Thought ,action and the society

February 4, 2009 § 12 Comments

So after everyone has cut,dissected,chewed and what not with the whole issue of “Indian Culture”,I am responding. I am not going to get into details about the whole incident.Forgive me if I digress too much,but it is too complicated to make it simple.

Be not too tame neither, but let your own discretion be your tutor: suit the action to the word, the word to the action; with this special observance, that you o’erstep not the modesty of nature:” 


This is what the bard said all those years ago.And yet after all these years of hard thought ,development and modernisation,even as we run against ourselves in a never ending quest,humans in general and pseudo-humans in particular haven’t got it yet.

the corner stone of civilization and development and innovation has always been the “thought”(a few of you might recount this post.),yet this very thought has faced a lot of opposition since time immemorial. Inventors and those who are curious to know about the world,have always faced the wrath of those who are not capable of such.From Socrates through Galileo to every other individual who was tried for thinking, discrimination has always embraced those who dare to do the unthinkable-to think.

Not that the current incidents of discrimination have thing to do with science,it has more to do with the perception and cognitive ability of those who acted(isn’t that science? seeing the world around us?).The appalling and that which stands out is the fact that these people had no voice.Yet what  is the standard by which they act? 

Whose standard is the right standard? 

Every creature has the ability to judge.This is instinctive,yet as we grow up the surroundings we grow in and the world around us(nurture)  influences our standards of judgement.And so the reason we have this friction is because of different views/beliefs.Now these views and beliefs are woven into the person we are when we grow.So let me go out of the bound and venture into (tyring to) see what might have led to the varied standards.

In a world of many crimes,it is possible to over power a human with guilt.And people who have “sinned” (so to speak) all their lives look for a way to “redeem” themselves.And for such redemption the path most often than not leads to “godmen” .Throughout history these men have always have been a negation of the values which the thought allows.Let me be clear,

Once you make someone feel guilty of an action,there next response is to surrender.This gives the “judge” indispensable power over the other.Now to make sure that their pawn is either  white or black(and thus ending the wanning monochrome) ,they dispel the very basic tool of human survival,the thought(long story made short,we can’t kill an animal one on one without tools)  to make sure their pawns cannot see beyond the known environment.The proof of this is the fact that many of the greatest achievers in history,have all known to keep to themselves and not belong as such to any organisation in which they would be a pawn.

Now with such a large crowd at their disposal,any opposition (anyone who as much as uses the left instead of right) has to be disposed off.It becomes easy,as the majority is the law.Not a nice picture to paint.but we should remember that many have lived all this and mankind progressed into what it is today. Yet their(those who lived) Achilles heel has been that the fact that thinkers as such cannot be united under one frame,to create a roof for those who don’t like them is impossible.

So this negation has managed to get more than a foot and a hand in the world.And so has anyone who thought differently been chopped off them.So what we need to do is make sure that peoples’ ability to think are not compromised.IF this were a true jungle and you are left to your own devices with your face against an antagonising world with an uncanny ending proposed for you,then you would have no way out of it except thinking and acting.

And this remains.But when we do find a “tribe”  we find security,this enables us to expand our thoughts and influence.Now what about the person who finds security in a thoughtless world,where the words of one who dreams at destruction is over powering and rhetoric ? He is on, strings to be pulled.

This post till now has eaten a lot of words.But don’t mistake me,I am asking you for your compassion for these pseudo-humans,I am asking you to choose which standard should survive.And let me put the other choice,which the above is a negation off-

A world where innovation is the key and love is more than that a dictionary can define.One where skill is valued and altruism is looked down upon and where the rules need not be imposed as each one has the sense of the quotation mentioned above.A world where ” force ” is that which is used to sustainably develop the world around and money is a mode of exchange.



Whose fault is it? 

I have read a lot of posts which go about trashing and beating the incident but I found very few looking at the fact and the problem and (almost) no one willing to place of origin.

If fable-ous stories suit your romanticism,the devil takes the face of anyone and everyone.If you prefer more tangible,there isn’t.These are ideas which have spread.After all it is from the people,for the people and by the people.So if we ever want to correct this,we should stop screaming and start looking for ways.We all are very generous at giving donations,so how about donating some time to look at what can be done? 

From within the society it arises.Now it is not possible to change the views of people who are grown and senile but we can make sure that the future world is safe of such views.But then how? 

A possible solution is to make schools provide education which would have more affinity to thought rather than other sorts.Make no mistake,it doesn’t mean you take away the prayers etc,I am not advocating that(nor am I trying to force the view that there should be such) but religion and its dogmatic impositions should not be tattooed into children,freedom and creativity should be the fundamentals.We can have special schools for people from less privileged backgrounds,where in they are thought how to think.

All this sounds romantic but the thing is we all don’t have time,we are running a race ,a human race.But then we forget that all this endangers for the very thing we are working for,a better tomorrow.

The onus might be heavy to bear,but then by not caring we are making it heavier for tomorrow.The problem is more complicated by the fact that no one is equal in thought and bodily.We cannot feed a code and expect the same output,we are designed to work in our own unique way.Discrimination will always be a problem. And jealously and other such emotions add make it more grotesque.


We can all write and write and condemn but the fact is that such forces do exist. When a leader who does believe in non-violence and development of human beings with an individual’s rights asserted and the world fit to be roamed and discovered(with the flora and fauna ) does take the helm,for a short while the world seems fine.Yet for something which has dominated for centuries one generation of washing does not remove the stains,it only pollutes the rivers.

I started writing this post,with a kilo of optimism but coming to a close,I don’t feel any sense of achievement.It is their mistake and it is ours as well.And we need to make sure “not a pound more” is taken.But blood shall be shed along and to those of us,who still want to see humans as complete as we are born,it adds macabre and sends into paranoia.

To suit the words to action and action to the word,i.e. use our discretion ,we need to have one standard.Yet that shouldn’t be rigid.But then rigidity has always been the shell of the society.So to simply make things look simpler so that we all can go with out lives and not forget all this as soon as the news channels have got their TRPs,let me say,we need to change the way people think.And we can only be catalysts ,so how storng are we going to be? 

P.S: This post may not be complete in many sense,so I promise to reply to comments in full this time and not with smileys 🙂


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§ 12 Responses to Thought ,action and the society

  • Anshul says:

    This post is very closely related to Poonam’s latest post.

  • priya Joyce says:

    well that’s so very well written…

  • Nita says:

    Vishesh, in a nutshell I guess you mean that it is the right kind of education that is needed and I agree with you.

  • leafless says:

    We should all be solution-oriented.

  • As long as people with the idiotic mindsets exist in this world, things will never change 😡

  • Chirag says:

    Ok, Again brilliant.

    Action is a deceptive work, as you know action is just manifestation of an idea. For centuries, we have had men …who had an idea, they communicated it and that became the Socialist Doctrine, Great Wall of China, Rocket, Moon….So some one had an idea right.

    Most of the cases the idea was not implemented right ways, it took centuries for people to fathom the power of truth behind it, as people are afraid of change.

    So till its the right time to challenge the status quo, lets create awareness and propagate the ideas.

  • tarun goel says:

    I could make out only one thing 😦 and that is,” we should not beat about the bush or mccain or putin :)”
    Let me find out what is culture then I’ll be happy 🙂

  • Kartz says:


    I had written one for my university magazine. Will post it on my blog soon. Anyway, I will leave some food for thought here.

    First and foremost, people should realize *culture* is not something that can be easily defined by a dictionary. It transcends the very thing of our existence today. Our very way of life is because of the *culture* that has been imbibed in us.

    We fail to see, how others have evolved with time.

    That is the subtle beauty about culture. With time, we evolve. Our habits evolve. Culture is not something that can be defined by dictionaries. It is a cumulative thing that goes back aeons.

    Good post there, mate…


    Greetings Vishesh,

    I must thank you for stopping by my space and voicing out. I appreciate your time. 🙂

    Hope to see you more often.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  • Rita says:

    As long as people continue to search for answers to human problems, there will be change.
    I think education is the key. Education leads to understanding.

    Unfortunately, history shows that ignorance does not go down with out a fight.

  • Solilo says:

    Such forces do exist and will continue to. We can’t stop them but by blogging and talking about it most times we can create awareness.

    Let more people esp. women come out and realize that they can also contribute in some way for the betterment of the society without fear. As always united we stand, divided we fall. Hope people see the real issues clearing religious overtones.

  • @anshul: 🙂

    @pj: 😛

    @nita: yes thats what i mean 🙂

    @leafless: true…

    @raj: :-X

    @chiarg: aye!

    @tarun: 😛 me too…what is culture>?

    @kartz: yes true it can’t be defined 🙂

    @rita: yes education is the key 🙂

    @solilo: yes awareness is the world:) And I too hope that people realize 🙂

  • Reema says:

    I liked this post but right now i m ill to think straight and comment.

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