A fairy tale

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In my dreams I do believe,
One day I will achieve.


Fairy tales begin with ‘once upon a time’ and so does this one. Once upon a time, in a world far far away  from ‘reality’ there was a little boy in a big city. He dreamed of reaching the stars which he saw and thought that if he could keep improving his paper plane design, he could build a craft and finally go and see the stars closer.


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He was a good old chatterbox,non-stop super-sense  if not to others ,to himself. But what was more shocking was the way he could observe people and things. Though people around made fun of  him,he loved the stars and told himself, he would go up away from this world and see them some day , some how. But at that he didn’t know one thing-that when people decide your dream is ridiculous they try to make sure you can never reach it.

And so the time came when the kid entered first standard and the bright lad, now hated school,because the teachers some how didn’t like him.The smart boy he had been in kindergarten was now gone. He realized he liked a certain girl ,who was popular,got good marks and whom everyone wanted to talk to-things he wasn’t. Oh! he and marks – Some how,they never seemed to matter to him,yet they seemed to give people a reason to say why he can’t go to the ‘space’ and visit the universe ,he wasn’t getting enough marks!

But that didn’t stop him,he was a determined kid.In his mind,he could see himself peeping out of the window at the stars and enjoying the serene silence. Where ever he thought of that,he felt on top of that world,below him called earth,how those people tried to tell him he can’t fly,but he was little bird wasn’t he? 

In his dreams ,he achieved plenty more. He lead a life,away from the reality. And as life would have it,he was never popular in school, though he wished he was , but that gave him plenty of time,to live in his own little world of ideas and ideals. But his marks saw a bit of daylight and slowly started going up for a while.

By the time he entered his teens,he still thought of his stars but he now understood,what the world would do-he was old enough to understand people and their ways. So one day he sat and told himself,no matter what life throws at him,he would get there.

But within a while,all changed and his dreams seemed to have gone away.Someone seemed to have stamped the little paper plane -he hated it,he never was a earthling,earth was meant for creatures who wanted safety,not for heroes like him.Then suddenly,a thread stuck from the sky and he started to climb towards the stars. One the way up,he knocked on God’s door and give him his best smile.

But suddenly everything came crashing,some human was pulling him down, this shouldn’t happen,to the little boy,the young man told himself  , would this be the end of the road for his dream. Then something struck him, there is another path, to his dream,not one of climbing up a thread, but one which he had to discover and on the way he would learn more about humans and the way they act . He told himself that he would make it , he felt the warmth of the dreams .

During the day,he observed the race he was left in and tried to figure out why people were people and why they might be so. Then they called him a idealist. He hated it as much as he hated the way people behaved. But he knew,if he ever was going to go to the stars, he needed to tell these people , it was they who showed him , his ideas and ideals , they who showed him how to build a paper plane and it was they who crushed it and pulled the ropes. This was not helplessness . If he wanted he knew, there were other ways, there were people , who would love to have him(or so he believed) but he despised helplessness , if not this, than that , the stars kept calling. 

Year after year,he tried; Then one night,he wept,the man did weep, he wanted his little paper plane , so he took a paper and made such a plane and as things would have it,in the plane he saw what he had missed , he knew that all the while he had made the choices towards love ,he knew that got him here. But he also knew, in the heart of every child,there lives a star and if you remain that kid,no one can steal the dream in your head. So he lay dreaming…..Yup, this was the path of love…



A fairy tale should have a good or a positive ending ,  will this  end is such a way? I leave it you to write what happens to the young man…


day dreaming

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About the sky

July 19, 2008 § 5 Comments

Well well what do i write?i was supposed to write about something i forgot.i am supposed to write a script for a street play,now seriously i need to do a lot of drain munching for it,i mean “price rise” might be current,but then it is going to take a lot of brain storming to come with something.Anyway,the script can wait,i am in no mood to write scripts,the maths exam on Tuesday,i haunting me.Anyway that too is that,i have to write something,anything.It should make sense shouldn’t it? After all i am accused of writing posts which make either no sense or too much of it.I am trying to strike the balance,between writing sense and nonsense.So for today let us go after the sky.yes so till the end of this post,all of you are wondering at the sky.

So what does the sky tell you?

It is an infinite blanket,seemingly never ending ,changing as much as the weather and earth can afford.It has many secrets you see and like you i too am a ardent observer of it.It takes a long to appreciate it ,for it so huge,so humongous that it would take your brain some sky mapping to plot it.I have always wondered,why the sky is dotted with clouds.These things called clouds,travel across this infinite being,purposeless yet purposeful .i wonder why they move,above me.Don’t they ever want to visit the planes and see? maybe thats why they rain.Now back to the phantasmagoria of the ever profound yet shallow sky.Now he is always something special.he is really really deep,so deep that at night i can see the stars.i wonder what they are?Science gives us explanations but is it how they are really? I mean are the reality?and the sky too and the clouds too are they the reality?

It is easier to relate to the sky as he is close by 🙂 whereas these stars are so far away,that sometimes i wonder,am i also too far away from everything around me?Now even this computer feels strange,really really strange.I am about a feet away from the screen,yet if i close my eyes and think,it can be miles away.So are the clouds,sky and stars a waking dream? So we just see them,they exist,we exist?What about the ever radiant sun?Is he too just a lustrous illusion?All that shines is not light? No i am trying to maintain a balance so ,let me see….how can i make too much of sense when i have made very little of it?

close your eyes(after reading this para) and think of your life till now.Just think back.Take you time,savor the moments of joy,think of those bad days and laugh them off after that think about the sun,the sky and the stars and the clouds.What do you see?( now close your eyes now,don’t say you don’t have time,if you don’t you won’t be reading this ).

Now that you have thought about them,tell me what do you see?I have been putting up photos of late,it was nice reading all you answers.i learnt a few things from those answers,like each one has a different view about life.No it is not that i didn’t know that before,but it ascertained that fact.Now i ask you again,so tell me truthfully after reviewing your life,what do the sky,the sun,the starts and the clouds represent for you ?I cannot complete the post because i don’t know what you think about it…so i leave to you to complete this post…

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