Humans?(ranting and ya i warn you,don’t read this)

July 16, 2008 § 6 Comments

I live among humans alright.Yes human,humans alright.But how many of them are really themselves? For the past three days my frustration has been building up .Are humans trying to survive by just killing people with their attitudes? Please , i just can’t stand it! The masks!

I understand we all need to cover up our insecurity and maintain our privacy,but for that you don’t hurt others.Well if you think this too normal think again.It is not just a ‘few’,it is almost everyone!I mean i just can’t stand it,no one seems to be talking anything worthwhile.Stupid PJs,blasphemous swearing (by god,I am bugged of ’em,the words have lost their meaning,i mean if every second person is going to scream f*** ,no one si going to get insulted,the word’s meaning is buried,very rarely does one even bother reminding himself,that the word has a meaning!) I admit, i too swear,in fact i will say it just caught with me.But i don’t use it on people who get offended by it.Anyway leaving that apart,I think everyone is becoming fake.i mean everyone is in a mad rush,no one has time to think why they are alive.

While i might be an extraordinary creature who is always thinking about life,i don’t know why people cannot think of themselves for a minute? I mean not in terms of what they are going to be but why they exist.I get ridiculed,nagged,jacked and whatever day in day out for the way i think. Well i think people have given up on me,yes they have,many ignore me,i spend a lot of time alone,like some lost bard,in an alien land,observing everyone as if they were specimens whom i am doing a poetical thesis on.

I am looking for aliens,seriously.I mean,my kind are almost done for.No one can manage to talk with me for more than 10( that is the record i guess,most for a couple ).I mean the times of nice long con have gone(well as if i ever had them).Well ya so i am searching for aliens like i have been for the past 13 something.I have found a few,with whom i have shared a few good moments,then of course i have my human friends,who are a bit different,the reason being,they don’t care for anything.

But anyway i am drifting off topic,well what was i planning to write on anyway? I mean i was supposed to write on fake people or people with masks or something of the sort.But then i have generalized a lot by telling ” I HATE HUMANS” .Ya no i am going to tell i love a few(they do exist don’t worry,but i don’t want to taint this post with happiness and love) i mean to say i hate them from my heart.Well not something you might expect me to write about.But make no mistake about it,i am not a hypocrite.I do believe in live and let live and love all but rad all my poems on unity,there will be something which be like ” we should try ” or ” if we can”.I do try very hard,but then i can’t stand them.It is nice to meet people with out their mask.So now you get it,i hope.i am talking about the masked strangers in humanity(i am reminding myself again,you see it is tough fro me not get carried away when i write on humans) .After all if a person is truly “evil”(ya well….whatever),then i don’t mind,i mean they are after all meant to be.But then for the in betweens,who aren’t sure if they want to be a pirate or a swear on the sand virtue filled,humanity bogged,pathetic being(well lets say normal).Now Again i think i am making a “negative character look good.Ha well i like the bad better,after all it takes more to be bad then good.But anyway what is the purpose of living? i mean as a society we have to “share” our lives.So why not drop your dumb unwanted mask and be yourself? That doesn’t mean fall on the shoulders of every second person you meet and cry,why can’t you just accept that the person in front of you too is alive and well has “feelings” and is a creature with a heart,mind and god forbidden soul? i hate it.

Well i haven’t progressed much,the i am tired and pissed off,but at least i didn’t go acting “cool”.The weird thing is,people find me it tough and well even scary to accept me.i mean might be the fact that i always look at thing differently and well might be the fact(should i send this to everyone i know?) ,well i don’t know.i have tried answering it and i am not going to get humanized whatever happens,even if i have to die being an alien i am happy.

Hm…again i went off.That is my main problem i guess.If i start writing anything “human” i get carried away.i have found it tough,weird,strange,unreasonable,purposeless to live among humans.I am not hapy to be one among the hoard,i prefer to be the capitol which gets bombed first(well ya ,ya i can’t stand others getting hurt) .i seriously am thinking back,seriously,retrospecting into the short 16 years of my life.It is almost over,i mean i am going to become 17,soon.What have become as an human? I had plans for my birthday,but don’t feel like going with it, why honor people ?Well i am very fit about calling only my closest frineds,but then why do that too? Ok this turing into more of a rant,so guess i will stop.

And iam not going to read back and edit,no time for that you see.and no pics too,don’t feel like it,this is a rant and well no authentication required 🙂

ya keep smiling,if you can 🙂 It does you good 🙂



June 8, 2008 § 7 Comments


note:- the following post is unedited,i.e. i haven’t re-read it.So you might encounter a few spelling and grammatical errors,i suggest you ignore them,or well you are wasting your time commenting on them 😀

Well i just felt like saying good morning.duh 😀 I just feel like laughing a lot right don’t why.Might be the fact,well no clue.i am still trying to find out why>it is funny that i am in a good mood today,because yesterday,i almost dis-owned the human race!And yes i am going to lament ,in detail what happened yesterday,NO LAUGHING PLEASE!!!

It was just like any other day,the morning routine,of waking up and going to school went on.In school i slept through economics(i think this time seriously did,for i thought we had,had only 10 minutes of economics,but my friends told me we had an hour of it! *sigh*) and then we had a couple of periods free,during which ,being the most insane class in the world,we all started bugging each other.The highlight was a fight between P and R(R had flunked last year and was repeating 11th,but was in my class since there were no teachers and his *gf* was there).P had called him a junior and they got into a fight,*get the point*),well it wasn’t actually much of a fight,but it would have been fun,at least,the 70 bucks which i later payed for the auto would have been compensated.) After the short break we had math,since i sit in the first row and also since my maths teacher knows i usually just like that drop into a siesta,i couldn’t sleep.On the brink of a semi-sanity,i kept mumbling through the class,trying to make sense of it all( i.e. of life and what was i doing there).

Well the bad part is about to start,should i or should i not?

After math,we were allowed to go home! I rushed out,and bingo in the basket ball court,we had football! So after all the usual delays about teams and stuff,we began to play.I set up one goal(we ended up losing or winning 3-2,forgot which),but in the process i hurt my shin(took a full blood back heal).And once the game was over, i started walking,once i outside the school,my usual search for autos began.*it has begun* . i found no auto even after i had made it to the main road(about .5-1 km,it varies you see).Still no autos.So i decided it was time i caught a train. I walked another (.7-1 km) to the station and go to the ticket counter( i take out a 10 buck note and push it through the counter):-

me:- oru mamblam(one mamblam:- one ticket for mamblam)

the counter guy(tcg):- change illa(no change).i am pretty irritated tone.

i let a couple of people go,and saw that he had the change,so i again go and ask.he tells the same thing again,now i told him hell keep the ten bucks,just give me a ticket!He again says no,i tell him give me two tickets,still no! All this for a 4 buck ticket! I was getting damn irritated and thirsty!So i decided to ask a few people if they had change.And no one had any! So without wanting to start a fight9 i knew i will never get anything out of it,so i start walking again,i am damn pissed,i have no clue about bus roots,and also i knew i had to change buses somewhere,i was in no mood for that.I walk about 2 Kms( i asked for change,outside station too,but in response they asked if i had change for hundred.My water bottle had dried up and at about 40 degree Celsius it was no joke,especially since i hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast at 7( and for the first time in 5 years i didn’t wear my watch,is didn’t know what time it was).i at last found an auto(but the guy asked me for 70 bucks for the next 3-4 Kms(there was an auto strike yesterday ,against the rise in fuel prices,and i didn’t know that until i reached home).I had two options either to walk the 3-4- kms or pay the guy,but the above mentioned factors made me feel dizzy,so i took the auto.And i reached home in 10 minutes and payed the guy 70 bucks9 i usually pay 60 from my school).i hate the left parties for the strike ,as i said before i almost dis-owned the human race,guys like Osama and Bush suddenly looked like the the right guys9after the guy in the station).

Phew,so i am not sure why i am happy right now.But mr.Lalu Prasad,it is nice to hear that you have started a blog, i am going to spam your blog with this story! What does your railways think? After all i was in my school uniform.

Now i think i have at last seen a true “Indian”,all these days i was seeing the real good people,but this guy seems to represent the Indian which i haven’t see much except on T.V. But as they say all is well that ends well,to see that my blog had about 50 hits made me smile 😀

Next time i have to go in train,i think the counter guy better watch out,i was in no mood to get witty yesterday,but next time mr. watch out.

This must be one of the longest posts i have written-ever.*sigh* Good old sunday morning. 😀

a ranting and live homework doing and thinking

June 5, 2008 § 11 Comments

note:be warned,if you search for correlation,cohesion or sense,you will not find them(or you might ,if you are good at reading between the lines)

Well at last after a month and something,i touch my books.They have gathered some dust,but that its what worries me now.What is or rather are ,the english hmework,which i have so conveniently postponed till now 🙂 School re-opens tomorrow,i will return to the place which has been my haunt for the past 8 years.But this is year special unlike any.This will be my last year in school.I do not how to react to this/ go out and have fun? er…study? At last a time has come when choices want to play spoilt sport.There is Euro 08  and the Olympics,what am i to do? Exams will become omnipresent in my life for the next 10 months.IT is going to be bugging,i mean,i just cannot get the point of it all? we are all born to do the same thing-study,marry,procreate and die? whats the difference between a bacteria and us? Hell i just invited an anthropologist  to the imaginary diamond jubilee  celebrations of Indian independence.if you are wondering what it is ,it is a report.Why do we even write the same old monotonous reports? Well i think Nita doesn’t do them that way( i just remember,i had comment at wide angle view,today morn).No this is pretty unusual,i do not rant,i usually don’t say much here about school life,it never fit here and never will.I suck at writing reports and am alright at articles(usually poems,turned into sentences courtesy punching-nations.At least this year i have a descent english teacher,my last year teacher well according to her ,”India got independence in 1857″.Excuse me/ and when i pointed that out,she was like “history is not important in english”,can we ask for more hypocrisy?Again what i am doing ranting,hell i am supposed to be writing reports.I am doing a report on derailement,should i say ” the railway minister should stop watching IPL and watch the track?”oh! ya when i am at it,maybe IPL is the main reason for inflation! Thats it people,now everything will stabilize.China will host the olympics,SRK,SALMAN will get their crowd.One by talking about underwear and another by making you look like an ass in front of under four footers.I have spent more than 6 mintues on this.Wait i will write a couple of sentences.The next one is a article,ok,that should be nice,its on unemployment.The contribution of english teachers to world problems-give their students articles  and reports to write,but give “key points” which basically mean write this and that,balh! I don’t care,i feel very rebellious.Might be i should make Idly and not war like Purnima ( ha,i have  added her as an author in YU! now ) .Blogging has made my writing style different,I seem to write ,as if i am writing to people.My heading reads Under informed are unemployed,don’t know if it is right,but well the topic is about students choosing wrong courses.Its dhoom,well the song is,which is playing right now.Its one of the two movies of Abi i like.He sucks other wise.The other is GURU.I watch a lot of hindi movies,without understanding a lot of hindi,but it is improving.Wow! i almost wrote wiki says!!!! i would have become the first to quote wiki pedia for a note book article,talk about being lead by whims and fancies!Well i just thought i will write a couple of sentences,but it is tough now i am writing like destination infinity(the style is really nice,but i think my teacher is going to be pissed off).WOW! ok i am wrote something very much me,a simile between employment,food and stomach and money ,maybe i should put a 😛 next to the thing.My mom says this every now and then ” you are 16 going on 60″.well i just wrote a couple of lines like i was 60,well maybe it is time iretire,but well i still have to write another 75 words(no i didn’t count).till now i have tried to get punching and eating (punctuation ,ya thats a PJ or even worse)right,but i think i have made a lot of mistakes,priya,will again advise me(*sigh*) but as i just wrote “parents and teachers advise goes down the drain and someone needs to put sense!”(yes i wrote that in my book).hell i have had enough,i am leaving for later(i.e. once i go to school),for a guy who writes something every day,a few sentences shouldn’t be tough,but who knows fridays? My hits have stopped at 102 for the past hour or so and i will be able to write again only in the evening tmro.damn.but well hopefully the book review draw people here 🙂 ha that reminds me,i have to get the print out of a review ,i have chosen an equal music( that is the only one which isn’t a best seller,might be i should add the poem which i wrote inspired by it?).WOW! o re piya is playing now,its such a nice song..guess this post has become long enough…so good night(well no actually i might stay up till one)…anyway tc.

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