Are Israel’s air stikes right?

December 29, 2008 § 15 Comments

We all condemned the Mumbai terror attacks,but funnily enough,no one in the known blogosphere,has had anything to say about Israel’s air strikes on the Gaza strip.

Just because a few militants launch bombs,is it right to bomb a whole city? Here is some info on the whole issue(it does not include the recent air strikes).

The conditions of people living there,is bad and the people responsible for the attacks are those who do not have the support of the people.And the best part is,none   only few,very few of the people responsible for the rockets were killed.Till now about 307 people have been killed,including children.

As the world celebrated Christmas,those living in Gaza received a terrible gift.

Of course,it was wrong to launch rockets by the militants,but why hurt children and civilians ?Who is the bigger terrorist here? And what does the world do except condemn the attacks? Already the place has no food or proper medical facilities and how are they to handle so many injured and dead? 

This isn’t a war,this is just a brutish crime.This is legal terrorism.But what can we do about it? A few unscrupulous minds act to some baseless virtue and their decisions endanger the people.The UN again seems to be no where.

I do wonder what a child who lost his/her parents in this bombing will do,when he/she grows up? Who can stop the tyrants of war? Is there any democracy in the global village? Does it matter which street you live on? 

This article,sums up what is really happening.


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§ 15 Responses to Are Israel’s air stikes right?

  • Nita says:

    Vishesh, a lot of people do rage against this behavior by Israel and at one time India used to be against Israel too. But now the balance of power has shifted and politics has taken over. Your enemy’s enemy is your friend, that’s the policy now. And your friend’s friend is your friend. Hard to digest particularly if your enemy’s enemy or friend’s friend is not someone you like or admire…

  • Aneesh says:

    I don’t know what to say. The palestinian terrorists never put down their weapons and they are continuing to fire rockets.. The israelis are not caring whether they are bombing the terrorists or not. Their attitude seems like “get 2 terrorists even if it kills 100 innocents”. That’s one of the reason, I guess, why some people are not supporting India bombing on pak terrorist camps ‘coz it doesn’t solve anything.. India will become another israel and pak will become another palestine
    Nice post, though…..
    BTW, now a days, there is no point in what is right or what is wrong. Now all care about who wins…
    Otherwise… should US attack Iraq?

  • Amitabh says:


    Glad that you raised an important issue ignored by most of us.

    The blogging world is bored of what happens in and around Israel. It has become oh-so-common. That’s why you see no outcry.
    In the Israeli case, no one is sure who the guilty party is. Take your pick:
    a) Israelis who in 1946 wanted to just live and let live when the countries around it wanted to drive the Jews to the sea.
    b) Palestinians, who had their mother land taken away when Israel was formed.
    c) Hamas who claim they are wronged but continue bombing the Israelis. Killing is fine since they do not trust the negotiating table.
    d) US
    e) India (?? Surprised — after years of keeping away from Israel due to domestic pressures we are very pally with them now. Fine by me though!)
    f) Religion
    g) Politics

    The list goes on.

    History is too complicated to comment on. In fact, it is wrong on our part to be judgmental about the Gaza bombings.

    Indian bloggers reacted to Mumbai as it was a Black Swan event. Have you seen any reaction, lately, to the continued problems in Kashmir.

    That is our nature – humans look out for the sensational, react to the sensational, and chase a new sensation.

  • Israel is one of the wildest regimes in the history of the Human!

  • it’s strange how when one place gets attacked too often, we all start becoming numb towards it. we read headlines about deaths in afghanistan, iraq or gaza and many of us treat it as just another statistic. very sad indeed. well written and thought provoking. thanks for this vishesh 🙂

  • What is the greater crime? Terrorism or state terrorism? Both are the same – there is absolutely no difference between the two! A terrorist or a suicide bomber is a criminal, a state that kills innocent civilians for no fault of their own is also a criminal! And citizens of killer states become the target of terrorists and the cycle goes on and on and on. As you mentioned in a previous post, terrorism is a shadow of society, especially societies that are not democratic or civilised enough!

    No one is born as a terrorist. Except for a tiny number of psychopaths, no one is violent by nature. But there is a threshold to the tolerance of anyone. If a person is wronged and does not get justice, it’s natural for him/her to seek revenge. Two wrongs certainly do not make a right but one wrong that goes unpunished is the same as two wrongs. What goes around comes around and as one sows so shall he/she reap. There is no end to this madness.

    Societies that realise this become civilised and manage to solve their problems by peaceful, democratic means by recognising the legitimate human rights of everyone. They experience peace and prosperity. On the other hand, societies that don’t do so and unleash violence against innocents who ask for their rights are doomed to sink into a bottomless pit of violence and bloodshed.

  • There are two concepts which I would like to explore further –

    First State sponsored official terrorism – with the state armies. When there is extreme mistrust between two nations, and they decide to fire their weapons to decide who should have their say, the war is lost, the day it is declared. Because, the losses for either of the nation is much more in this case, when compared to a negotiated settlement – what ever be the ‘injustice’ in it.

    Secondly, ‘Innocent Citizens’ – Do you mean that the army is paid to die? Tell me who is innocent – the army people who fight for the normal man without even worriying about who would take care of their families if they perish in war, OR the ‘Innocent Citizens’ who sit before the TV or computers and follow the war, and stand to gain fullest if the war is won? Who is innocent?

    Destination Infinity

  • sakhi says:

    Don’t know! 😦

  • Chiranjib says:

    Tough call this one, Vishesh…
    With all the comments before this one, I only wonder when this war is gonna end! Forget who is the winner, who is the loser… Forget who is wrong, who is right… it is humanity that is at stake… Good that we did not conquer the Moon, else, there would be another war there! Shame on the dark side of humanity!

  • This topic is very controversial! It an unending chain. If we start blaming…
    now truly wat i feel is the numbness at losses of all kinds!

  • kanagu says:

    Its more intense than India-Pakistan problems. Some 10 days before only truce period was ended between the 2 nations..
    I don’t know about Hamas much.. but their strikes needs to be condemned as it ended the peace in the region..
    But Israel was too arrogant on Palestine.. more than 200 people were killed.. surely not a good one 😦

  • keshi says:

    Happy New Year Vish HUGS! 🙂


  • leafless says:

    When do people finally learn that preventing force with force is rather unproductive? Oh well…

  • @all: thanks for your insights on this topic.It is still tough to decide what is wrong,all i can conclude is that the only justice,is poetic justice.

  • Kiran says:

    sadly, this has been going on for decades now. nothing to add, just praying for world peace. sooner.

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