questionable life

June 21, 2008 § 13 Comments

Life itself is questionable,
why live?
Everything in life is questionable,
why live?
It is no more about purposes,
but about one purpose.
I cannot accept it,
as an absolute illusion,
though everything is an illusion.
I do not care,
what happens,but i don’t know
why i should live.
I don’t know what is freedom,
even though people say
i have it.I don’t know what
holds me together,
though i can feel it.
My mind is clogged by mist,
i just wish,
that it will clear,
before i risk.

Everything around me is questionable,
including me.I don’t know what it is,
that makes life be life.
I have a wish to know everything,
yet i don’t want to live,
for it is just what i want to do.
Clarity-when can it come back to me?
i feel like paper,in a torrential rain.
i have many,i have many,
everything is questionable,
yet i am not able to know,
to know, all the answers.
I don’t want to live.


before the return

May 24, 2008 § 11 Comments

to the origin everything will return,
to the roots everything will turn,
when all the energy to burn,
is burnt, we will be lost with none.

when the earth’s gifts,
are all used up and the benefits
none left,what will then, we humans
turn to next?

our origin ,very few are aware,
those who know will tell you beware,
it is time you start to care-
in the beginning they were few.

as time has moved on,
some ancient virtues have gone-
we weren’t asked to stick on,
so we left them to die.

in modernity we have forgotten something,
it time to revisit that quintessential thing,
it is time to understand the lost meaning,
the light will always shine the brightest.

in the past,when the world lost a virtue,
few were able to understand the cue
and replace it with the hour’s needed-in lieu.
now it is time to do the same.

the world is in need of many changes,
change is the surest of all constants,
it happens with time’s advacements,
the catalyst now is you-human.

nature needs no saving,
it is we hypocrites who keep fighting,
and in the name of virtue keep killing,
who need to be saved.

before the nature’s fury returns
before the earth ,this time burns,
before we are all caught in time’s churns
it is time to do our bit.

the need is too great,
let us not set our own bait,
we write our own fate,
we are the endangered human race.

prompt from writer’s island

an impulse

May 17, 2008 § 11 Comments

an impulse lifted his mood,
an impulse made him lift the hood,
an impulse made him less crude,
an impulse made him more shrewd.

from no where,a lost creature,
found its light,when precariously,
doodling in a rhetoric melancholy;
from deep inside-a gift from nature.

as time ticked by ,
the piece grew longer,
it was the one which made him stronger,
a lost turtle found the sea light.

slowly each word was scribbled,
slowly as he realized,
that he was no more what he had been,
but something special and unseen.

a new strength rose in him,
inspiration, he drank and in it he swam,
a new reality was formed,
in which he wouldn’t be harmed.

he threw his old shell,
he bid his old life farewell,
he forgave all those who had been cruel,
he added to his life a purpose,more fuel.

what destiny might hold,i do not know,
but the impulse which sowed and will sow,
inspiration and life into me,
is something beyond me.

if not for the impulse,
where will i be?
if not for that impulse,
what will i be?

from a frail being in an armor,
through which light was dim,
an impulse broke the shackles;
it was the best of all miracles.

let the gut -destiny
lead me to infinity.

prompt from

writer’s island.

a faithful wager

May 10, 2008 § 13 Comments

with full faith-
life moves.
and so did his.
with a love wager
he lived with
a gambled faith,
his stake
was that faith pays.

the devil’s stake
was that love fails
to keep faith,
that it is bubble
to water,slave of
wind,destined to burst.

the devil was none
but him,one a faithful
hand,the other a loyal
wily,who worked the
death of his master.

quintessence was
a girl,one who was
the catalyst,the arm
of god,who would
push or pull the wager,
and will decide
if life was merrier
or shun to the horrors
of a broken heart.

as he approached,
one arm yearned
to propose,while
the other drew
the leg straight
trying to porch
the butterfly heart.

he bent down and bowed
with full might vowed
that she was his lass,
and she held his heart,
would she lend her
love to complete the
one and to shun another?

her eyes spoke,
the devil was revoked,
but not disposed,
he knew the time’s spokes,
they poke,the provoke,
but in the end, leave the better broke.
time would tell,
if their’s was all well,
or was it a illusive sell,
just to prove the beaten
path was not to be outgrown?

as they walked,
the devil sat watching,
the better touched laughing,
as the sun set,
everyone deep inside knew time will let.

prompt from –writers island

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