when you want something

April 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

when you want something,
you need to wish for it.
wish with all your might,
from deep inside,
so that universe knows
that you want it.
don’t be afraid to ask,
if you don’t,
you will never get it.
wishes are unlimited
yet when we reflect
they disappear-
just like a mirage,
leaving only what
we really want-
the surface.
the surface reflects
the ground-
what it contains,
your wants reflect
you,so think what
you really want
and wish for it.
once you wish,
you tell yourself
to work for it-
to get it.
without wants
and without wishes
progress is never
is in what and how
much we want.

and i want a new camera now -lol 😉 any suggestions ?


Unlimited wants

April 10, 2008 § 15 Comments

i want to let go and go some where far off.everything around me is boring.
I want an adventure,i want to take on more barriers.I am not being sentimental,but i want to know i am living.I want to know reality.I want to feel the rivers(even though they maybe polluted),i want to listen to the forests,i want to talk to mountains.I want to be free.I want to write a book.I want to be known,yet not known.I want to be a legend.I want to be a humble being.I want to be a leader.I want to be part of a movement.I want to enjoy life.I want to be free.I want to breath.I want to admire nature.I want to admire humans.I want to be a pilot.I want to be a bird.I want to go on a ship.I want to swim till the end of the world.I want to see deserts.I want to see the poles.I want to see the Everest.I want change the world.I want to play my part in the universe.I want to know where everything ends,i want to bungee jump,i want to go drafting,i want to go sky diving,i want to surf,i want to play all the sports on earth.i want to over come cynophobia,i want to satisy myself….

add as much as you can to the list….let us see what all we all want…It is for a purpose…

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