For us

October 19, 2008 § 12 Comments

The world is for us,
the sky is blue for us,
the winds blow for us,
the sun rises for us.
The coulds move for us,
The world grows for us,
and everything!Everything!
Everything here,is for us!
No might can ever move,
the mountains of life
but they oh! sway
to the winds of universe!
Yet everything is for us,
beneath our feet lies,
the soil which took,
millions of years,
and above is the sky,
which toils to protect
us from harm!And the world
is for us,as none can
own ,except the one who owns
and we are the owners of earth,
as much as we own the universe.
We might be a race
but each and everyone of us,
embraces earth,through their
eyes,through their thought,
just as it is,how they perceive
the notes of wind,
just as they perceive the colours
of rainbow,just as they perceive,
the soil through their feet,
just as they smell,the flowers
and feel the hot and the cold.
And life is pinnacle of nature
and oh!we,oh!belong,
and nothing,on!nothing is wrong.
Forever,this life might go on,
and forever we might never live on,
but our thoughts,fly the wind
and we are harbinger of the future.

And let the world be of creation,
let our path be of innovation.
What is above,is there to be outrun
and what is below is waiting
to be strengthened and then bear
the origin of new beginnings.
The clouds move across,
the tapestry of blue,
and many a storms they bear,
and yet all we shall fare through!
Nothing can bend our determination,
Nothing can hurt our need for elevation.
And forever,we will fight the vertigo,
for we will rise above the indigo,
in the rainbow-beyond all the
illusions that may stick around,
for every problem is preceded
by a solution.And our path,
the light,lights and that path
is our right and for that we have life.

And so we shall walk,
and so we shall let go and be free,
as creation is we and we
shall continue to weave.
Somewhere everything does meet,
and fate can never cheat,
those who dare to write it,
and that fate,we shall write with inks
so strong that the sea,
shall hold,as it has,
the past’s mystery.
And so we are unperturbed by everything
and destiny rises on the shore
where we meet,the world-
where we are to create.
Our thoughts,make the world
and the senses feel the world.
The rainbow will last,
till water and light.
We shall last,
till thoughts and creation.

the light shines the brightest


on the final shore.

September 10, 2008 § 5 Comments

From photoshopped

the world was at its end,
and the shore was the place,
as it was when it began.
There was nothing else to defend,
finally,something was to be set free.
The world was seeing its last,
and now it was the time to review the past.
It was a beautiful race
and it had seen its phase.
It lived life and within it held a strife.
Never did it fully realize,
though it was meant to do so,
that it was the ultimate creation.
It called itself,as thoughtless,
it named its action as folly.
But oh! it never realized,that it
did what it was supposed to.
Yet when it was meant to see,
that certain things have to be
let go and let infinitely free,
it failed to perceive, oh! perceive.
And there it made a mistake,
and for that,it started its end for its own sake.
But a few did see,
and they were pronounced to be affected by insanity,
with a royal,arbitrary decree.
And they the shunned,
tried to be heard,
and yet,the chains were used,to tie these birds.

If only they then said,
that we had known before,
we could have kept the heaven door,
and not sunk our land,to the ocean floor.
But then,it was too late,
and it suffered its chosen fate.
The clouds came across,from the west,
and slowly it ate away the remaining-the bright rest.
There was no ark,for the best,already had perished,
and this time,to revive life,
nothing but two animals were felt behind.
And there they tried to see what the world was,
and they realized they had been crass .
They saw,that clothes had no part,
for within it,they had long ago killed their heart.
And the clouds threw black cover,
and they regained their state as the bower.
The showers broke across,
and there was left the man and lass,
yet both calculated the depth of the fall,
and felt naive and scared of their part.
And slowly they approached,
and the sea waves surely rose,
and as they slowly lay down,
the lightning struck,and water ran,
together they were washed away,
someday,back to where they began.

Once upon a time…

August 22, 2008 § 15 Comments

This is my 501st post 🙂

Once upon a time,
there was a thing called sea.
It was vast and wide as only I could be.
But one day humans decided that i needed to be bound,
for like other creatures on earth,it too hurt them dearly.
So they built towers as high as your eyes could see,
and sucked the water from the deep seas.
They left enough for ships to float
and for the water cycle to be upbeat
but the rest were stored for some other day.
Now the sea was a restless beast,
and it refused to accept faith,faithfully,
so it turned and rolled and waved,
as its nature was to roam and be roamed.
And man’s nature was destruction,
so without any humility or consideration,
he found a way to make the stored sea die.
as it died,mourned by all other creatures spared by man,
it vowed vengeance,
and promised it would unleash an unknown evil menace.
Then man,having realized his folly,
Just said sorry!
But everything else on earth was angry
and the stars were told to kill humanity,
without any sort of partiality.
And so man had then to face the mighty stars,
in desperation he called the Gods,
who had by time been buried,
by the same man’s insanity.
So with no one to save him,
he cried and cried till he made another sea.
The sea then forgave me and thus saved was humanity.
And till date whenever humans suffer,
they look up to the sea for help
and whenever he tries to exploit nature,
the sea restores his sanity.
So the sea,
keeps its waves going,
so that the wrath of man doesn’t hurt others
and the wrath of others doesn’t hurt man.
If we were to blow the sea away,
then we are digging our own grave.
So see the sea as something free
and holy,love it and speak to it,
but don’t make it ugly.

The sea is not just water,it is earth’s tears.

w(e)ave a tale

July 20, 2008 § 11 Comments

Below are 7 photos.You can write on one ,all or how many ever photos you want.if you choose to use more than one photo,there should be a connection between them…happy w(e)aving….








happy birthday to me

July 18, 2008 § 18 Comments

I am supposed to be happy.
But i prefer joy and there is on around,
so I feel lost,
i try to be happy,
but joy is what i want.
I wish to know the causations,
i wish to know differentiation,
but most of all ,
i wish to know why i am here,
and why do i fear?
Why ,why do i not like
anything.Why ,why am i not
able to relate to anyone.
Is loneliness my gift and curse?
Happy birthday to me,
i have lived for another year,
And a few wish i go on the live
forever.happy birthday to me,
But why is it happy and not joy?
Why happiness is too short,
life too is,
but life is a joy,
as it lasts long.happiness
is like a stream
where as joy is the ocean.
Has the ocean run dry?
Or is it just that,
i am in front of a huge lake?
Or am i looking at the wrong sea?
Whatever it maybe,
someone does exist for me,
happy birthday to me,
i think i can see,
where the ocean might be,
i am off towards it,bye.

of love,beauty and freedom

July 17, 2008 § 8 Comments

Love,it is beautiful.
The heart warms to the love,
you push the gloom away
and your’s shines, like the sun in may.
tears roll,not to cry,
it is an eternal joy,
a jocund memory,
it is itched into eternity,
as the one which set everything free.
In elation
you rise,rise
OH! you become wise!wise!
So wise that magic
is the reason for everything tragic,
that you enter the secrets
which you wish were your penance.
You learn a million things,
oh! wise one,
you crave for a million other!
You perceive a flower,
the time has been shrunk into an hour,
in the height you stand,
misery feels so low,
that you never want to bow!
Who cares about money?
Why life is just too lovely!
you forget your skin
and grow fins and wings
and everything just begins!
so fresh,that a flower
looks too old,
so old,that it is an antique beauty!-
oh!you age,
you magnanimity and knowledge,
I am humbled,
i fumble,i fume
then i laugh
for your joy is as mine,
mystic and magic,
the universal music!
song, oh! song
whose high notes
set free into us,
parley with the angle,
who met the devil
in the jungle,
the jungle of joy
the hungry everylasting
joyous joy,simplicity,
pacific peace,oh!
the one in lease is set free,
we are all from the same family tree.
In seven heaven,
ether seems too soft,
you burst with ale high laughter,
only ale less,you
fling your arms ,the key
to the door is opened!
You see the sky,
you dance the meadow,
you sing the rain,
even though it all seems insane.
Life no more is mundane,
there is no need to refrain,
go ahead,jump,
and savor you lover,
the earth and humanity!
between seas,
between weeds,
nothing seems,
to bite,everything gives you light!
You have fought your self,
and the death of your worst
half,resulted in the half mast,
but now burst on,you bubble,
the air shall carry you,
sail on threw,
go down history,
for love is beautiful!
Love all,
and tell a prayer,
you are the savior ,
you dared to love,
for that our love,
even though we ululate you,
we will remember you,
our true love,
love on,sail on,
see you at the sea,
when our hull’s meet,
we will drink for humanity
and what we have in common,
love and insanity!

till i destroyed what i loved- a ballad

June 4, 2008 § 8 Comments

“oh! friend”,i heard a cry,
and i turned back.
there she was my long
lost girl.i was now a “friend”.
years had gone by,
time had just flown by.
yet it seems like yesterday,
that we went hand in hand,
swam through the oceans,
with our life in each others hands.
we knew the world looked,
we knew the world wondered,
how these two were lovers.
Yet we were perfect,
in every way we could be.

till i destroyed what i loved.
All i did was a mistake,
i gambled and lost to fate.
I asked her hand in marriage,
and circumstances blew it apart.
I tore myself till i was raw,
i never forgave myself for being
wrong.I felt i had lost my life,
i left i never needed a wife,
that life was a mistake in
its own right.It took me years
to realize,that i deserved better
and that past was past.

slowly brick by brick,
i broke and saw day light,
it was the best sunshine.
I wept,i had at last seen light.
I knew now nothing was a fight,
all you needed to do was walk
straight.There i found a comfort,
i fell in love,shallow love
and at times still wept with the
sands which surfaced from the
depths.I acted like i found peace,
i made money with avarice greed.
I built a different wall,
i acted like a civilized money.
yet within me something went rot,
i no more could laugh with
the same fearless wrath.

there she was in front of me,
oh! she has come to set me free.
I knew that time will stick us again,
i will find love,though it will be strange,
i will remove the strings across my heart,
the dead being will see life,
not one but many,
for i have learnt a lesson,
and for that let everything be blessed.
i now know that time has a way,
once it does say,
never try to break;
a lesson learnt ironically in time,
yet all that ends well is fine.
I saw straight into her eye,
both she and me started to cry.
I knew she too had died,
both of us saw life.
i stretched my arm
and so did she,
both of us set each other free.
we died on the shore,
now we live there.

an infinte quest

May 22, 2008 § 8 Comments

an infinite energy is moving,
the sun is slowly drifting
across earth,east to west,
as we go west to east.
what moves is an illusion,
what breaks is an illusion,
what truth lies between?

In the journey,which
lasts all eternity,
there is no lack of vivacity,
the energies we feel
are eternal,
we are the universe,
yet who is the universe?

lost in a sea of infinity,
lost in the ocean of infinity,
is this what life is?
where is the sound of reality?
the only sign of mortality,
is the pain,which shows
that as time goes by,
i am alive,embedded in one,
a part of one yet which
is divided by a zero.
silence of infinity.

in the qualms of life,
we search for a single
rhapsody,one which
started somewhere
near the end,
near the beginning,
near the origin.

when will the quest end?
where will the quest end?
what is that which will end?
if an eternal being has to die,
how hard should be the cry?
all am left is a big why,
something which i seek till i die.


May 3, 2008 § 8 Comments

Barath has tagged me.i am supposed to write what i will do if i get 9 minutes of absolute freedom.and 9 minutes of freedom beings now:-

1) wonder what life is.

2)wonder what freedom is.

3)wonder what am i doing here?

4)search for something interesting.

5)think about the various people i love/hate.

6)think what i did till now.

7)think about what i should do.

8) just sit and listen to “freedom”.

9)conclude that even though i am free,i have responsibility,without which life will be uneaten food,spolit and with a renewed energy get into guys.

and i have more than 9 minutes of freedom.HOW long my friends is it going to take us to throw everything?we are all in full control of our lives,but understand we need to live for something,as i said in a poem “the sea

“Freedom freedom calls everyone
What can that be?
Can you mighty one answer me?
Mystifying it maybe but
Life not a mystery where will I be?
A melancholy moan of a toad?
Or is the nightingale a buzzing bee?
Weird they seem to me.”

anyone is welcome to pick up this tag.All of you have the freedom 🙂

a never ending encore

April 29, 2008 § 8 Comments

wave upon wave upon wave,
a never ending parade.
marching to the shore,
a never ending encore.
climbing the winds,
smoothing the sands,
crest high and trough low,
unknown tales you sow.
salty water all around,
sensitive sands on the ground-
from past beyond my life,
secrets which once strived.
once you hit you withdraw,
as my foot into the sand claws.
as you leave i am left breathless,
trying to balance and care less.
on the shore of a vast being,
something humongous and inspiring ,
i ponder your origin and mine,
the mystery of the encore.
the tune played by someone devote
like you,creates a sense of revolt,
the need to change yet be constant,
something which will last till the world’s end.
as i leave,
i no more feel free,
left precarious,
i am more cautious,
but i know when i reflect,
fear i can neglect.

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