between mountains!

July 16, 2008 § 9 Comments

If you were a bird sitting on this tree and looking at the mountains what would you feel/think?

stormy sky and life

July 9, 2008 § 13 Comments

Behind it lies something.

Why hide?
Why hide?
why hide?

Why can’t the sky face the glorious earth?
The sky seems to cry,
at the sight-it can’t stand
its opposites life being
ripped to shreds by something called life.

Life has a purpose.
Was it to destroy all that was ever made?
Why is there any good left?
Are those tears ,which fall from the ether,
the last song of disparity of the sky?
Is the wind that blows,
the song of death,
of life?

Yet as the sky cries and humanity dies,
in me exists a sense of peace.
At last all the destruction seems
to put me at ease.

IS it the fact that i always hated it all?
Did i hate those beautiful days,
of sunshine and the clouds race?
Did i hate all of my life?
Why i thought i chose it?
Yet there is a peace within me.
It makes me feel free.
It is an silence which seems to last forever.
I fell so much better.
I feel humored.
I feel eternal.
I feel rescued.

The gods of the moon and the sun,
sleep for a while
and those of vapors,oil my heart and life.

As those dark heavens move on,
I return with an understanding,
I feel as if everything is a new beginning,

the world is at equilibrium,
the world is me.
I am the world.

OH! the light disperses them all away
and the birds return to their way.

for everything is natural

June 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

Where the sky and the mountain’s meet,
there exists a sense of peace.
all limits seem to be breached,
nothing needs to be preached-
for everything is natural.

As the clouds move past,
and the light fills all parks,
the mountains remain
still yet filled immobile movement-
for everything is natural.

The west is bright,
and the clouds keep telling
their never ending rhapsody,
yet time proves not enough-
for everything is natural.

As i write this,i try to look back,
try to feel the freedom,
try to feel that belonging,
yet i cannot live there-
for everything is natural.

cloud high mobile!

May 21, 2008 § 9 Comments

I am in love with my new mobile! the reason,its camera is capable of taking better pictures in natural light than my camera(which is 4 years old and by all standards obsolete).

You have to believe what i say,i took these from my house terrace :)the colours look so real and bright that if i were to show this to my camera,i think it will stop working.Ha,the skies look so beautiful.How wonderous it must for those beings with a couple of light feathers,roaming the skies,in peace,while we humans are engaged in the rat race.I wonder why the city bird of Chennai,has never picked those unwanted human beings and had them for lunch as they do with the dead rats who met their end under the wheels of a celebrity.Anyway,i just love watching clouds(yes this the 1000th time i am telling this,but i still love watching them).I have been doing cloud watching since i was a kid.i used to go and sit in one corner of the terrace and watch the elephants,rats,birds,planes,tigers,lions and even some human-like clouds race by,being pushed by the winds ,their masters who like some Greek god are never seen but only felt πŸ™‚

this coconut leaf,must be the most featured coconut leaf in the whole of Chennai πŸ™‚ Mr.sun has comfortably hid behind the clouds,who have been pushed from some far of place,maybe near the equator because of the depression caused by the heat πŸ™‚

if my poor camera ever reads this-i know you are a great camera,but the fact that you are so old isn’t helping.There are no age miracle solutions for cameras(computers can get away with being old,but you cannot).I suggest you retire now.I will give you a good pension by giving you to my sister,who badly wants you.but it depends on how soon you crash and how soonΒ  i get a new one πŸ™‚ till please be my humble click πŸ™‚ or if you canΒ  acquire all the qualities of a latest camera,i will be very dear C370,take care.

*sigh* it became very gusty and cloudy again yesterday,i clicked a lot of photo’s will load them soon πŸ™‚

from the roof top

April 7, 2008 § 15 Comments

living in the city means you don’t get to see sunsets or sunrises because of the concrete environment .but still you can see the crimson evening skies ,if you are the type who bothers climbing to the terrace (since i live in a residential area there are no A/Cs sending out heat in the evening,so its pretty cool to go up to terrace).I usually go up and watch the sky till it becomes dark.Even though it’s tranquility isn’t the same as watching a sunset at the beach or a place with a very low skyline,it still has some effect.The sky- whatever happens,whether stormy ,clear or cloudy always seems to be calm in its approach,similar to one who has accepted his/her part in the universe.When ever i am feeling depressed or down in the dumps,the sky always helps to come back into terms with myself.

a blanket of emotions-
never seem to perturb
you the tranquil beast.
every moment i see you,
it a feast.
words can never drape
an image,
for light is something too animate.
for all eternity ,you
have been through
infinite ways and
yet remained the same.
Your tales
are the once which surface,
when i am enraged.

sky-tales keep coming.

presence felt

April 2, 2008 § 14 Comments

it lasted till it did.
the unknown trail
dispersed into the
unknown,its origin
known only to it.
between the clouds,
from the sun,
a message
for all, to cleave
our way.presence
is felt only when absent.

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