Four years since that tsunami

December 26, 2008 § 17 Comments

It was on a boxing day,four years back,that a series of waves,killed many thousands and forever changed the way,we look at the sea.I still remember watching the pictures of cars floating and the world in half a hell.From Indonesia to Kenya,the waves spread,unleashing natures fury.

Picture from here. The above picture won the world press photo award for 2004.

Such cataclysmic events,just prove that we are part of nature too.Since then a lot of reconstruction and rehabilitation work has been done,to help the countries and people affected by it.While 9/11 and the war which followed showed the folly of fanatism of a kind and the retaliation of another,this showed us that,it would take nature hardly a second,to wipe out everything.

Yesterday,I was at Kovallam,on the shore,playing football.Seeing the red flag warning people not to venture into the sea and the turbulent waves,made me think,what if i had been at the same spot four years ago?There would have been no flag warnings,as no one k new about.I put away such this eerie thought,lest my holiday mood,gets damp so horrendously.

I had written a poem,after the disaster ,i was in my eighth grade then,

A rise in tide on a fullmoon day,
As people wake on a Sunday.
Playing in the sands are kids,
Rising up are the tides.
Two five hundred plus six hundred miles away,
Started the tsunamis on their way.
As many a thousand died,
Pooling villages and quenching lives,
Are the tsunamis on this day.

In Lanka more than 30,
In India around 13,
In Thailand around 80,
In Indonesia more than 40
are the lives
taken by the waves.
National and International funds are rising
As the toll is rising.

Many on a dream holiday,
Face sorrow on a boxing day.
If the disaster was on land,well
There won’t be many left as now,
So lets say,
‘Strange are the ways of God’.

I haven’t changed anything,not even the facts,on the exact death.Of course I was tempted to change a few things,but this what exactly I felt at that moment.All those who watch a disaster on T.V. can say is how things could have been worse.Not that I want some disaster to befall me,I am happy the way I am.Let us hope Earth is a better place.


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