Up we go like a teak tree

October 7, 2008 § 22 Comments

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Yup,that is a teak tree.It is growing,skyward.It has leaves and it sheds them and then new ones take the place of those which were given to the ground.It grows,day by day,year by year,hour by hour,decade by decade,second by second.We too grow,continuously.

Growth and creation.

When we cut the tree,we will use it for variously purposes.But its value shall always be high.Its today’s value will be more than what it was yesterday.

We need to grow too.Our thoughts are our leaves.With them we understand the world and we can get our food.Unless,we think,we cannot live.And with our mind,we need to create,a better world and not destory.Where a tree is cut,we need to plant another,where a building is brought down,we need to erect a better one.Where a system fails,we need to put another in place,better than the previous one.

But what if all the trees are said to be evil and all of them are cut and thrown away?That is what is happening.We are first plucking the leaves,one by one,why?Three alphabets -GOD.

Is it needed? No way.God is associated with creation and not destruction.Yet why is that force causing so much of destruction?The conclusion which we can arrive at,is that God,is misinterpreted.Who taught those people to cut?

IF the tree is bad,then the problem was with the seed,so let us try and make the bad at least better,for cutting them now would be of no use,they would just waste our space and might be even pollute the soil.So let us give them something,a little bit of goodness ,so that at least when they rot,they give out something good.

Let us remember,if there are no trees,the clouds might just go away.

From misc3

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