To blog or not to blog : a decision

January 4, 2010 § 23 Comments

Note:- If anyone thinks this is a stunt, please, just don’t come here again.

This is something I have been thinking for a long time. And I came to decision- to pull the plug. But I realized my own vanity(thanks to Reema ), only when I tweeted my decision(and good thing for once I wasn’t so hasty). So my(revised)  decision – keep blogging. But I should present my case, my reasons for almost pulling the plug.

Somewhere during the trip, I came to realize a few things. It is that sort of realization which straightens a few things and tangles others. I realized that blogging isn’t what it was any more to me. I also realized that many of my friends(online) have stopped blogging(er..growing old I guess 😛 ) and a bit more(reasons which I don’t want to share). Anyway guess I am in a crossroad right now 🙂

But well, I guess it is good that I thought about it. It has shown me a new perspective. Hopefully I will keep blogging for a long, long time. Anyway, lots of new stuff to share(almost 2 gb of photos{ya ya many of them are er….not so good, but still 😛 } ), so lots of posts to follow soon 😛

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