where the roof tiles meet

September 29, 2008 § 13 Comments

From misc3

Where the different paths meet,
where at the top,is sky is the sheet.
Effort of many a human into it went,
and order to it,somebody lent.
from the earth it was taken,
to build a home,for lives to begin.
For millions of years,it lay unused,
and then one day they were all fused,
together,to bring in creation,
which is being’s expression.
A while back,it was nothing but mud,
but now baked,it no more can fuel a bud.
But soon,in the earth’s clock,
it might be shook by a shock,
and reduced to a few ordered rocks.
But as long as it exists,it is worth our thoughts,
because behind it is effort,
someone’s vision and someone’s determination.


March 30, 2008 § 7 Comments

life has a mission,
it all starts of with a vision.
first it is elimination-
of that which causes inhibition.
second it is admission-
of that which will help in transition.
third it is foundation-
needed for elevation.
fourth it is supervision-
joining forces to help scintillation.
fifth it is completion-
causing a revolution.

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