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After what seems like an eternity, a tag has come my way at last! 😀 This one is from Nita 🙂 It is the wish list tag 🙂

I am debating whether I should do this one seriously or to do a fun one, but an amalgam should be better? 😛

1) Write, write and keep writing. And not just poetry, I want to try some fiction/ prose too. I have been planning to start writing books for long, have the stories in mind, but well, prose demands things which poetry doesn’t. And yes I have an idea for a drama script too. The idea, the substance everything clear, but then, exams in 5 months- ugh!

It is not just about getting published or something. For a while, I did think that trying to get published was a good goal, but then realized that it was quite futile. Every time I pick up the pen/sit in front of the screen to write, it is about me. It is a journey, into myself and that is what is important.

2) Act. I love acting. And I don’t mind playing parts which others might not be willing to do. I think this is something that every writer will like to do. When you can construct characters, you can play them as well. As I said, I want to write that script and hopefully I am able to do it 🙂


i)CA:-  That’s what I am doing right now. The course demands the use of your head, so it is not at all bad. Only thing though, I need to start studying more 😛

ii) Economics:- This is a subject which has always intrigued me. One reason might be that, the subject doesn’t demand much “studying” as such, it is based on understanding. After I finish CA I might be doing something related to economics(hopefully).

4) Societal goals:- I believe education is the key. Education as in everything and anything that helps nurture a person(In this respect, blogging I will say has played a part in my education). So I intend to do something in those lines, maybe start an education institution.

5) Travelling and photography:- This is something which I want to do, explore the world. Of course it will help if I can someone who is willing to travel along with me 😉 I love taking photos( does it really matter how good or bad I really am 😛 ) ,so yes hopefully I can shoot something worth while.

6) Designing:- Maybe not my natural forte, but then again, I like trying to do creative things 🙂 SO hopefully I can get to do some serious designing.

7) Music:- Well want to concentrate more on violin and tabla 😛 Music is magic. Whether you listen or play, it does take you on a wonderful ride 🙂

8) Nothing:- Discover how people can do “nothing” and from there learn more about the human mind 😛

9) Languages:- I want to learn Sanskrit and Latin 🙂 These two because, I want to read for myself, how our ancestors thought.  Much has been derived from what’s written in these two languages and I would like to read and find out for myself 🙂

10) Football:- This is something which very dear to me, Second only to writing. The game’s got something about it. Who knows maybe I can own a team in the future? 😛

11) Carpe Diem:- Of all the above thing, this is the one. 😀 😉

Anyway hopefully the future holds something good 🙂 I never write down my ambitions, goals etc, some how hate seeing them on paper. These things form a very small fraction of what I want to do. But then achieving  is not merely having the desire, but then having the ability to fulfil your desires.

I like to think that the future is going to hold what I want it to hold. And yes, I avoided, talking about love, rather deliberately 😉  We will see 🙂 And now I pass on this tag to:-

1) Swathi

2) Fruity





December 16, 2008 § 19 Comments

Again 🙂 This one is by Apar 🙂 Funny how these tags start coming from everywhere on fine day after a long haitus.I am not complaing though,i like doing ’em.There is the sketchy tag,still to be done,10 words,well that will be after Friday,my hands want to do ’em now 😛 

Now this one is where each person is given a alphabet and they have to write words which come to their mind,starting with that alphabet.And i was given J ,so jim jams and jollu here we go 😛 

Joker:-The movie character which i would love to play.Damn inspiring 🙂 

Jollu:-Jollu refers to saliva and the general it is used like jollu ozhukudu(saliva is leaking 😛 ) .So it basically refers to the juicy good food or flirting 😛 In my case,both are valid 😛 

Joy:- A thing of beauty is a joy forever- Keats.Need i sayanything more 😛 

Jungle:-I live in a concrete jungle 😛 

jocund:- A jocund company,we are.(bloggers) 😀 

Jokes:- Mokai(blade jokes,rather contradictory as mokai means blunt,so it should be blunt jokes) is something we Tamils are good at and I am no exception.

Jems:- Yup those round things.I like the chocolate filled center 🙂 

Jewels:- A good investment 🙂 Surely something which i intend to buy 🙂

July:-The month in which i celebrate my birthday.

Jingle:-Its Christmas,Jingle bells,Jingle bells,Jingle all the way!

Jamakalam:-(a mat,usually made of a cloth,spread on the floor and sat upon).Reminds me of yoga class in school 🙂

Jester:- I like wit and people who are swift 🙂 

Justice:- Indian serials and cinema portray the classic erstwhile wig wedded Engish Judges 😛 More seriously the only justice which exists is poetic justice 🙂

Jog:I can walk after than I jog ( 😉  ) 

Jim Jam:- once upon a time my fav biscuit,now it bradman cookies 🙂 

Jam:-I love my mom’s apple jam 🙂 

Jealous:-Something which I leaned isn’t needed.

Jump:-  Like a monkey 🙂 have broken a lot of chairs,beds and what not jumping on them 😛 

Enough of Js,though if i were to think I can come up with many more.

I want to tag a few people on this one,

Nikhil(if you don’t do this,i will give you 25 words to sketch,so choose wisely.)- something tough for you- X.

Manushi:-V 🙂

Chirag:- W 🙂 

Dinesh:-G 🙂

Reema:- B 🙂 

Kiran:- S 🙂

Arvind:- N 🙂 

Back to BS-boring(business) studies.

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