Why I wish I can publish my poems

April 23, 2010 § 13 Comments

You probably feel I am pretty arrogant and that I think too much about myself. Especially considering the fact that most of you haven’t read my poems/ don’t like them. But it does look like people like them enough to copy them. The worst part is I can’t track who is copying it.

I don’t care about the poems being copied,  I am happy what I write is being spread. I am worried that I am not getting credit for it. I have tried numerous times to find a way to publish. I considered POD, but that doesn’t help much. Not many buy through POD and that isn’t going to help me get credit/ make people realize who the real author is.

Maybe I should take away my poems from the net. I thought about it and decided against it. That doesn’t solve anything. I would mind it that much if people copied the other posts. My poems are special to me, they matter a lot. I feel bad about this. If you know a solution, help me out.

Many of you have given suggestions in the past, as to what I can do with my poems. I have tried most of the stuff you guys have recommended but all lead to a cul-de-sac.

I can’t trace who copies, because I think it isn’t used online(I have to search thoroughly, but have little time to spare right now). Hope I find a way out of this.

P.S:-1) Publishers, er…if people keep copying, doesn’t that mean my stuff has potential?

2) Sorry again for not replying to your comments, I read all of them, but have very little time to reply at the moment.

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