at the beach….

April 23, 2009 § 19 Comments

Well yesterday I went to the beach with a few of my friends…here are a few photos 🙂

A ship

From new camera1


From new camera1

Holes in the sand , effect of the waves…

From new camera1

Forth again…

From new camera1
From new camera1


From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1


From new camera1
From new camera1
From new camera1

Bye bye sun 🙂

From new camera1

I just love the beach..when you stand at the shore , you do wonder why people are the way they are …Just look at the waves , the keeping coming again and again…And of course the horizon..I call it the height of the sea…Alway wonder what lies on the other side…And funnily enough , we seem to be higher than the horizon 🙂 Sometimes I just wish I can stay there forever…Life is beautiful…


all aboard the wave express!

July 12, 2008 § 11 Comments

Come aboard the wave express!
let us go in search of the lost chest!
Climb on,climb on nothing to worry,
we will get there in a jiffy!
You can see the ocean floor,
while you are safe behind the door,
you can see the fish,
as you go searching for your riches!
Just sit back and enjoy,
and oh! order your squashes,
and don’t worry we will tighten the latches!
Water,water all around,
oh! we are going below the ground!
while it might seem you are bound,
don’t worry give a shout
and we will let you out,
safe and sound,
you can shake hands with the sharks!
No don’t get scared,we will give ’em their curry.

OH! don’t be in a hurry,
relax and breath free,
if you want crackers and cheese,
it is there behind you,within your reach.
Yup we have passed the marina beach,
we are now below the level of the sea.
OH! feel free,
make your self at home,
would you like to go and see,
the corals or trenches,
or seek the pirates’ riches?
or the ruins of Atlantis?
Now,now don’t be too greedy,
just take a few ruby,
remember those who are needy.
OH! see those wonderful mountains!
One sec,oh! relief,
we managed to avoid the reefs.
nature truly is within our reach,
but we need to be slow and not hasty,
or we might spoil its beauty.
All on board,
get ready to go,
the next stop is there,
so those who want to get out,
bye,see you soon!
And oh! welcome madam,
all aboard the wave express!

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