tagged! 10 years from now!

March 13, 2008 § 15 Comments

archana   has tagged me! a tag after a long time.I have to write about ten things i would like to do in the next ten years. phew! i will be 26…now that makes feel rather old now it self..funny thing life..now a lot can happen in a day,in an hour even in a second,but ten years! the first thing comes to my mind is the “ambition’ thing which every other kid of my age is asked about-well one line C.A.,MBA.

now for the real stuff:

1) publish my poetry( yes!yes! thats number one,any one of you is a publisher?)

2)start a theater group( hmm…hmmm…presenting my own play,directed by me…hopefully)

3) travel!(anywhere and everywhere,preferably around in a car,yes i will be able to drive in 11/2 years!)

4) bungee jumpingu! (true,it looks kul and i want to hangu from a heightu!)

5)become a fashion designer[ 😉 ]just joking,but well you never know)

6) grow my hair(now simple as it may sound,studying in school you don’t have that freedom)

7) revolutionise the world in which ever i cn.

8)learn violin properly and maybe another instrument.

9)learn to dance.

10)play for my fav, football team arsenal( i am still hopeful)

now i tag:





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