What can we do? (or) what we can do?

October 30, 2009 § 21 Comments

I feel quirky and verbose enough to write something. Of course I am never the one to face a dearth of words, but posting does take some effort- like making your head think about one thing. If only it was like those good old days, where I wrote a post or two a day. Maybe there is a relationship between posting and the number of comments, but one fact which I should mention is that bloggers now days have become Scrooges- we care too much for our authority and don’t seem to be giving pingbacks any more!

The good old ping seems to be rare, soon we will have a ping market, where we all can trade and we will have terrorists making poor kids give links to their websites to recruit more people(just the thought of it!). I say this with the full interest of bloggers and blogging in my mind- what with the advent of celebrity bloggers and comment box chats, traditional bloggers like me soon will need subsidy to survive. Hope I will be able to keep my 0.0001%(stat from Alexa) share of visitors to the web.

So before I start running, you are expected to stretch your hands- first  raise it up, then side ways, again up and then down(and scroll down). Keep repeating this(yes you can walk when you talk, now you can exercise while you read). So do I see you all doing it-good.

Do this and you can stop your self from being a victim of excessive social networking(gone are the days when bloggers were bloggers, now most of us are caught up in Facebook, twitter(albeit being Christened as “micro blogging” ). Reading blogs might be the only break you take.

Bare not offence either- See, I am only advising you. So don’t tweet “He thinks he is too great, @visheshunni bloggers are not fools!! ” or  something like that. It is quite pitiable that we fail to take offence to things which we should. Or blame it on the ever-changing world-One second it is a fire, the next second a politician and the third an actor, fourth inevitably will an ad.

We read things in the Newspaper and forget it. We vociferously argue and a few seconds later wonder what we were talking about – the days of a modern man are filled, inevitably with hours and hours of being busy. We are convinced that unless we can hang a board from your collars with Busy etched on it, we are incomplete.

Blunt things happen, you forget what you did- can you recall what you wore yesterday? We expect ourselves to do certain things and others add to it. End of the day when your head hits you pillow, your head starts bubbling and you realize how fraught all this is. Personally I hate it when the world looks like a grave yard and haunted with busy quietness. It just does not work. Insanity is needed.

We crack stupid jokes, we have fights over petty things, yet all that energy in you needs to go somewhere. Blogging is a good thing, it helps get away from your usual self. You realize your life has a lot of potential- I like reading good person blogs, it is tough be conceited and funny.

Letting go is really important I guess. After all Atlas might be holding the world, but then he can’t do anything about what the creatures in it do. We can nod our heads at whatever happens but the larger picture is going to take it’s time to change. So should we then be good human beings, as in mind out business and be busy?

To appreciate things, we need to look at them. And you know what maybe it is our business to look at those small things. They might help us understand global warming better, they might help us understand the mentality of neighbours better and yes maybe even understand ourselves better too.

It is fine, to call others mad, crazy and what not, but it takes a lot of guts and a bit of candour to see that they might be right and we might be wrong. No I don’t mean concede your point, just try to see how the other person reasons, who knows you might see the flaw in your argument as well.

I do wonder if we as a world can ever have consensus ad idem. This is not just a question of the good and the bad, but a question of what defines us. The heterogeny is of course too great, but somewhere, in there, we are all humans and most certainly Earthlings. We can wage wars and have raging peace talks, but if we do look at the larger picture more closely( should not be mistaken for looking at smaller things, surely) we will find that beyond all that we can still live in peace.

If  life was a football game, then we surely have a referee to blame. And a referee is needed only when we don’t trust ourselves any more. Of course blood is thicker than water, but surely humanity is bigger than the people alive at one point of time?

Or is it that which divides us? Why should we continue the battles our fore fathers fought? Maybe in this age and time, we should try to appreciate humanism more – instead it is disheartening to find in the name of religion and politics, people hating each other.

There will be enough love in this world, if we can one person, who can show embrace humanity and not a group of people or country. But unfortunately all of us come from varied backgrounds. Whether nature has made us differently or not ( like having our eyes where our spleen is) nurture surely does. But then we all are the special one, do we realize that?

To you and me, poverty maybe a movie or a music video. To someone else the things which we face are non-issues. Every issue is important for after all good health does include happy spirits. There are many initiatives in this world, but more than movements and initiatives, it is our ability to rise above remorse and have the voice to say, “he can be such, but I am better”.

No this is not about showing your other cheek, but rather catching the other person’s hand and showing his reality. We all live in our own little heavens, but do we realize that what we are doing can make the world a hell for others?

We need to let go, of our ego. We need to be willing to stand our ground-look at the world and realize where we are and then see if we are in the right place.  This is a need and not a want.

We need to take offence, when someone tries to disintegrate us. And yes there is something called putting things the right way, today we might have shrunk it down to four letters(more or less) but not everyone can understand what happened to warrant that one word comment. And the right way is not merely fire for fire, but trying to see what caused the fire.

We cannot recall what we did yesterday, but we can of course recall how we were hurt. If you think you should do something to someone who has offended you, do this- stop talking to that person.

Don’t shout, don’t act, just stop talking. That too is an action. Be quiet. Watch the other person. True silence is a weapon. For it removes the enemy or opposition.

The toughest person to face is yourself. When you come across a blank wall, you try to retrace your route, let them try it. I know what I say, is not possible, for I concede , I too might be wrong. I don’t see any harm, for after all I am not hurting anyone(or at least trying not to). Yes I too get furious and angry, every does, but it is just a reaction, we need to respond.

So hope this has given you enough exercise. Pardon me if you have exerted yourself too much. But if you aren’t too tired, do burn some more energy and let me know, what you think.

I might sound rather romantic and Utopian, but every sunrise does mesmerize and makes your day. If I have managed to make even one person happy/appreciate/given belief to then I have got what I want.

Individualism is mistaken- it is not doing those things which will benefit us in the short run alone, it doing those things that will help us become better in the long run. And what is going to do us good, is a good world.


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§ 21 Responses to What can we do? (or) what we can do?

  • sakhi says:

    Phew… “Of course I am never the one to face a dearth of words…” you sure know yourself!! 😛 😛

  • hitchwriter says:

    Seriously i read more than half… !!! 😛 somewhere i got disconnected around Atlas holding our world.. !!! got a call and sigh..

  • Priya says:

    stepping here after a long time!!
    good to see that you’ve started punctuating and all 😛
    nah, din’t read the loooooooooong post fully! but hey, u’d already know that i wouldnt have 😛

  • Priya says:

    2 smileys in the comment!! woah =O

  • Machibex says:

    some things are meant to be private.
    Not everything can be posted in a blog.
    But some things even though are to be kept to ourselves must be shared if not with someone directly then through blogs

  • Machibex says:


    Oct 31st, 2009 by machibex Edit |

    Why can’t people ever be nice. Does it hurt to be nice. I truly don’t get it. Or am I being too innocent. Does the arrogant fool image satisfy one when he dismisses an innocent fellow rudely. DOES IT?

    No matter how many times I’ve tried I can’t get myself to hurt these idiots on the very spot.

    I so badly want to, but I can’t. I haven’t fully gotten the hang of it to remove my hesitation completely.

    Word has it that when you do something wrong too many times, the shame fades away.

    But this is new for me. I have never hurt anyone before. Only the walls of my home have tasted the wrath of my fists. The agony is unbearable. My being passive to all these nonsense going on especially when things happen to me myself is infuriating.

    I reasoned a thousand times to my vanity to not write this post. I did it for days now. But I can’t help it. When the vessel’s full, the water overflows. That’s nature. That’s Physics.

    It takes a lot more than just writing to calm me down these days. I’m more vulnerable now. I’m out of balance. I can’t regain control. Though I’ve tried to cascade it in the previous months, I couldn’t do it effectively enough. This brought in a new level of frustration.

    In school, I was perfectly in control. I had command over my senses. Now I don’t. The lack of leisure, the fun filled days has driven my soul to rejoice happiness. I couldn’t deal with it.

    I used practice yoga and pranayama those days. Though I did them unwillingly, they helped. I haven’t been doing them for the past 8 months. I’ve took to weight training, focusing only on the exterior. The internal pain had thus accumulated. My thoughts struck me hard this morning and I was able to reckon the epiphany. I need them back. I need to manage my interior and exterior with as much control as I had back then. I did yoga this morning for over an hour, the exact same way I used to at school, the exact order.

    It quite lightened the burden and my spirits bloomed. I gave out a certain heat of anger. My system appreciated the release.

    I needed a change of routine. So I thought I’d chat with an old friend of mine. But that idiot spoiled my mood. He began by annoying me and went on to exclaim that I was jealous of him. He kept up the annoyance stating that he had scored much more marks than me in English in the boards and his class was way better than mine. Frankly his English sucks and his class wasn’t known best for their discipline. He added that I was the worst of my class. This was the root cause of my feeling uncomfortable. My pride was hurt. Though I didn’t show it outside.

    Not to be a braggart but frankly I had thought that I was the best in my class, over the years. I always was. I ensured that I always was. This stirred up things inside of me.

    And about Board exams. They are not Perfect. The examiners correct several papers a day without giving much notice to content in order to save time. Most examiners are ignorant and do not possess adequate knowledge and rely solely on the key and if written in a different manner, deny marks for the answer. Also there are some great people like my current accounts professor who award marks for theory questions based on the no. of lines/pages written instead of reading the answer.

    These marks are never the criterion. Not that I speak these words as a sore loser as he exclaimed me to be. I have always said the same to the people who had scored less as well. I mean who the hell is he to judge me. Is he qualified to comment on my lifestyle as foolish just because he is studying B.E.. Those jerks never realize that they end up employed in firms managed by Managers. The arrogant show off attitude pisses me off.

    His class was a shit hole. There I said it. I didn’t want to and held back but they need to hear it. Haughty idiots.

    I’m taken aback. The more I complain about my own college then fools would have the right to say this to me. I admit, my college is miserable. But I must accept it.

    The idea came to me as I realized it from watching a movie “OUTSOURCED”. Josh Hamilton would struggle hard and end up frustrated unable to reach his goal while retaliating against the Indian lifestyle. Once he gave in and embraced the culture he was able to do much better than just reach his goal.

    The moment I realized this, another thought struck me, I have opted to my old methodologies of pondering over instances and learning something new and valuable from them. That was me, a person who sought to learn something and anything from every new experience in life. And it became evident I had resorted to my old self out of instigation instinctively.

    That was good. That is good.

    I had learnt one more thing; never pay heed to the words of fools.

    Great people have always been mocked by the feeble mind who couldn’t comprehend to their extensive intellect and caliber.

    I chose to heal myself with my very own philosophy. This remedy is more permanent than any other advice I may hear as it is I who has brought forth this solution.

    To remain as deaf to these (m)asses as the Sun is to barking dogs. I can burn them hard with my silence.

    And my confidence is intact, if not, even better I would say. And as for my college. The guys in there, most of the students, the professors, the staff, the principal, the so called SWAMI JI’s who have to be addressed as “Maharajs” are all totally mad without the slightest bit of sane rationality.

    I thought of getting my C.P.T.(Common Proficiency Test) application which is an OMR (Optical Mark Reader) sheet attested by my principal and the guy handed it over to a clerk who said he would verify it by marking on it with a pen for all the things he had verified.

    I told him not to and explained what an OMR sheet was and he said that the principal wouldn’t sign if it wasn’t marked in the application and claimed that he had did tat way for over 1000 applications of the students and that I’m claiming something new.

    I was pissed off to the core. After all I had waited 2 hrs in a queue to get it by paying Rs 600 and marked it perfectly without a single scratch or striking or smudge as stated in it. And he says he would strike the details in it. I wanted to contact the principal directly, but that fool went into the conference room as usual to talk about the bad canteen food that he is being served for free. He never does anything for the students who pay and still get the bad food in the hostels.

    I waited for minutes but he didn’t come out nor did he even try to notice me. I was angry and left for my model exam that I had in five minutes.

    These guys are such useless fellows. I later got the form attested by a C.A.; one of my friend’s mother. I could have gotten it attested by my cousins but I didn’t want to ask them any favor, for they envy me and I don’t like them.

    Then there was this correction of papers. As I had said, my accounts professor doesn’t read the answers rather he corrects them by the size. When questioned about it, he lectured me that I shouldn’t attend theory questions and attend the problems instead.

    Why the very first question was a theory question. Then why the hell do they set papers like that. My sanskrit professors are far more terrible. One of them, an old man often claims to come and hit us. He tried to hit me twice for things which weren’t my fault.

    I just kept staring into hi eyes and he withdrew. His teaching sucks. Truly speaking he doesn’t teach at all. His class is a mess.

    Most of the classes in my college are. The HOD is a rascal. He looted the newspapers we had subscribed for, out of his compulsion, for the last ten days and still doing so. Me and my friend calculated the average kilograms of papers he receives each day and it totaled up to 36 kilograms per day for my department alone. He’s making money at our expense.

    Adding to this when they were preparing the condonation list, they didn’t inform us at all and moreover they yelled students to go away when they went for inquiring.

    Finally the list was posted and one of my classmates’ name was wrongly put and he wanted me to help out. I tried my best to get him to speak with the in-charge but I couldn’t. Finally he asked our sanskrit nutcase to talk for him and they went to speak about this. The person in-charge exclaimed that there was nothing else that he could do and that the lit had already been posted and the only thing the student could do was pay the fine amount else he would be detained from writing the exam. He also went on to claim that he had never seen that student in his class. This is madness. Another classmate of mine who was short of attendance for taking leave for his eye surgery was also asked to bring his parents and pay the fine to write the exam even though he had already produced the medical certificate and spoken to the HOD and principal.

    What am I to say. My college is full of fools. But I gotta say this, though the place is evidently very inferior to my standards, there are a few to whom even this kind of place is beyond comprehension and too much for them to handle. I pity them.

    But there is nothing else I can do. I must simply play my cards safely and get out of there in three years without getting hurt the most.

    Of now, the only persons to whom I can say these are myself, GOD and you blog readers.

    If I had wasted your time, I’m sorry!
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    4 Responses to “Provokations”

    edit this on 31 Oct 2009 at 7:26 pm1 spoorthy

    well looks like u r really hurt…but this is the way life is.. u do wat u like. dont listen to wat otehrs say abt u.. if u n ur family know tat u r right then u neednt worry abt thsoe who dont know a little bit too.. so enjoy wat u do n dont worry abt wat ithers say.. wishing u the best in life.
    take care

    edit this on 31 Oct 2009 at 7:37 pm2 machibex

    Thanks Spoorthy. I needed that.
    I needed someone to affirm I’m on the right path without
    giving me huge lectures about life and so on and ridiculing me to fuss over these.
    I know what I feel and I know how much it hurts.
    But as I had said earlier, I heal fast.
    I knew you’d be the right person to instantly give the answer I had expected.
    Thank you.

    edit this on 31 Oct 2009 at 9:36 pm3 vishesh

    Dude first just see what the system has generated as key words for your post(can’t help noticing it), apparently attempt by your hosting site, to try and get more visitors..

    The most important thing is to let go..if someone feels he is better than you, tell him yes you are..yes your class was the best, damn I missed it didn’t I? Pride is a weird thing, the bigger it gets, the more irritating it can be..

    Forget about others, for finally you are your own best friend…

    edit this on 31 Oct 2009 at 9:47 pm4 machibex

    I’m cool now, thank you very much.
    I meditated for an hour and refreshed myself.
    It became so much clearer then never heed thee who mocks you.
    I wrote it here in the first place. I don’t care what people think of me. None of that matters, I’m not listening to nonsense anymore.
    World is filled with fools and all we have to do is make sure we’re not one of them. That’s it.
    And I did see the keywords but what I want to know is how to remove them.

  • Machibex says:

    oops. I only tried to post your comment but I think the whole page was pasted onto the comment. I can’t delete it.
    I tried.
    Please delete it.
    It was an in-deliberate mistake. I didn’t even see it until now.

  • with the advent of celebrity bloggers and comment box chats, traditional bloggers like me soon will need subsidy to survive

    Celebrity bloggers will never affect normal bloggers. The celebrity guys blog only to gain some more fame, unlike normal bloggers who blog for the love of blogging 😐

  • Princess says:

    i sense the same vishesh..
    FB keeps people busy playing games that they find their time spent easily without need for putting their thinking cap on.. it includes me as well though 😦
    but i’m trying to get out of it and write a lot.
    its a good attempt to remind bloggers to come back.


  • Solilo says:

    “We need to let go, of our ego.”

    Only if…. 🙂

    Nice read, Vichu.

  • Nita says:

    One thing is for sure, you sure are not short of words! And yeah, the blogging world has changed. How about a poem on it? There is a poem hidden there somewhere in those words.

  • Archana says:

    I read through your entire post on my ipod touch screen – – reason I mention which device, is cause it looked a whole lot longer on there, then it does on an actual laptop. 😛

    I don’t know a whole lot about how the blogging world has changed or anything. I kinda just recently stepped into the scene, and it’s just my little fun thing to have on the side at the moment. Though I have to admit, I was much more invested (time wise) in it initially. As life started throwing more things my way, my plate’s been full, and hence the lack of frequency with my posts.

    Also, some of your words really stand out. I heart this “Don’t shout, don’t act, just stop talking. That too is an action.”. I personally can’t stand drama, shouting & yelling. I can’t even think of a time that I’ve raised my voice in anger. Even when I’m really, really upset at someone I don’t yell. There’s always a calm more humane way to handle things. That whole paragraph was well written by you, hats off. 🙂

    And I’m with you on too much “busy”ness in life makes for a dull, dull, world. I like some crazy in my world. I can’t do the work till I pass out bit. I work hard and always make sure to play hard, if not harder, lol. What else do we earn for, if not to live, enjoy & love right?

    Btw, “Blunt things happen, you forget what you did- can you recall what you wore yesterday? “. I do, haha. Maybe it’s cause I’m a girl, and I’d remember such things. 😛

  • pj says:

    bloggsville is changing..am unable to cope up with lots of new comments(new friends) who drop in everyday…
    It’s a complete hotch potch as of now..:(

  • chewmysambhar says:

    Kickass. Perfect. To The Tee. Reading you is a true honor, Vishesh:)!

    I am not specifically commenting on your post cos I seem to concur over most of your thoughts:)

  • @sakhi: lol 😛 ya 🙂

    @hitchy: 😛

    @priya: ha and I reply to comments with more than smileys 😀 and smileys are addictive 😉

    @machibex: I agree 🙂

    @raj: yes, we blog for the love of blogging 🙂 what I meant was that people who visit blogs aren’t really bloggers 🙂

    @aiz: ha Fb is taking away too many bloggers 🙂

  • @solilo: thanks 🙂

    @nita: maybe I will write a poem on it sooner rather than later 🙂

    @archana: Iol 😛 I can scream, shout etc a lot 😛 Oh! I know how it is, in the beginning it gets hold of you 🙂 Yup! crazyness(with the y) is needed 😛

    And ya of course you will remember what you wore 🙂

    @pj: I know 🙂

    @arch: 😀 😀 😀

  • Reema says:

    oh dont talk abt offence! People were tweeting about big boss 3 and I just said “Are people now going to tweet live while watching Big Boss? As if cricket tweets were not torture enough!”
    A blogger and twitterer labeled me a show off and a fake intellectual and that such people shld just unfollow.

    If some good tweeps are just tweeting abt BB should I unfollow them? NO!
    Its strange!! XYZ can tweet anything and I cant even say I dont like it? Its after all – my tweet my wish!! I updated my twitter bio – Added this sentence -“Definitely not a show off or a fake intellectual!”
    And maybe should have added – “May tweet personal opinion from time to time. No offence intended”

    • Solilo says:

      That blogger/twitterer is me.

      Just like you dislike people who tweet about Bigg Boss, I dislike people who mock at such twitterers.

      On another occasion you commented on a blog in a similar fashion. The blogger found it offensive and mentioned the same to me. That tweet thing happened just after that.

      You might think otherwise but I definitely think that your tone was not right.

      So how is it okay for you to tweet that and then question someone who unfollowed you and tweeted against it?

      I am not going to add any signature but yes! I too believe in “May tweet personal opinion and about Bigg Boss show from time to time. No offence intended” 😛

      Since it is Vishesh’s blog, I would like to apologize to Vishesh for using his comment space for this exchange. I thought of letting everyone know that I am the twitterer/blogger Reema mentioned. 🙂


      • Reema says:

        well yes I think otherwise and I know that I was not mocking. But then each to his own. I have no problem with someone unfollowing me and I m not questioning u for it. i think u didnt get the point. U had told me to unfollow people. I am just saying I don’t unfollow some people who are tweeting about something I don’t like once in a while.

        • Reema says:

          Which included you too. If there is an author who writes 100 good books and 2 bad ones in between I wont stop reading his/her writings. But I do reserve the right to express that I dont like such and such tweets i.e. such and such bad books.

  • I think I have to disable my twitter profile – not been using it at all! And have no idea if anyone is tweeting to me 😉

    Destination Infinity

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