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An entertaining and fast read.

To be fair, with so many insufferable books out there, I am happy to see that ‘contemporary writing’ isn’t about passing off some random nonsense for a book.

Stilettos in the newsroom is about, you guessed it- a journalist. Radhika Kanetkar, comes out as an impressionable person. We follow her travails, slow raise in the world of newspaper and finally witness her  wedding. The writing is tight enough to not bore you. There maybe a few similar books out there, but when it comes from an author who is also a journalist, it is worth reading- after all, we all are curious about that name which appears under an article.

Don’t expect to be blow away and you will enjoy the book.It isn’t a chic-lit but more of a dairy with ‘lessons’ at the end of each chapter. A really light read, which keeps you curious enough to turn the page. Not all journalists lead adventurous and dangerous lives, some just sit in front of a computer and write stories.

One thing which I didn’t understand was how some of the ‘lessons’ were ‘lessons’. Over all, the book probably won’t take you more than a couple of hours to read. It doesn’t blow your mind away, but that’s okay.

Rating:- 6/10

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§ 3 Responses to STILETTOS IN THE NEWSROOM by RASHMI KUMAR(book review)

  • A racy and lively account of a bubbly 28-year-old journalist Stilettos in the Newsroom unravels itself through the eyes of Radhika Kanetkar right from the time she took her first step into the newsroom, got her first story, made bloopers and handled pressures to meet deadlines. In the midst of all this, Radhika experiences a journey of triumph, anguish, jealousy and of course finds her true love Sameer.

  • Rashmi Kumar was born in Pune and raised in New Delhi. She graduated from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She has worked with newspapers and currently works with Business India. And when she is not writing, she is busy radio jockeying and travelling.

  • Kundan says:

    Find latest interview of the journalist turned writer at

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