truth and infinity

March 12, 2008 § 5 Comments

truth is not the end,
but means to an end.
infinity has no trend,
all it does is lend,
its powers-giving
strength and epitomizing
nothing’s stance.

infinity has no end,
it is neither the beginning,
nor the starting,
but a passage in continuing
our pilgrimage and a passing
in the journey of living.

infinity is a way,
which we all reach.
it can be reached,
by those who seek.
some follow stars,
some follow hours,
but all flows
to the ultimate path.

infinity is a light,
we all need to sight,
it can be black or white,
but it is the right.
truth is a way-
which no one has a say
but our inner ray-
the infinity.

truth is not the end,
but means to an end.

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