of course 🙂 What I meant here was is belonging to a religious group all that important , will change it 🙂

    LOL 😛 No joking… she helped me 🙂


  • kanagu says:

    The so called intermediators between the god and human misconceptualizde the whole thing and they spread fear instead of love… 😦
    religions taught us a way to live our peacefully… it never asked us to protect it.. every individual has the right to follow what they believe in

    Are we afraid of ourselves?


  • Reema says:

    I expressed my POV about the point of religion in my post with the same title.

    Link please


  • Vimmuuu says:

    Such an article from an 18 year old? Kudos to you buddy !!! How I wish I could write atleast 5% of how you had written here !

    and I second your opinion in religion being a tool to create fear and guilt. I dont see any other specific reason why anyone believes in GOD !

    There are other reasons to believe in God … I believe in God..but not in a ‘religious’ way..


  • Nita says:

    Belonging is important, although not necessarily a religious group. It can be a group of atheists too.

    Exactly Nita..what I am asking is why should belonging or not belonging to a religious group matter?


  • axinia says:

    you ask many important and philosophical questions, my friend…all that is important and at the same time does not matter.
    I think it is important that YOU yourself grow as perosnality and the people aroudn you will see your light sooner or later.

    I understand that for an progressive Indian especially religion is a torn in the eye – i have seen myself how terribly ritualistic Indians can be.

    You don’t need to fight religion. If you will just become a bright, brilliant, successful human being than you can prove that religion is not necessary. If you will be able to live a happy life with your belifes – whatever they are – then only you can prove that it works.

    True enough 🙂 But will we be given a chance to live our way is the question

  • I agree with Axinia. There is no point in fighting religion and telling them that they are wrong. Live your life according to your beliefs, and let them see why it is better the other way. People will automatically take a cue from that.

    Destination Infinity

    HA it is easier said that done…I am not trying to fight religion , I am questioning it…I am not going to wage a war with religion , because I have nothing to gain from it…And as for the world taking a cue…we Indians name a street , erect a statue and put a garland around their photos on their Birthday.


  • Solilo says:

    You ask some profound question, Vichu.

    The problem arises when people develop some kind of superiority complex whether it is religion or language or even atheism. Everyone thinks their belief is more important.

    There’s a post written by Shail which I agree to.
    Live and let live is my policy.

    “P.S;- Thanks Indi for helping me in edit this.”

    Are you sure Indy girl didn’t add couple more pages to it? Ha..ha..ha..

  • leafless says:

    “But in reality the essence of religion lies in the minds of people . The majority of whom are gullible, influenced by the rhetoric of orators and politicians.”

    Religions are not the problem, people are. Without religions, people will continue to be influenced by the rhetoric of orators and politicians. Maybe we should get rid of orators and politicians instead.

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