Thoughts on Terrorism

November 29, 2008 § 11 Comments

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Enough is Enough! Yes we say this again and again. The inital reaction has now subdued and it is replaced by more sensibile thoughts,by whoever is capable of such.

First before I get into the whole saga and try to put my sagacity to some use,let me first salute,those Men who gave their lives for saving many other.While we can be  skeptic and claim that they were just doing their duty,that in it self is something great.I am not so sure,I would have sacrifised my life for the sake of others.Hemanth Karkare, was under pressure and received SMS threats ,but still he went in and fought the terrorists,even while his intergrity was questioned. Sandeep Unnikrishnan and Havaldar Gajendra Singh and the other police and special forces officers and the staff of the hotel who helped save people also died fighting the scoundrels and they are the heroes of today.For a nation,which is so politically and religiously complicated,we all salute these men,without whom terror might have ceased the economy.

And ask me to name these people a week or a month from today,i don’t i will remember.That is always the problem,we all say so much,all of us blame and point fingers,yet we all forget.After all immaterial of whether we are from the mango selling class or the Taj class ,we have our business to do.We will be bothered about terror and the ugly reality of human goodness not being a whole some reality only when our own valued lives are threated.There is nothing wrong with that too.

In a way,this is our defence mechanism.Yet this attack will be remembered by us,for such action is not blase ,this is fresh and it has hit,the rich,the people who make India.The media which usually is more bothered about an actress sneezing or if an actor is wearing a pink shirt or concentrating on cricketers for a change had some real NEWS.At last the NEWS channel had their use,albeit,all of them showing the same thing.Popular NEWS anchors were rushed in and even NISHA(for those ignorant people,it is the name of the cyclone which cycled over Tamil Nadu) was forgotten with the rest of the celebrities as operation Cyclone went on.

We all were agape at the site of the Taj hotel burning.”A thing of beauty is a joy forever” and yet such beauty was smeared with such sinister force that you wonder “is this reailty?”.Even as rain swalloed our streets here in Chennai,we all watched the vice humans and the various forces battle it out.After all Mumbai is the financial capital of India.For a moment all of us forgot the communal divide which someone was trying to enforce upon us.We all watched as an intergrated force,fought the terrorists who had come here to die and blow up an icon of India.As smoke and fire spread through the Taj and the internal structure was vanadalized we were taken by an eerie thought-is this what happens to the Business India? 

The battle has ceased to be religious,it is now the developed and modern against the retarded and mideval minds who want to own our world.At the same time,the terrorists who died are not the devil himself.They were mere pawns in the game,who were comanded and sacrifised by a much larger force.

By attacking an icon and entering through the gateway of India,those unscrupulous beings have mocked the nation.And our soveregnity was preserved and shall be.For once,the politicians have not been able to play their games.For once we question them and for once they are answerable to us.

And as more and more clues regarding the affiliation of the terrorists to various international orgainzations are found,what are going to do? Since the media has branded this as India’s 9/11,are we going to go out and blow another nation? Of course that is not going to help,this attack has proven that.Cutting a branch is only going to help the tree grow better.What we need to do,is cut the tree at its base and then make sure we utilize it properly.

What we are facing ,are groups who are ready to die.And fear is their weapon.If  an other nation has an hand in this,then it time to end this for once and all,but then at what cost?

First let us see the face of the enemy and not fight something which has no proper form.We need to get the people who are behind these attacks and make them responsible for all this.They should be made to work and manually replace every inch of a building.They should be made to understand how much it takes to build those buildings.These people are no idiots of of course,they know what they are doing.

They should have a cause,so to them let us say ,we want to hear what is their cause.But no cause is so great that you should kill so many people.This is not a question of fighting fire with fire.In the end we shall all be burnt in our own,which these people anyway are willing to do.

We have to respond though, but how?The problem is there is no thrid persons view here.We are all in it.We need to think from outside. 

We need to make those cowards come out and fight face to face and take responsbility,that is of course if anything human is left in them.Whatever happens,weeds will always be there in a garden.But among humans,the difference between a weed and a useful plant is how a person’s mind is lead.So let us make sure we do not give space for more terrorists to be born.And to those existing-lantena is a weed,but it is still grow as a ornomental flowers.But if these are not humans but only useless weeds,sorry its time to cull.

Chennai and Mumbai-rains and terror

November 27, 2008 § 17 Comments

As Mumbai faces its first terror attack,Chennai is washed out thanks to torrential rainfall.

Coast to coast the country faces problems,as stock markets and schools are closed.


Chennai:-The state capital and the rest of the state face cyclone “NISHA”.You can see the Satellite picture here.

Image from here.

The city faces such rain after many many years.And my exams are postponed.While I can happy about not having any exams more than 50 have died and many lives have been affected.Food packets have been dropped from helicopters in Cuddalore. Most of the major roads in the city are flooded.

Picture from here.


Terror in Mumbai:-

The whole world watches as two of Mumbai’s most famous hotels have been taken over by terrorists and many people inculding forigners have been held as hostage.You can read more about it, here.

Blogosphere too has had many posts here are a few :-

Politicking more important rather than stopping terror by Nita

Mumbai Terror Attacks:Lessons for us to learn by compulsive writer.

My view:-
So as in front of comp,more and more people are suffering thanks to cyclonic fury and terrorists bullets.Now in what why does this affect me? As a human being,I wonder how people can so kill others so frivolously.Who are these people and what do they want,are the questions which everyone is asking.The premeditated,planned and till now executed properly executed attacks has shocked the whole world.Symbolically terror has now entered India,through the Gateway that the British exited.While we cannot do anything about storms and rainfall,we can do a lot about terrorism.

While a lot of people can be held responsible for not spotting the threat and our “intelligence” not being clever enough can be zeroed on,it is time to question who is at the base of all this.Is it because something went wrong with their lives that these people allowed themselves to be brain washed?
Or is their condition so desperate that they need to blow up and destroy to save themselves?

Whatever are the reasons ,we will soon know,but one thing we do need to do is make sure that as a society we stick together and make sure we are heard.This is a complete mockery of whatever little is left of democracy.It is very easy to just write and talk,but we do need to do something about this.Maybe we can snap these terrorists at their roots,if we make sure there is no need for them to take to such activities.

That of course is possible if and only if,there are no religious motives.For if religion is involved,there can be no concrete solution-who can stop the waring Gods? As it is obvious that religion has a hand in all this,we need to reduce this to a level where religion is excused and for once,these people are made responsible for what they did ,where their affiliation to a religion is not a mask for them to hide behind.

Enough is Enough,so let us make it clear.If you do not believe in violence,be ready to say so and if it takes us to do something about all this,let us do-it takes more to be calm than violent.Let us not play their game their way and panic and hurt and destory.Nor at the same time we should cuddle up in fear.And if any terrorist is reading this- Why do you do that? 

P.S: you can display the above picture in  your blog if you want.

The isms of school life

November 21, 2008 § 11 Comments

Pessimism:- You never  know everything that is there to be known before an exam.

Optimism:-You can always look forward to coming back home after exams and sleeping.

Terrorism:-Exams morns,they bombarded you with thing which you never expected/didn’t know existed.

Materialism:-You invariably want everyone’s lunch(or)you wonder if you could get that useless phone your friend is talking about.

Euphemism:-You tell the teacher you were studying and forgot the book at home,when in fact  you felt that the book was heavy and a waste.

Fascism:- Politeness is not another brick in the wall nor being a part of an “English medium” school means that everything is English-its all appearance.

Racism:- *The following statement has been deleted by the author,to avoid trouble* Well lets be emphatic and put it simply as ,”we Indian’s are all racists-it just runs deeper than race” variably or invariably,your bound to feel that something is not just right there-the teachers themselves speak about “tamil’s(south Indians) and North Indians’ attitude.yet this is so innate in our system,that we really don’t realize that we are racists.(well if there is such a word-castists)

Humanism:-Being “good” is something which never does any good.Unless you can swear in at least three language and come up disgusting things on the spot,you are not human.Being part of humanity is a privilege and school teaches you that.

Pragmatism:-The best way to finish your assignments/home works in the shortest time possible,is to be creative-with your answers and reasons(if you cannot meet the deadline).

Socialism:-Everyone gets similar marks/everyone doesn’t submit their work/everyone accepts the blame.

Conservatism:-Year after the year,the students conserve one thing-becoming worse.If a batch fails to get the “you are the worse people we have ever seen”,then they have broken the tradition.

Sentimentalism:-Emotions are always on a high.What else happens when every guy feels a need to go out with a girl but then realizes that it is not worth it-either it is too emotional,empty pockets.

realism:-The world is a cruel place,the teachers themselves have seen only a part of it and keep telling you how you will be ruined if you go out,they are scared it seems,if not why are they teaching anyway?We can do away with a few of those teachers.

naturalism:-No not walking naked.Lieing comes naturally to every student.We are racists,here also-we have white lies which are supposedly small and harmless,when in fact we were ruled by them for over 200 years.

fundamentalism:-The religion is being a good student and the scriptures being arbitrary laws  passed on from gen to gen and of course amendments made every year,unsaid but felt.The latest law I observed-don’t be kind to your Seniors,swear on their face.

Alotropism:-Walking in a straigth line,is for the KG kids,not for 12th standards.

Absenteeism:-School is boring and waste of time,when everyone is present.It is more fun when there are 7-8 absentees per day.The teachers waste their time and energy trying to convince those who are present,that bunking school is not good.

Plagerism:-One person does the work,others copy.Life lesson learned early.Also the early bird catches the worm 🙂 Or the first guy to school gets the book 🙂 But then i have my own way,scribble to excape 🙂 

Falsism:-When people say things,just to satisfy someone,like a teacher.This in itself is an art,’cause most people would find it tough contradicting themselves.

Heroism:-Something which doesn’t apply to me, no i cannot lie.My Achilles heels seem to surface at the wrong time,well i wasn’t the hero,but at least i wasn’t zero.

Cynicism:-You hate it when people disturb you while you are looking at someone 😉 or catching up on your sleep.You support the fact that wanting it all,is the way to be.Yet the cynic is an abridge of the hero,at least in scolastic terms- in the eyes of his fellow socialists,he is viewed with much contempt.

Individualism:-Something which i follow.This basically includes not copying and standing on your own ,at whatever cost-makes sure you never get complacent.

Nihilism:-School,is just an eye wash.We don’t need no education.

Escapism:-Albeit this not being a cardinal virtue in any religion,it is in reality one.No one can ever sit in a class and not wonder to the fairy lands,rather chic lands.Procrastination is a vice,we don’t put off things,our clocks run on different time zones.

I am searching for more isms which have an affinity to the Indian school life.I have no clue what the difference is between here and in some monkey/donkey land,for the simple reason,I have been in this zoo,for the past 13 something years.Whatever maybe,i ardently support the cause of revamping our education system,for the simple reason,it is truly the survival of the strongest.Now don’t get me wrong,i do believe only the strong should live,but then this is might is right-more of parasites and hypocrites survive.

As the curtains call on my school life,the next stage of hunting and donating begins.This is one country where socialism of another kind exists,where in the rich pay donations,while the poor get in through reservations.If you don’t understand the underlying philosophy,i suggest you tune your cognition to Indian standards.While our English text books propagate Stephen Splender and ending the many veils thrown upon our beautiful society,the society reinforces its bleak views by holding on tightly,lest the prices drop.

This was supposed to be a humorous post and the humour lies in the fact,that i am wasting my time writing this,when in fact,the only satisfaction i can ever get would be the comments.I might sound like a pessimist,but than being a hero,demands too much and i am not  willing to go through the pain,not all alone.The society can burn in its own fire,I am going to be all but a responsible citizen of the future-I will step aside and let the fittest of the worse prevail and then see what i can do about it.The innate goodness is all good,unless you exhibit it for the sake of others,so i will keep it for myself and those who i care about.This is the maturity school has bought on me.Of course i should also credit this enigmatic blogging world for adding a few layers of matured dust on me-this after all is another one of those places,where we the public talk and talk and never do anything about what the majority seem to be thinking.This post is running of track,true,but then nostalgia is such,that it doesn’t allow precision.If i had written this in my English paper,i might have got better marks.

All the above mentioned isms are just the tip of the ice berg(through i have never seen a ice berg).If i were to dig,i can come up with more historically and archaeologically valuable visceral facts,that would send those bespectacled men into a binge.But for that accurate reason,I shall keep it all to myself,until another time,when little Tommy doesn’t want to play.This post essentially is to make me feel good and the psychological and chemical reactions with me,point that i have achieved that.

While the nexus might be inaudible,the bottom line is this-My school life is drawing to a close,in all of four months time.I shall soon be out into the big bad world,all dressed up and with memories of the days,in a wonderful school.My school is a place where i have learned a lot,positives too.That shall be aonther six yard tamilian intensified rant,so until than,i don’t think you will find me rant.

Thank you.

Make this better for all

November 4, 2008 § 17 Comments

No more can one laugh
at the thought of wrath-
except those who have seen
or those who are innately mean.
And such people maybe few,
but their ways are like flu
spreading their voluptuous
chaste and magnanimous hate.
And those live and have lived
and for ever will,
unless and until
we find a way to keep them still.

And they have hurt and burnt
those who thought and learned
and then they try to anoint
by chanting a sorry,
as if that alone can take away
the misery and make the world free.

Yet,the brains have never died
and never shall.For there is no farewell
for those who dare to say there is no hell.
this is not a thank giving
as it was and is their purpose of existing.
Yet what do the rest,
the ones, whom rust,
takes over more than lust,
do,but burn and blow
as if it were a fireworks show.

We do not believe in the stake
nor in killing with hate,
so what do we do?To change this fate,
before time runs and it becomes too late?
“For fire,fire” said the bard once
but will it end menace?
Whose brains it that is washed
and who faces the aftermath of the shock?
Instead of day after day,giving sermons and talks
let us think and try to come up with thoughts
that will make this better for all.

P.S: for those who don’t know,who the bard is ,it is Shakespeare.

rest in peace

September 27, 2008 § 13 Comments

And when the world laughs,
Who is there to cry?
When the world cries,
who is there to laugh?
When violence is the tongue,
and when justice is being hung,
who will ever dare to live life?
For some humbug virtue,
Something which has no value,
the human race,
tares its own face.
With nothing better to do,
a few beasts,of no virtue,
take justice into their hands-
justice being destruction,
creation returning to sands.
Who’s right is this life?
None,but every one alive,
yet,those insecure animals,
in the name of God,
on God,throw Shod.

When did it all begin?
but whenever it did,
humanity became a misfit.
While ants build their hills
and birds their nests,
when the wild has its dens,
and underground holes,
we, another expression,
destroy their and now ours,in unison.
One devil,gave birth,
and one the world is too hurt,
for the progeny,
is the curse to humanity.
Though the curse is all alive,
and distinct,some just abide,
and let it use them without a fight.

When the world,expresses
itself in creation,we preach destruction.
Oh! whatever the God is,
in its name,you have dug graves,
and now in it you throw the world,
just another dead waste.
When life has lost its value,
what is the use,of respect to the dead,
when we destory our brothers
and sisters and their value,you scavenge,
what use is praying for them?
In our right,we were to be thinkers,
but some apple we bit,
that made our mind a misfit.
What is the use of sickle,
when you don’t have seeds?
what is the use money,
when you steal and abduct?

Somewhere,in the universe,
destruction takes place-
to sow a seed of creation.
And on earth,i hope for the same
reason,destruction is taking place-
when we can’t smile at our own face,
then we don’t need this earth,
or an over blown idea of a superior race,
So to the universe,
let your destruction take place!
Oh! wonderful earth,
let something emerge,
long after we are gone,
that will give joy to you,
who was nature, when born,
but now made wan.
When humans are gone,
lighten up and then form,
a race,that will put a smile on your face.
a while,let humans dig their grave,
nothing will stop them,for that is their fame.

P.S:- Wrote this after reading this post.

Say no to terrorism

September 15, 2008 § 17 Comments

Just add evil to the end of the word ,God,

God + Evil=godevil or Go devil !

So You know,what is happening now.Everything is done,in the name of God! And the actions which it leads to are called evil.So basically we have let the devil go around,without actually knowing it.So the best thing to do would be,remove the evil from the equation.That way we will have only the “God”.Now that we know,what is happening,lets stop encouraging the Devil.Let us say no to things,which we can see are “evil”.So let us all say a strong no to Terrorism,first.We understand we had encouraged the Devil,now we want to stop it.Let us all together say no to terrorism.We should remember one thing though,it is people like you and me,who make up the terrorist too.So what we should take away is the “evil” and see the reason for their action and try to address it and not go around calling them evil.Behind everything there is a cause.Who knows ,if you and me aren’t able to find justice,won’t we too pick up the gun? We can argue all we want that,one wrong cant’t be corrected by another,but then to the person who commits it,it is not wrong,but justice! 

One thing common between whole of humanity is God.Even if you don’t believe in it,you acknowledge the idea’s presence among others.Let us use,what we have in common to remove the “evil”.The world looks black and unknown,if we close our eyes in fear.Let us open it and face what hurts us.The times of “whose god is it?” are gone.We are in an age where ,”Our God ,it is”.We need to stop hurting each other,for the sake of ourselves.What would you get if you destory more than what was done to you? For the twin tower a country? But even if the war is justified,the crimes commited after that can ever be justified.We don’t need wars and weapons,they are used against brothers and sisters,only when we are scared of them and feel threatened.You can always talk it out.No one is superior and no God is greater han the person and his belief.So together let us all say, ” We say no to terrorism.” And let us all make sure,no one is hurt.By no one i mean,the terrorist also,remember they too are people.It is very easy to say,forgive,but it is tougher to practise.Even if we don’t forgive them,at least let us stop them from destorying more of what we have created.they have had their pound of flesh and now they better stop.We should fight them not with guns,but with the thing,which threatens anyone the most,understanding.It should be a fair trade,but not in terms of life.If they want infrastructure,then we can give them,but in return,they need to add to the development,not merely abstain from killing.If they want their own land,we can give them that too.But then,a land in which people support them.It is no more about politicians,it is about us,the people.After all,who said they know better?And we are not blind,we can see what is happening.It is no more about someone,it is about You and me.So let us join together and do this for the most selfish reason ,” to live”.The war got over,a long time back,humanity lost it.So together we need to bring humanity back on track.


August 10, 2008 § 16 Comments

Khudakayliye(in the name of god)is a  beautiful movie.The reason why i say beautiful is because beauty is one which can be attributed to everything.Two brothers who are musicians ,take two different paths.One renounces music  and the other goes to USA to pursue a career in it.The movie revolves around what happens after 9/11.One of the brothers has to endure the tortures of the American police,even though he was innocent,While the other is shown the true purpose of the fanatics.

In the end Mansoor(who is beaten into insanity),tells (rather his last words before he is beaten into madness)the world that don’t hate all Muslims just because a few have hurt you.

I loved the movie.We have always questioned how can people be lead into believing things. The movie shows both sides of the story.One is where ,men are chided into believing things and the other is where people are lead into animosity,against an entire community.Through out the movie,i was raged by so many things.The most painful thing about it was the fact that it showed the reality,which most of us are far away from.

A must see movie.I would give it a 5/5.All the actors did their roles brilliantly and the music too was very good.So if you haven’t seen it yet,put it right on top of the list 🙂

Image from here.

stop it!let there be peace…

July 27, 2008 § 12 Comments

What is the worth of human life?
what is the worth of human life?

Why what would you get by taking it away?
What would you get by not showing another day?
Why would you want to kill?
Why would you want to suppress people?
What will you get if you hurt others?
What will you get if you split lovers?
What will you get if you break a leg?
What will you get if you make others beg?
Why would anyone want to kill?
why would you want people to freeze still?

Is fear the right rule?
why kill others to satisfy your duel?

Why, is it fair to harm others,
is it right to spoil the creators?
What gain is worth so much blood?
what gain is worth, by raining down a hellish flood?

What bad did the people do?
What bad did the people do?
except being innocent and nothing to do with you.

Is fighting worth it?
Does chopping a couple of heads settle it?
whose life are they anyway?
for you to relish and throw away?
Whose life is it anyway?
for to weigh and say?
Why do you want to kill,
and send down panic shrill?

The world has many other ways,
haven’t battles been won with peaceful says?

Please we understand you have been hurt,
please understand that we all are also being hurt,

we are willing to help you,
for it is the same fire in us,which is in you.
We are willing to help you,
We will teach you,
that we humans are capable of love too.
So stop this,let us settle our dues,through
not  blood or pain,
for when life is lost it can’t come back again,

so let us understand each other,
let us notice what we did was not for the better.

this is not for me or for you-not for us,
but for your dear future.If you want them to love us,
and see as good predecessors,
let us not call ourselves bombers or killers,
but as lovers.Let us not hurt each other,
let us all call each other as brothers and sisters.

let us learn the language of love,
there is nothing below or above.
Let us all forget hypocrisy
let us relish that we are a part of humanity.
Let us celebrate the worth of life,

let us just for a change be nice.
So we will drop our guards
and you drop your weapons.
No one will kill ever again.
No one will ever kill again,
no this is not a dream,
this is the will of the ever lasting stream,
the stream,which beat down in ancient times,
the stream which stores all the rimes,
so to flow with the flow,
let us let go,
of violence,let us savor,
a new,profound understanding silence.

Live and let live,
but love and let others love.

the light shines the brightest.

This is my reaction to the recent serial bombings in Bangalore and Ahmadabad and also the book “A Thousand Splendid Suns.”

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