when you want something

April 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

when you want something,
you need to wish for it.
wish with all your might,
from deep inside,
so that universe knows
that you want it.
don’t be afraid to ask,
if you don’t,
you will never get it.
wishes are unlimited
yet when we reflect
they disappear-
just like a mirage,
leaving only what
we really want-
the surface.
the surface reflects
the ground-
what it contains,
your wants reflect
you,so think what
you really want
and wish for it.
once you wish,
you tell yourself
to work for it-
to get it.
without wants
and without wishes
progress is never
is in what and how
much we want.

and i want a new camera now -lol 😉 any suggestions ?

wishes,dreams and fulfillment

April 9, 2008 § 2 Comments

a thousand wishes
under the moon.
a million wishes
under the sun.
time lost on,
dreaming about

a thousand wishes
to be fulfilled
before the night ends-
no time to waste,
the rat race
has beckoned.

every inch of space
has to be fought for-
every advancement
in another step
towards fulfillment.

wishes are never fulfilled
satisfaction is never reached.
the boundaries need to be breached
and the laws impeached.

a thousand wishes,
a million wishes,
keep on wishing.

satisfaction is never reached,
yearning to be become complete.

unlimited wishes to be fulfilled.

work towards achieving
the wishes you keep dreaming.

seek to fulfill,
every day,
every second.

move on in life,
see beyond what you see,
your wishes beckon.

deep inside,
we need something,
dare to see
and be.

what you wish
you dream,
be serene,
be insane,
go after your dream.

life is in time.
time is spent
in wishing,
and fulfilling.

a thousand wishes
under the moon.
a million wishes
under the sun.
be brave,be insane,
chase your wishes,
life will be fulfilled.

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