For us

October 19, 2008 § 12 Comments

The world is for us,
the sky is blue for us,
the winds blow for us,
the sun rises for us.
The coulds move for us,
The world grows for us,
and everything!Everything!
Everything here,is for us!
No might can ever move,
the mountains of life
but they oh! sway
to the winds of universe!
Yet everything is for us,
beneath our feet lies,
the soil which took,
millions of years,
and above is the sky,
which toils to protect
us from harm!And the world
is for us,as none can
own ,except the one who owns
and we are the owners of earth,
as much as we own the universe.
We might be a race
but each and everyone of us,
embraces earth,through their
eyes,through their thought,
just as it is,how they perceive
the notes of wind,
just as they perceive the colours
of rainbow,just as they perceive,
the soil through their feet,
just as they smell,the flowers
and feel the hot and the cold.
And life is pinnacle of nature
and oh!we,oh!belong,
and nothing,on!nothing is wrong.
Forever,this life might go on,
and forever we might never live on,
but our thoughts,fly the wind
and we are harbinger of the future.

And let the world be of creation,
let our path be of innovation.
What is above,is there to be outrun
and what is below is waiting
to be strengthened and then bear
the origin of new beginnings.
The clouds move across,
the tapestry of blue,
and many a storms they bear,
and yet all we shall fare through!
Nothing can bend our determination,
Nothing can hurt our need for elevation.
And forever,we will fight the vertigo,
for we will rise above the indigo,
in the rainbow-beyond all the
illusions that may stick around,
for every problem is preceded
by a solution.And our path,
the light,lights and that path
is our right and for that we have life.

And so we shall walk,
and so we shall let go and be free,
as creation is we and we
shall continue to weave.
Somewhere everything does meet,
and fate can never cheat,
those who dare to write it,
and that fate,we shall write with inks
so strong that the sea,
shall hold,as it has,
the past’s mystery.
And so we are unperturbed by everything
and destiny rises on the shore
where we meet,the world-
where we are to create.
Our thoughts,make the world
and the senses feel the world.
The rainbow will last,
till water and light.
We shall last,
till thoughts and creation.

the light shines the brightest

It is easier,just

October 9, 2008 § 20 Comments

It is easier- listen.

It is easier- think.

It is easier- froget.

It is easier- know.

It is easier-find.

It is easier-belong.

It is easier-feel.

It is easier-bring.

It is easier-see.

It is easier-binge.

It is easier-give.

It is easier-live.

It is easier-pain.

It is easier-memory.

It is easier-euphoria.

It is easier-love.

It is easier-thoughts.

It is easier-moon.

It is easier-water.

It is easier-forever.

It is easier-butterfly.

It is easier-time.

It is easier-people.

It is easier-person.

It is easier to try and forget,

but it is not so easy,love.

too pure to be water

September 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

Words fail to flow,
and the feeling refuses to go.
I am but a ghost,
on this life’s shore.
With everything seeming strange,
nothing seems to have a face.
Unnamed,the emotions remain,
how much ever i try,it is the same.
The sea of thoughts flow over,
and it seems too pure,to be even water.
Yet it hurts,something refuses to flirt,
it remains happy, to be curt.
Someone,turned a wheel,
and it has turned some seal.
It will all end,
but the question is when?
Who has the right to name?
Who sets the rules of this game?
What is the difference,if it is the same?

What is the use of renumeration,
what is the connection,
between me and this mission.

It is too pure to be water,
and even if it is summer,
something remains,
keeping life’s warms and sanes.
It is too pure to be water,
for it flows through my veins,
it is too pure to be water,
for it is what remains.
it is too pure to be water,
for it is a joyous leader,
it is too pure to be water,
for it has no tastes,
it is too pure to be water,
it is from the deep ocean,
it is a unknown notion,
but it is the one,with the solution.
It is too pure to be water,
for it is what everything contains,
it is too pure to be water,
it is the sun and the stars and the moons,
it is too pure to be water,
it is what makes cooler,
it is too pure to be water,
for it resides forever,
it is too pure to be water,
it is the harbinger,
of life’s harvester.
It is too pure to be water,
for purity is beyond it.
It is too pure to be water,
it is too pure to be water.

the light shines the brightest

clear water?

August 18, 2008 § 21 Comments

This photo was taken about 4 years back 🙂 It is a close up snap of the water flowing in the river Tunga( Correct me if i am wrong,it is the river which flows through Sringeri right?) So how would you relate this with your life ?And the way we think?

love and superstition

June 20, 2008 § 6 Comments

It was a superstition,
it is a superstition,
it will be a superstition,
that we humans will
be destroyed by something.
Yet that something is none,
but us,the conceit “unnatural”
race,the narcissistic imprudent
beings who have ruled
earth.It will be our own
hand,will lead to our destruction.
Our love is too great for ourselves,
that is why,we will destroy what we love.
Until we can understand our own needs,
until we realize a few crucial things,
what we love might never live on.

I love whole of humanity,
yet there are a few special.
To them i am scared to talk,
as i fear i will destroy.
Yet what can i do,but love?
for my love is just too great.
Tears cannot solve everything,
nor the gut alone.Life’s love
is something needs a few moments
to be captured,i just wish those
whom i love stick on.If someone is
left for me in the end,then my life’s
mission is done,for finding true love,
is finding a true guide.Whom you need
to trust,life your own life.

If i need some love ,i have but no one.
I need to give love,then there are many.
love needs to be spread,
through the winds,
across the waters,
and like fire,
through all of earth and ether.
On the shore of life,
I wish to unify my light,
with one single person.
Who it is i do not know,
till then life will blow,
from the sword of my destiny,
created by own will.

Experience is a tutor.

the light shines the brightest


June 15, 2008 § 6 Comments

Smoke on the water,
reflections in the water.
world is directed towards water,
everything needs water.

If water ceased to exist,
everything on earth will perish.
if water dries out,
there will be no more thirsty shouts.

we are all dependent on it,
we are all controlled by it.
why we humans who are free,
bound by this one need?

if destruction was to happen,
water will be its origin,
as all came from within,
water,is a solution and problem.

If water were the right price,
then why cannot we trade by it?
if water is the absolute need,
why does everyone pollute it?

water is the quintessential need,
even if there is feed,
to live life and lead,
water is the tantamount need.

water exists every where,
even in deserts,somewhere.
It is the purest of all,
yet the dirtiest of all.

water can wash,
water can bash,
water can lash,
water can care.

to show we all deserve
water as it was.water,might be
everywhere,but still take care.

On the horizon

June 12, 2008 § 7 Comments

It only lives in the memory,
of the camera and mine.
It was wonderful,beautiful,
still ,it is not mine.

It remains in my memory,
but soon shall fade,
but in reality,it will
live till time’s stay.

the suns rays,
a water way,
a view, when going by,
in times thoughts it lies.

On the horizon,
from the other and to it,
it comes and goes,
as illusion rows.

A few seconds,
time is constant ,yet
not constant,
live on light.

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