Self belief

December 15, 2008 § 11 Comments

A wish,a wish,
just say I will.

Even as the clouds gather
and the sky turns darker,
a sense of belonging,
a pride in living,
creates a prayer.

As a flower blooms on a Monday,
in December,it will never see May,
yet all it has is to hope,
for it is possible for it’s will to elope
the chains,the times’ ropes.

In the song of the world,
every note,is in order,
and the larger picture,
has a balance,
on so gallant and dynamic,
that it ushers everything
from the beyond to the twig,
to its place,in an illusion
of catacombs and many a maze.

And when a note is struck
or when something goes muck,
the song does not die,
but resides down a while-it lies
at the level of each,
as per the need and reach.

At a pace,each of its own it seems,
yet whose hand can paint the tree
or heat the sun,one violent and
the other so piquant a green?

But within each of us,is a note,
in the song of the world,
it is the same spirit,
which makes us the same
as different from others.
And by the strength of being a note,
which together we all wrote
and will write,there is a need
to move,to keep upright
and walk past,those,
who spend their life,
in demeaning the value of the light.

Forgives is not the coveted fruit,
as it is not right to be mute.
Yet squeezed not be too,
as the inner will is greater
than that urge to kill-
except in an bit to protect
the truth from the mystic.

In the tales ever so fond told,
there is always a hero and a lady-
between the mundane there is truth,
which is too stuck,that it seems to escape,
those who either forgave or gape.

As the night takes over the skies,
we known this is a passing.
And even if the world be dark,
there is light in the park,
the azure is always lit,
for even if we were to turn around
a while,the true belief will always
be there alive.

In a question of survival and to live,
it is not possible to keep things still.
And so as the world moves,
in circles,we too run around
the bushes and make and create
and destroy walls ,
which satisfy our inner call.

yet all that matters is you
and life is truly lived by the few,
who know,though the earth
seems a trap,that they may
be bound a while,
if they sing as they should
into the night,
the world will revive,
their highs and thus
they can fly high
and far away from the sonorous
melee of earth and the myopic kind.

So be ready to be lit,
and see your self,where you fit.
The true strength of life-the grit
to walk the last mile,
the trust in your self,
that you are right,
comes from the voice,
so sing aloud,
you are not one in the crowd.

To everyone,each is special
and things seem all too well,
until,illusions take over
and turn the voices into
something which shoves,
and make them the harbinger
of a brutish drawl.Yet that too
is nature and once we see it,
we can make it better-
by searching the right tune,
by making us immune,
to the ways of the infidel,
who has no belief,
not in God or other such,
but in himself.

Truth is not the end,
but means to an end.
Illusion hurt-
the world may seem curt,
yet what matters,
is yourself
and what you do and
where you dwell.
So forget,not forgive,
those folly handed
fools,who claim
that something else rules.
The world is of lazies faire,
and forces might dare,
but as long as you care,
don’t let them mar
your life,you kind,
which is the way of divine.

the light shines the brightest


Cut the ropes

December 7, 2008 § 13 Comments

pull the noose so tight,
that to kill,it feels it has no right.
cut the ropes which bind
and take it away from the fiend.

No one can own
and for our sake we have borne
many an insult and hapless innuendo
but now this our life our crescendo.

The world shall be the world
and it can say it wants about us,herald
people can,passing on gossip,
but this our path,our trip.

Never drop the courage,
it is the best among the ripe vintage.
In you ,you know you are the strongest
and the light shines the brightest!

power of questions

May 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

when on a path,
a light leads,
the origin of the light,
is unknown yet known.

to know the origin,
we need to ask-
once asked ,one
tries to understand his light.

even if it leads to a fight,
to internal strife,the power,
which leads will restore the might,
which a person has in his faith.

for the question to come,
it takes a long time,
for it is inspired by
experience and obedience.

obedience to the spirit of rebellion,
obedience to the spirit of
experience of the soul,
experience of the body.

the purpose of a question,
is not to hasten
but to tighten
one’s trust in self-light.

the pilgrimage has crossroads,
it also has friends and foes,
each an angel or devil,
propose questions.

once a question is done with,
the answer’s spirit,
gives strength and valour
and belief in the path.

humpty dumpty like ride

April 15, 2008 § 5 Comments

there are ups and downs,
there are highs and lows,
some decide to flow
others decide to row
in the opposite direction.

at some point all of reach,
the knife edge like place,
where we decide,
which side is more wide
or which side is better to hide.
once we dive,
there is no way back,
all we have of the past track,
are a bunch of memories,
valuable as history-
to be in awe and learn.

upon a peak,
which looks like world’s end,
we face the world with no fence
and leave behind the world which defends.
every step we take,
we see the back brighter
and those who belong there wiser.
to many the plunge is a fall,
yet to a few it is a jump
to glory and peace,
the ultimate victory.
yet a few return refreshed,
by their inner self blessed
and ready to start a new quest.

every step you take,
front or back, you make
and destroy destiny;
with tenacity
you go against the tide
and decide not to hide.
the ride will have obstacles,
yet with belief we make miracles,
when we reach the destination,
we get a satisfaction.

we look back and reflect,
we no more need to deflect
what hurt us.we know
the world will be kinder
for it knows we are stronger
and better and diviner.

my reaction to this post –here

the sun

April 8, 2008 § 4 Comments

hidden by clouds,
you are a shining star.
you show light and path
to the weary eyes
in search of something bright.
you are the revered one,
once worshiped for courage.
you shine the brightest.
you are the light,
which sparks life.
the radiance and energy
you generate,keeps
our lives ticking.
blinded by light,
enclosed in time,
and filled with a purpose,
we humans are
and will always be in debt
to you,who shines the brightest.
a guiding star,
one who is far,
an inspiration-
known or unknown
everyone seeks to be
the light that shines the brightest.
the light shines the brightest.

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