September 1, 2008 § 21 Comments

Why do some people try out some weird combo of logic? Someone explain to me.Well no one will use the logic they use for chalk for cheese? You can’t write with cheese can you? Nor can you eat chalk can you? Then why do people try to make such stupid sense and claim it makes a lot of sense?Today i had an amazing comment,someone asked me “a friend won’t betray a friend right?” Well i asked who she was talking about and for what,i added that you can’t give a yes or a no for everything.Well they told me not to be theoretical! Well,well ,it didn’t make sense at all.I mean if i point at a beggar and ask you,”he is rich right?” ,you will surely say no.But if say,he is so and so,doing something,you will surely agree with me.Well i know it is a bad example but still…
Where does logic start and end? I don’t think logic is a matter of mind alone.I feel logic comes from within,like emotions.For the simple fact,unless you name it,the logic you see,you cannot understand it.What is the use if they teach how to derive ,when they don’t tell you why you do it?What is the use,if they tell you have to love the country but they don’t tell you why.What is the use if they tell you die for something and they don’t tell you why? Well i think we have a right to know,i.e. to ask why? And when i say ask why,please do it within first,please! I see people being led into things around me.I understand what is happening but if they fail to see what i am seeing and think in their own way,well then..

There is no desire behind us doing beautiful things or for that matter seeing beautiful things.ya right,i keep staring at something,because i am a dumb creature who doesn’t know anything,ya right!! oh! please save me ,alright! I shrugged it off after arguing! I conveyed what i want to the person,that person knows it,the others,i don’t care..

I won’t claim to be the most logical creature on earth.But i do try to see whatever logic i can.I ask people to show the logic they see.I am not the kind of person who thinks i am always right.I just like to try think.And for that matter am pretty bad,when it comes to solving word puzzles etc.Sometimes i too fail to see something,but i am ready to learn.The one thing is,if you say i am wrong,i expect you to convince me 🙂

So anyway,please think! and see if things make sense !

P.S: no offence meant to anyone.I am just irritated at the moment.



July 29, 2008 § 10 Comments

Why is it easier to hate than love?

Why is it easier to hurt than protect?

Why do we all always want to hate?

why do we never love and understand it?

Why do we want to hurt?

why do we never try to understand and preserve?

Why do we want others to hate us?

why do we want to hurt ourselves?

Why do we never try to accept love,

why are we never satisfied until the person hates us?

Why are we happy only when we hurt others or are hurt?

What pleasure do we get in pain?

why do we always seek that pain?

why do we never try to understand what we want?

why do we never understand that we don’t need all the pain?

Is it because we all seek the end,

which always depends on what we do?

why,why do we say a few people are great?

They too hurt people,they too were hated,

yet they are great,

thanks to fate.

Why do we never try to admire the difference in others?

why do we never learn that people are always different?

Why,why all this anyway?

IS this what is life?

Hating and hurting?

I don’t know…


lack of understanding…



the end….


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