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September 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

does everyone like everyone?how much do we respect others feeling?

it is always easier to just push aside someone in life,but what would we do if we were in that position.Doesn’t that need some thought?

more often the idea is well i am not so why bother.If some one thinks away from what others think,we are ready to brand them as “artificial”.Thats easily done.We make that person lose his self esteem and then like good old hypocrites claim that well we respect everyone ,every one is my friend.

Though i rarely like to talk about myself,it is something of that sort i face.i am always faced with teasing and insults.But i have taken it now into my stride.

What i want to talk here,about understanding others.
It is so easy just to bite our teeth and put up with people.It is a trend i observed ,everyone hates everyone,yet for the sake of it they put up with each other.It is fear that they will be found to be without a group.And of course if some acts like a joker,well then why can people never see beyond the face and into the eye?It is simple i think,they fear,fear everything,but most of all themselves.They don’t want to see what they are in the other person’s eye.they don’t want to know that the other person is living.There is a line i guess,which if crossed,can lead to a big crunch.

People tend to be aggressive,no soft words,no affection towards fellow humans.One important thing is the fear guys have of being given the “gay” tag.It is almost that they should not be kind to each other.

An even more appalling fact is the ability of people to reach conclusions.”you are full of shit”.Wow! i though i was made up of nerves and fibers and stuff.This is a new theory have any proof for it?

well no i don’t reply that way.For well as already said its the “bash your face” attitude.I cannot physically beat a fellow,rather i don’t have the will.

Thats were lies the problem,its like speaking english in Russia.Not everyone understands.i should also i know take into account the fact that all of are teens.But what i don’t get is,shouldn’t there be a level of maturity? I have always had these great out of the world ideas about”changing the world and make it a better place”,well but all i am met is,people will learn on their own.But come on as if i don’t know that,everyone will yaar!but i am talking about the society!For all i may call it a hypocrisy,you do have standards ,we are going to be the future citizens and well i think something should be there,we can’t be like i don’t know no comparisons for i fin everything in nature is as it should be?

Or is this evolution?man slowly reverting back to ancientness?

The rule it seems is simple”survival of the fittest”.Cool people go out and kill,so that you are left alive.It is again i think people with”godly” powers who will be taking the helm.

i know all this seems too irrelevant ,but if we don’t have a sane future,then we are in huge problems.

Maybe i have to solutions,find a way to live in harmony with it(1/100000000 probability of living) or simple get a private island and guard it.

Well know i am not going nuts… i am just trying to say this,its time to think a little and understand each other.


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