March 25, 2008 § 20 Comments

 ha here we go again! another tag! this time sanityfound has tagged me,i am to write on:

A. List 5-10 things of commanility that you have in common with the human race and/or nature.

B. List 5-10 things that you may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

both are pretty interesting questions.recently one of friends told me  that  i am “losing it ” and ” start thinking

like humans do”. Now was surprised by it and well but it wasn’t all that unexpected as i do know certain people feel about me.So i have been thinking on the lines of “what on earth are humans?” and “am i human?”

and well maybe i should try to find some widget where you can test how human you are.

so the answer to question A :

  1.  humans are absolutely crazy and well to quote myself ” insanity is the heart of mankind”.
  2. all creatures in nature are cynical and self centred.
  3. survival of the fittest(no not the gym 🙂 )
  4. embedded in time
  5. born to die
  6. try and be the very best at what ever we do
  7. here tp learn
  8. love and hate,both are a part and parcel of our fate and faith.
  9. birth-life-procreation-death.

so the answers to question B:

what i might have in common to others of my honourable race?

  1.  this place called earth might be the real hell(but well its not that bad)
  2. feel that there is something bigger and better than us.
  3. that something is watching you.
  4. why make life so complicated?
  5. hmmm….what is this i find myself in?
  6. trying to become calm,peaceful.
  7. there are too many times when one feels they want to kick the person opposite to them.
  8. choices(guess i have already made a couple of important ones)
  9. music
  10. the need to learn new things,at least to boast to someone..:)

ha,now the fun part,i tag:




– paul




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