in pain there is a joy

April 4, 2008 § 14 Comments

in pain there is a joy.

when your heart breaks
and a chronic ache
builds inside,
all you do is hide.

but beyond pain
there is a joy,
something which
brings out your life’s
strength and makes
you realise that life
is an experience
where pain
is the only thing which
helps you see sense,
in the insane world of humans.
pain is sine-qua-non,
a condition which helps
us in evolution,of the self.

at every turn,
when in pain,
see it,love it,
talk with it,
and accept it.

in pain there is a joy.


discrimination and rebellion

March 20, 2008 § 4 Comments

discrimination leads to rebellion,
rebellion leads to discrimination.
true strength lies inside,
puffed up ego will stay till the tide,
then it has to search for a place to hide.

rules are meant to be broken
and those set will be shaken.
the right to question,
too is questioned,
what stays is what is destined.

rebellion is full of passion,
it is above all condition.
passion is sine-qua-non
of rebellion,rebellion is the
sine-qua-non of existence.

a few abide,
a few decide,
a few revive,
a few rebel,
everything ends.

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