To our leaders

July 28, 2009 § 8 Comments

So finally I have moved all my poems to a new blog. Posted my first poem over there , a few minutes back 🙂

An Extract:-

Oh! sire , we , who are thee?
We are gullible , you say we are free.
Our freedom seems to have made us insane,
Democracy in reality seems inane.

You can read it here – To Our leaders .

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Advertisement and poems

April 27, 2009 § 11 Comments

I purchased . I have decided to use this with blogger(as wp charges you for domain mapping , unless you got the domain with them) .

The site will be used only for my poems . There isn’t an option to import from wordpress ,at blogger . So I have decided to post a few of my older poems everyday , till all of them get posted .

Today I have posted about 8 poems( short ones , yes I can write short ones and I used to do so too) . This will give my new readers a chance to read my older poems and know the “evolution” my writing has undergone .

The reason for this move is simple – I want to use this blog for things like and don’t want my poetry to get mixed up . Also the number of people who read my poems are less , so I think it makes sense to have it separately . To those of you who like my poems , you can subscribe to the feed is :-

P.S:- I was planning to move back , posts and comments to blogger , but since a lot of my readers here use WP , decided to stay here .

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