the last cold hours!

September 2, 2008 § 14 Comments

Cold hours,frozen clocks,
the moment is all but locked.
The present gratified,
time is lost into the night.
fear and peace grip the hearts,
emotions are all lost,
as the need for thought,has been lost!
No one knows what is the need,
and morality is lacking in every deed,
scary and vehement,locked in the darkness,
hell’s days have began.
Noise like never before is made,
and meaning for words are slowly seeing the fade.
Without anything to destroy,
with weapons of destruction as toys,
people search for the light,
so that that too can be shut after the fight.
When meaning to life,dies,
life has no value,just like the rectangular sky.
In despair people lost the meaning of love,
for if not in action,where can we find love?
If not through your hands and creative
expression,how else can you express,
all that is not to be said but done?
Unless you eat,you cannot think,
and to eat,you need to think!
But oh! the promise of better logic,
the idea that equality is one where all suffer
and where one kills everyone dear!
The rusted minds,which preach ,
that work is to think is to impeach,
the very existence of human thought!
For creatures kill to survive,
the birds learn to fly,
but oh! man is dirt,
so thought is dust,
clear it oh! wise people,
and then you will see your god!
With nothing to destroy,
with too many gods,there to fight,
lusterless minds all turned into fiends-
the nobility of humanity,
was now lost,as if it too were destiny.
Squalors are filled
and lights are all offed or dimmed,
walk at the cost of your life,
and think,you are breaching the law-
the law of the one number,dice.
With everything lost,
and the hell at full blast,
the creatures tore apart,
the human flesh,of their own virtue brothers!
And then at their demise,cried foul
and were held guilty by the code less decree,
and with chains they bound the beast,
and rotted,being sucked by the affinity of leech.
And then seeing where it all began,
they knew now what happened.
But with all hope lost,
and light cut off,
once the creatures of heaven,
now drained into the over flowing drains of hell,
and the abyss,extended and fell and fell!
oh! the mother and father of all men,
how did they survive,
if not for wit or the need to sit and think,
among the green Edens,
where creatures were all in balance?
Is this the apple,
which was eaten?
That the poison from within it,
has at last began to be felt
and humanity is now in doom’s vent?
The ether is lost in suffocation,
and in the lack of air and boisterous indignation,
slowly none was left,
expect two like it when it began.
The sight they held,
was the one which caused them to feel,
that mistake a mistake had been made,
one which had literally led into the grave!
But the smoke of the morgues killed them too,
and humanity breathed its last,
it died as fast as it had come,
now nothing remains,
expect that which was there when it all began.
The moon and the sun shone on,
the vultures by nature,at last ate
and laughed and drank,at these poor
creatures,who had tried,
to become the vultures.They lacked wings,
they told themselves,so in their scavenge
they too decayed.Now at last paradise was
regained and the gods became,
theirs and the god , ale perished last,
as his wine became sour,
with the rusted blood of humans,
and then into the nothingness passed,
the eons,waiting for creation to sally.
And the nights were dark,
and the days too bright,
earth was a shattered speck,
and back in time,when there were no clocks,
back in time,when there were no hours,
back in time when there were no gods,
back in time when nothing was,
back in time when there was no verse,
way back to the beginning of the universe.

the light shines the brightest


A feeling

August 25, 2008 § 16 Comments

A rage,a feeling,a want.
Something is missing.
Unknown,undefined emotions
prick you from within.
You try to draw,you try to write,
in hope that something will give
and you will at last see what you know.
The world seems mad,
the world seems out of balance,
what is right?
what is wrong?
Every sun has to set,
but then it is at its hottest at noon.
Does the sun suffer?
Why do we suffer,from heat?
Why should we alone feel,
that we see the mundane
and not the important?
What are we missing?
Why hasn’t anyone noticed it?
We can stop it can’t we?
Why,why all this?
Questions.Yet unnamed.
It refuses to be named,
and so remains pure and unnamed.
Why care?
What is happening!
why,this feeling ?
why this pain,which cannot be defined?
What should i see?
Where am i to see?
who should i see?
Where is the source of life?
What is eternal
and what is mortal?
Who said so?
So what?
what matters?
Why this feeling of profound suffering?
Why this unnecessary illusion?
Why what is it trying to cover?

truth and lies

February 23, 2008 § 3 Comments

from nowhere came lives

and from no where come lies.

the truth is hardly to be spoken

lies are the best presentable token.

life has turned into full of gambits-

you cannot survive without wits.

truth and lies are knit,

so that they perfectly fit.

if you want to be,

the very best,

and have cash in the bank’s chest,

and push away from the rest,

then lies are the best.

if you want to be

the trusted friend-best,

then learn to guard people like chest,

and don’t push way calling them rest.

truth is the best.

truth has no form,

so people might think it is wrong.

we belong to a throng,

yet have to sing our own song-

for life isn’t too long,

and sometimes its just prong.

but till our swan song,

we need to believe truth will live along.

or life’s worth will be gone.

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