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So the flu is keeping me from doing anything productive. However, there are certain things that  flu can’t stop, like  writing. A review is still pending- 2 states. But am in no mood to trash crap. So wonder what to write?

First of all lets play Noddy. No, it is not a new competition, it is simple- all you have to do is be a solemn and  understanding nod-er. The topic being college( well I know, I don’t seem to be attending it at all, but still). Our education system is pathetic(yes you can start nodding), but this another whole new level.

School had a few moments, which make it memorable, but well now you are made to think that it was heaven, with the state of this place. We still have no clue when our sem. exams are going to held. We taught our accounts master that certain questions were wrong, poor fellow, he gives the same questions for the model exam- how bad is it? So much so that the trail balance in a problem doesn’t tally, now that is what I call class.

We have abusive profs. I bet he(one among the lot) will give our Autodrivers a ride for their money(when anyone else manages to do that, the world will end my friend), with his eloquence. We are irritated- we complained to everyone from the HoD to the Secretary and no action taken(another thing is, that I didn’t attend his classes for three weeks, because I couldn’t stand his filthy vocabulary). Now that is the sign of an amazing institution.

And I should mention it has been our honour in getting initiated into the great Indian system- lack of planning, lack of control, lack of this, lack of that(and my college is supposed to be one of the best). The truth is many of us joined here, for the institution’s supposed to name and fame, after all it is Swami Vivekananda College.

I wonder what he would have to say- he believed in education or so we gather from his quotes. I do wonder if he wanted to be worshipped like a deity. To me it is quite shocking, after all I studied in Chinmaya Vidayalaya, an institution founded Swami Chinmayananda. We were never told to worship, we were given a choice(rather we assumed and we never cared, at least we had space to think). I find it compelling to walk out, before I enter.

It pains me to see the lack of English(the language), in an English medium college. It pains even more to see people holding M.Com and other degrees without having a clue about the subject they teach. It pains me even more to think that if this is a good college- what about the rest?

I have never , ever had to copy an assignment from my “textbook” and yes I am not going to submit it when you count pages and not see the substance. And the notes given, well I can’t take them down, they lack  grammatical order or coherence. I bet by now you have nodded and shook your head so much   that it aches. Should I spare you? And if you don’t believe me, this is what my friends have got to say- Dhruva‘s and Raghu’s.

Thankfully I am doing my CA. It is no walk in the park, but well, I like to use my head. It is good enough a reason for me not to attend college, in fact others who are doing the course, have either not joined or quit after joining. The only reason why I go to college is that, I want to know how worse things can get.

If this is state of colleges everywhere(I think it is different in science colleges, but well, very few positives over there as well, from what I hear), then we are down the wrong path. Sorry, I can afford to do some other course and/or go abroad, not everyone can. This is going to get vicious, I fear, we are creating nothing but a group of frustrated youth.

I should mention I study in an autonomous institute which has many visiting faculty. I know there are profs. with quality- after all they take classes outside for other courses as well. But then they are in no way involved with anything else other teaching. But what can they do about it?

If we care about our country and its future, change the education system, no not just getting rid of boards etc, but bigger and better things – pay people better, remove the reservations, overhaul the syllabus and most of all try to empower kids, no not through talks and advices(alone) but making people come forward.

I have lots more to say on the topic, but think I will stop with this for now. There is always this danger, that once you finish your studies you forget about it(the system). But I think at least me and my gen. shouldn’t be callous. It is time we did something and that time has already come.

P.S:- Do remember to participate in the great super heroes challenge 🙂


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  • Machibex says:

    You mentioned the name.
    I wouldn’t have had the trouble of taking on a new pseudonym if I could just do well with my own.
    Besides that, I think it’s a good try from a deeply frustrated person seemingly as you’ve stepped out from the anonymity.
    And do read Dhruva’s blog to know today’s affairs:- The Shameless Sanskrit Scholars.
    I think that would be my next topic tomorrow.
    We’ll see.

  • I guess it is not (at least was not) any different in the so called ‘technical institutions’ which provide a BE degree… at least, there is a University to regulate things (like exams and quality). But generally I find that people pass by memorizing stuff and no one has any good understanding of what they read/teach. As long as people think that education is used only to make money later, this trend will continue.

    Destination Infinity

  • Smita says:

    I was nodding all the way through this post!!! Reminded me of my grad days!!

    Besides Economics & Computer Application I had taken history!!! I wanted to take the later as my majors as well but decided against it because despite the fact that I knew the subject well & gave correct answered I never scored well.

    You know why?

    I used to write to the point answers whereas other student used to write long long answers and ultimately it was length over content!

    Sad state of our education system!!

    BTW we had a teacher who used to abuse & hi students!! But was an exemplary teacher otherwise 😦

  • sakhi says:

    If only people sitting at higher positions think the way you do… not only education system but most other problems will be solved!

  • chewmysambhar says:

    Take the plight of Engineering colleges. They say they ‘make’ quality engineers but I know what ‘quality’ is , this context. TCS has actually evaluated that out of some 5 lakh+ engineers coming out each yr, only 20% are employable . Such is the case with engineering. Medicine-ah, The madras medical college and the one at kilpauk-Rogues, in literal sense of the word. And arts-You ve put it down so well. We ve been following what the sylabbus framed by some Lord M in the nineteenth century. Changing times means changing systems. Don’t worry, a change in the system is a distant call.

  • But we still refuse to see the truth, don’t we? That apart from a few islands of excellence, our education set-up sucks. Even to get into the IITs, students need to attend coaching classes, because the preparation and teaching at schools is just not good enough. As Chewmysambhar says, many employers today realise that most graduates – technical or non-technical – are unemployable.

    Quirky Indian

  • Nita says:

    You said “wonder what to write” and in the bargain wrote a very interesting post! I liked this thought of yours for one thing:
    “A review is still pending- 2 states. But am in no mood to trash crap.”
    Now that is exactly what I feel about movies these days! As for the education system and biased mean professors and teachers, our education system is full of them. To study in such an environment needs herculean motivation. Its no wonder that so many people in our country don’t complete their education. They have abusive teachers.

  • Vimmuuu says:

    This is why that quote was made – “I was born intelligent, education ruined me” 🙂

  • We have abusive profs. I bet he(one among the lot) will give our Autodrivers a ride for their money


    I’m glad that I didn’t attend your college. Thankfully, many of ours were decent ladies and gentlemen, some were indifferent, the odd one wasn’t competent enough, one or two were short-tempered for sure, but they weren’t exactly what one would term abusive.

    another thing is, that I didn’t attend his classes for three weeks, because I couldn’t stand his filthy vocabulary

    You don’t actually mean he abuses his students with filthy words, do you? 😯

    in fact others who are doing the course, have either not joined or quit after joining

    Can you become a CA by just taking (an) examination(s) 😕 I wasn’t aware of that, thanks for sharing!

    I do wonder if he wanted to be worshipped like a deity.

    Do they actually make everyone worship him 😕

  • I disagree with what seems to be a common view here. That the education system has failed only because many are unemployable.

    Education is not an employment guarantee scheme! Churning out cyber coolies for the likes of TCS is not what education is about. In fact, it’s this kind of skewed thinking (education for well-paid jobs) that has got us into such a mess in the first place.

    Going by their views, it looks like the corporate mafiamen want to turn decadent universities and colleges into assembly line factories, churning out trained cyber coolies by the hordes to do their bidding. It’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

  • I nodded right till the end and then prayed you will not forget all this once you are out of college.

    Abusive professors and those who do not know their subject, and nobody responding to complaints! I find our education system deplorable – I hope we see some changes and we see some people demoted to the positions they truly qualify for.

    This can be demotivating, but stay focussed on what your goal is – while trying to see whatever you can make better. Glad you wrote this post Vishesh! I

    l also know of poor school children who have dropped out of school because of abusive and violent teachers 😦 These guys are meant to be role models for students!! 😡

  • Reema says:

    :O I am surprised! here in private engineering colleges if students report against an abusive teacher, he will be fired the next day!

  • Reema says:

    And I am sad college is giving you a hard time. Its supposed to be the most memorable time of our lives! Mine was!

  • Prerna says:

    You are doing your CA as well as attending the college!

  • @machibex: I don’t see a reason to hide behind a psuedo 🙂

    @DI: that is the exact problem, you have hit the nail on the head 😛

    @Smita: Ya our education system is sad, this fellow isn’t all that great in the subject as well

    @Sakhi: ha but no does 🙂

    @arch: yup and I think we should start it.

    @QI: yes, that is the problem..but when will we see the truth?

    @Nita: yup, it takes a lot of motivation for me to even go to college…

  • @Vimmuuu: ya ya ya 😛

    @raj: we have to pass CPT, then IPCC(after 9 months) then 3 years of articleship and then write final to become a CA..and yes he does abuse in class…And yes they do try to make us worship him(Vivekananda) of course ..

    and yes DI pointed out right, our idea of education is wrong…

    @IHM; I am trying to be focused and I won’t forget these things 🙂

    @Reema: wow! unheard of over here…

    @prerna: ya, but only for one year..

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