Last day of school

February 18, 2009 § 28 Comments

Today was my last day in school.It felt strange,it all seemed too well,14 years some how has passed by filled with so many things.Though initially I was feeling nostalgic,reality soon set in,many of us are happy that school life is over.

We all never get to choose our schools ,the choice is made for us.Now having done with it,there are a lot of memories,good and bad.

My father just said it was like yesterday,that he dropped in an Ambassador Car.My face is no more that of a sweet baby ,the beard and moush,make me look old πŸ˜› I suddenly felt like singing in school,”I am not a boy,I am not a man yet ” but then of course,the cameras got in the way.A million photos I guess,a little bit of craziness….

I have always been in the “worse class in the school” and yet been the good boy around πŸ˜› (when they did put me in a good class,I had to entertain myself :P) . I have some bad memories of not having a friend for a couple of years etc.
But then the last two years have been amazing,especially the last year,in the “commerce class” .

The school has thought me a lot of things-how people like to stick to groups and they would this without thinking.And of course,what was thought has had a influence on my core values.

A lot of memories about special people as well.Of course,I would be in touch with all the people I want to,but there are certain people with whom I never got along with..and the special ones, πŸ˜‰

I do not know what I should be doing,no more do I need to wake and wonder about incomplete homework and plan how I am going to finish it.I was happy course to see the last of the bitchy politics go,I hope I never have to get into any of it again.

I have proved to myself,I can write in English,couple of years back,my English would have been as normal as normal can be,but I guess I have managed to change that.But the best thing I guess is that I no more need to worry about those unnecessary people,I can wave my hands at all of them,like a bride groom on top a horse.

I still can’t figure out how 14 years passed by,it seems different now…well I have my exams in all of 12 days time…



December 19, 2008 § 21 Comments

Well i am forced to do this right now πŸ˜› Actually i started doing this at about 1,but then felt too sleepy and by the time I rise and shine again5 more words have been added to the list.

This one is from Manushi,Apar and Vimal.First thing,the last tag Apar gave me ,I was supposed to tag only those who wanted to do,ops well lets say I was too eager to pass it on πŸ˜‰

Rules are the simplest form of planning my text book says,so let me finish the Β simplest thing first ,the rules are:-

1)NO Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar.

2)No Shipla Shetty or that fellow who sang Tandoori nights.

3) NO protagonist obscenities or vulgar language,this is not fourth standard for you to call others bastards,don’t corrupt innocent adults.

4) NO making fun of shoes,as they are the holy things reserved for the biggest jacks who spoil the show.

5) Only English is allowed.Breath,speak and talk and dream in English.

6) You can send pictures of you posing in front of the Taj Mahal,even if you have not visited it,but you have to send pictures to people.

7)Not using photoshop is a crime.You shall be booked under which ever law,the government decides to come up with,for terrorism.

8)You cannot pay bribes.But you can black mail others and collect it-flipside.

9)You have to apply your aesthetical cognition and no juxtaposing and out of context commenting,if you are given a balerina,just draw Cristiano Ronaldo.

Well I think that should be the rules ,but still,keeping with the blogging code of conduct,least I have the news channels after me πŸ˜‰

  1. You must use all the five words given to you by your tagger and draw pictures using paint or GIMP or any other photo editing tool.
  2. Each picture must be self explanatory when you relate it to the given word.
  3. Each word MUST have at least one picture attributed to it.
  4. You have to draw them yourself. No suggestions from a second person.
  5. You need to pass it on to other people with a fresh set of 5 words.


So let me start of with Manushi’s words,as she was the one to tag me first πŸ™‚



From photoshopped

dreams :-

From photoshopped

stranger :-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

Next Vimal’s 5:-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

Profession :-

From photoshopped


From photoshopped

And finally Apar’s 5:-

Light:-This is the only one which is not a sketch!

From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped


From photoshopped

At last done! More than an hour gone!So now to the best part,I get to tag people.Of course most of Β ’em have done it,so let me find people who haven’t.I am looking forward to the skecthes,as all these people whom i am going to tag are my favorites(ha,but only you people haven’t done it yet!),i.e.(not internet explorer) ,the first blogs I read as soon as i open my reader(not in any particular order πŸ˜› )

Dinesh:-Movie,Bull fighting, Hero,Girl and Love.

Nita:- Pune,journal,expression,politics and balance.

Prerna:-Politician,Art,perfection,equilibrium and knowledge.

Gounder Brownie(and you better do this one !):- Communist,Shakespeare,Gounder,Gender and language.

Priya(you did say you might πŸ˜‰ ):Boys,displacement,reactions,calculus and friends.

SF:-English,Elephant,cars,life and joy.

and one for seven,

Anshul:- Microsoft,short cuts,development,earth and pollution.

Its a long,long,long,long post!Ha,I look forward to the skecthes!

The isms of school life

November 21, 2008 § 11 Comments

Pessimism:- You never Β know everything that is there to be known before an exam.

Optimism:-You can always look forward to coming back home after exams and sleeping.

Terrorism:-Exams morns,they bombarded you with thing which you never expected/didn’t know existed.

Materialism:-You invariably want everyone’s lunch(or)you wonder if you could get that useless phone your friend is talking about.

Euphemism:-You tell the teacher you were studying and forgot the book at home,when in fact Β you felt that the book was heavy and a waste.

Fascism:- Politeness is not another brick in the wall nor being a part of an “English medium” school means that everything is English-its all appearance.

Racism:- *The following statement has been deleted by the author,to avoid trouble* Well lets be emphatic and put it simply as ,”we Indian’s are all racists-it just runs deeper than race” variably or invariably,your bound to feel that something is not just right there-the teachers themselves speak about “tamil’s(south Indians) and North Indians’ attitude.yet this is so innate in our system,that we really don’t realize that we are racists.(well if there is such a word-castists)

Humanism:-Being “good” is something which never does any good.Unless you can swear in at least three language and come up disgusting things on the spot,you are not human.Being part of humanity is a privilege and school teaches you that.

Pragmatism:-The best way to finish your assignments/home works in the shortest time possible,is to be creative-with your answers and reasons(if you cannot meet the deadline).

Socialism:-Everyone gets similar marks/everyone doesn’t submit their work/everyone accepts the blame.

Conservatism:-Year after the year,the students conserve one thing-becoming worse.If a batch fails to get the “you are the worse people we have ever seen”,then they have broken the tradition.

Sentimentalism:-Emotions are always on a high.What else happens when every guy feels a need to go out with a girl but then realizes that it is not worth it-either it is too emotional,empty pockets.

realism:-The world is a cruel place,the teachers themselves have seen only a part of it and keep telling you how you will be ruined if you go out,they are scared it seems,if not why are they teaching anyway?We can do away with a few of those teachers.

naturalism:-No not walking naked.Lieing comes naturally to every student.We are racists,here also-we have white lies which are supposedly small and harmless,when in fact we were ruled by them for over 200 years.

fundamentalism:-The religion is being a good student and the scriptures being arbitrary laws Β passed on from gen to gen and of course amendments made every year,unsaid but felt.The latest law I observed-don’t be kind to your Seniors,swear on their face.

Alotropism:-Walking in a straigth line,is for the KG kids,not for 12th standards.

Absenteeism:-School is boring and waste of time,when everyone is present.It is more fun when there are 7-8 absentees per day.The teachers waste their time and energy trying to convince those who are present,that bunking school is not good.

Plagerism:-One person does the work,others copy.Life lesson learned early.Also the early bird catches the worm πŸ™‚ Or the first guy to school gets the book πŸ™‚ But then i have my own way,scribble to excape πŸ™‚Β 

Falsism:-When people say things,just to satisfy someone,like a teacher.This in itself is an art,’cause most people would find it tough contradicting themselves.

Heroism:-Something which doesn’t apply to me, no i cannot lie.My Achilles heels seem to surface at the wrong time,well i wasn’t the hero,but at least i wasn’t zero.

Cynicism:-You hate it when people disturb you while you are looking at someone πŸ˜‰ or catching up on your sleep.You support the fact that wanting it all,is the way to be.Yet the cynic is an abridge of the hero,at least in scolastic terms- in the eyes of his fellow socialists,he is viewed with much contempt.

Individualism:-Something which i follow.This basically includes not copying and standing on your own ,at whatever cost-makes sure you never get complacent.

Nihilism:-School,is just an eye wash.We don’t need no education.

Escapism:-Albeit this not being a cardinal virtue in any religion,it is in reality one.No one can ever sit in a class and not wonder to the fairy lands,rather chic lands.ProcrastinationΒ is a vice,we don’t put off things,our clocks run on different time zones.

I am searching for more isms which have an affinity to the Indian school life.I have no clue what the difference is between here and in some monkey/donkey land,for the simple reason,I have been in this zoo,for the past 13 something years.Whatever maybe,i ardently support the cause of revamping our education system,for the simple reason,it is truly the survival of the strongest.Now don’t get me wrong,i do believe only the strong should live,but then this is might is right-more of parasites and hypocrites survive.

As the curtains call on my school life,the next stage of hunting and donating begins.This is one country where socialism of another kind exists,where in the rich pay donations,while the poor get in through reservations.If you don’t understand the underlying philosophy,i suggest you tune your cognition to Indian standards.While our English text books propagate Stephen Splender and ending the many veils thrown upon our beautiful society,the society reinforces its bleak views by holding on tightly,lest the prices drop.

This was supposed to be a humorous post and the humour lies in the fact,that i am wasting my time writing this,when in fact,the only satisfaction i can ever get would be the comments.I might sound like a pessimist,but than being a hero,demands too much and i am not Β willing to go through the pain,not all alone.The society can burn in its own fire,I am going to be all but a responsible citizen of the future-I will step aside and let the fittest of the worse prevail and then see what i can do about it.The innate goodness is all good,unless you exhibit it for the sake of others,so i will keep it for myself and those who i care about.This is the maturity school has bought on me.Of course i should also credit this enigmatic blogging world for adding a few layers of matured dust on me-this after all is another one of those places,where we the public talk and talk and never do anything about what the majority seem to be thinking.This post is running of track,true,but then nostalgia is such,that it doesn’t allow precision.If i had written this in my English paper,i might have got better marks.

All the above mentioned isms are just the tip of the ice berg(through i have never seen a ice berg).If i were to dig,i can come up with more historically and archaeologically valuable visceral facts,that would send those bespectacled men into a binge.But for that accurate reason,I shall keep it all to myself,until another time,when little Tommy doesn’t want to play.This post essentially is to make me feel good and the psychological and chemical reactions with me,point that i have achieved that.

While the nexus might be inaudible,the bottom line is this-My school life is drawing to a close,in all of four months time.I shall soon be out into the big bad world,all dressed up and with memories of the days,in a wonderful school.My school is a place where i have learned a lot,positives too.That shall be aonther six yard tamilian intensified rant,so until than,i don’t think you will find me rant.

Thank you.

Here a bomb,there a bomb…

October 31, 2008 § 14 Comments

From photoshopped
From photoshopped
From photoshopped

maths marks

October 28, 2008 § 15 Comments

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From photoshopped
From photoshopped

Happy teachers day :) !

September 5, 2008 § 25 Comments

From teachers day

YA trust us to know how to eat :P. This is the cake we ordered for teachers day πŸ˜› It tasted supeb!! πŸ˜› I got a huge chunk of it πŸ˜‰

The tradition in our school,is that we students take over as teachers for one day πŸ™‚ All these years we watched our seniors do it and at last it was our turn! I was pretty pissed off,in the morn,as i didn’t get the teacher i wanted,to be for the day,but then theΒ  cake made me all happy again πŸ˜› The show put up by us,was as my vice-principal said “one of the best in the past 28 years”.So teachers day is all and done and we all move closer to moving away from each other.A few more months and our school life will come to an end πŸ™‚

Anyway to all the teachers out there,HAPPY TEACHERS DAY πŸ™‚

love is….

August 21, 2008 § 24 Comments

A guy loves a girl.The girl doesn’t love him.Usual story?In films,goons are the boon,they appear on the scene,from no where and steal a bag or do something stupid.Or the girl just gets impressed with something the guy does.Is it so in real life?In real life,it is the first impression which plays most part,for the human mind is capable of judgment and will use its discretion.Like in cinema ,in real life too friends and other around play an important part.But lets leave everyone else fro a while and concentrate on the guy and the girl.

The girl has judged the guy and she doesn’t love him.She doesn’t hate him either.The guy is head on heels and flatter on feet,water in the sky over her.He tries to impress her by doing a lot of things.But she isn’t impressed.The guy understands what is happening but likes her so much that he can’t forget about it.He wants her really badly,so what should he do?How can he impress her?Isn’t it best that he talks it out openly with her,instead go beating around the bush?isn’t better to put the facts and think on them?Especially if it affects the guy badly-mentally and emotionally?What do you think?

This post is dedicated to my friend O.And he didn’t ask me to post it.He doesn’t know about this yet.

P.S.: had a blast of a day.Went for a quiz and then had my school annual day.Two of my friends came 5th out of 746 participants.And the annual day went on well πŸ™‚

Bomb ?where?When?who?

August 12, 2008 § 21 Comments

Ya,so had my first experience in respect to bombs and anti-socialism today πŸ™‚ We had a bomb scare at school and all of us were made to evacuate πŸ™‚ Even though everyone knew it was a hoax,they had to bring us out and well no one really seemed to be staring at death.Poor guy,death is,if he ever wants to come near my school,he should get hear plugs and maybe even anti-mocking eyes and well maybe even become invisible,such hooligans we all are πŸ™‚ When the police arrived to do their routine,everyone welcomed them with clapping πŸ™‚ They did a quick check on things and then sent the students class by class along with their class teachers and a couple of seniors(ME!ME! πŸ˜‰ i went bomb hunting,yupiee!!).We basically had a lot of fun,but had to miss our P.T. class(ya,but got a compensation promise πŸ˜‰ ) The scary thing was of course the sniffer dog.I think most of you know that i am scared of dogs and OMG! iΒ  was shaken badly to see a dog go around loose .It went sniffing about everywhere and thankfully didn’t come near my class.If it had ,they would have had a major emergency! πŸ™‚

The whole experience was damn good πŸ˜‰ No one panicked and everyone knew what was happening πŸ™‚ So had my first brush with the ‘bomb’. πŸ˜‰ The police did their job efficiently too πŸ™‚ They got to the school ASAP and did the whole thing without any noise ,might be they are used to this…

Questions and questioning

July 30, 2008 § 12 Comments

questions….questions and more questions…How do we ask so many questions?

Asking Questions is really really easy,isn’t it? Yet it is an art to ask them.You first of need to understand what is either going or not going on first.Why do i say what is going or what not is going on?

When Asking a question in class,you can do it only if you either understand the subject or if you have no clue what is going on(e.g,why sir,is 1*1=1?)Similarly when you are outside you ask questions to people,like what is happening,why is this happening,etc.

So why do we question anyway?We question so that we get to know something more.Simple isn’t it?Yet we human have come up with really weird questions and managed to answer a few of them too.

It isn’t normal for a person to question when something which has always being happening happens.For eg,an apple falling from a tree.What led to one person thinking about it differently? What made him question why it falls and not the moon? So what we need to notice is what he questioned and the way he questioned it.He could have asked why is it falling,answered himself with the age old answer,cause it is supposed too.Well more than me saying ,a quote would help here,so here it is:

β€œTo raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

-Albert Einstein

and another one from him,

β€œWe can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I have written about questioning many times before,but the reason why i am writing again is because i want to see what I think about questioning now.There are times in school,when my friends make fun of me for asking questions.If they want to stop the class,they turn to me and ask me to ask questions.It always makes me wonder how come people can never come with questions.Of course it is not that they are not capable nor am i trying to ridicule them ,but how is it that It is easy for a few to ask questions,while others never have questions?

Questioning is an art.The only ones who can question are the ones who are brave.You need to brave to ask the questions.The answers never come to you like a lighting flash.Once you have asked the question you need to try and understand what is it you want to know.You need to search for the door,which will take you to the answer.Now it is important not to get over whelmed by the question.You need to sleep over it(or well do something else with it) so that the question or problem isn’t as big as it seems.The main problem is that we are all used to seeing things the way they are,so we first need to let our mind see it the way it wants to.To do this,we need to register what we see in our subconscious mind,not that we don’t normally do it,it is always happening,we just need to realize that it is happening.Once your sub has got it,you just need to forget about the problem and let the sub deal with it.When we think on our own,we think about a given problem with our limited knowledge,but our sub has more knowledge,so it is capable of getting things done.Once it is done,it will ping you.

So what happens when you have asked the right question and let your sub on it? Well the answer is simple,more questions.Sometimes questions keep on coming.But that is the beauty of it.As you solve one question another pops up.Maybe it is because we use a very little part of our brain.

Anyway,I will leave you all with a few questions to ponder…

What/who is god? Don’t you think,that it can be a creation of our mind?I.e. a huge illusion,which was conceived by one person and became so popular that everyone fell under it?What do you think might be reality? How have we humans managed to think?Why are we what we are- a thoughtful race(as we think)?What is the universe doing?What are you doing?Why are you here?What are you supposed to be doing?Who are you?what are you?why should we study?How were people a 100 years back?

solutions are created before problems.

What do you think?

quotes from here.

breaking the walls(short story)

July 22, 2008 § 7 Comments

Walls.we build a lot of them around us.We live in between walls,when in fact we pay to get them around is.Why,why do we need to walls inside walls?
there is always a strong desire to become free and he too wanted to be free.’V’ was a 13 year old boy,who will strike you as a ‘normal’ kid.But if you ever happen to strike up a conversation with him,you will be left in awe and tears.His life had been a mixed one-happiness was not always present,he was always alone and he was always picked upon by his class mates and he didn’t have any friends.

He didn’t trust anyone.No one could be trusted ,they all were the same.He felt like an alien,like a disguised cat among dogs,always fearing that his cover would be blown and he would be torn.Every now and then,he came across people who were a little like him.He used to feel very happy,his face would lighten up and he would serenade his audience with true tales and his two faced life.he would then learn about the other alien too.Those moments of joy were unimaginable.But then they didn’t last forever,at least the happiness didn’t.The other person would either move on would just become the ‘others’.

Even though you would have found him alone most of the time,he did liked to talk.In fact,if he got going,there was no stopping him.Yet the way he was treated and the injustice he had to face,bogged him down;The added bricks which were not of his own make,caused his back to bend.At first he would cry himself to sleep every night,hoping that someone,somewhere would hear him.He used to talk to himself,he used to talk in his sleep too,he created his own ‘ideal’ people,whom he moved and hurt and loved the way he wanted to.he slowly got engrossed into this fantasy,in which he was ruler of destiny,the lord of the universe.

It is not that he didn’t believe in god,but he did lose faith in god.He asked god to show him a miracle and since he didn’t see any,he concluded that there was god.So having no purpose and having no one but himself,he learnt to enjoy his loneliness.Very few people dared to enter his world,even if they ventured,he didn’t like the human presence and killed them and with a dirge buried them.

And so like this he turned 14.People ignored him.When he talked no one ever heard him.He hated his school life.He didn’t know what he wanted.He used to sit alone and stare at everything around him.It didn’t matter where he was,no one would disturb him,even if he sat in the middle of a ‘group’ no one would notice him.It was almost like,he didn’t exist.And he never got the idea of a group.He had never been in one to know the sense of belonging,to him the people were the walls,they closed on him when ever they pleased,they moved an ocean apart,when ever they felt like.But when ever they did move apart,more walls came up.It was as if,he was being taunted.Like a scared child,he hugged on to his world,like the last of a specie he tried to save himself,even though he knew the end was inevitable.

And the end came.The pressure grew,until one day he decided he didn’t want this world.He didn’t have anything,to him the world was evil.Why what was ‘virtue’,was this it? Was this humanity?he hated it all.He locked himself in a room.He thought of his decision to kill himself.He thought about everyone in his life,he thanked them for everything they had been.He forgave everyone.And as he decided to end it all,the miracle he had been looking for came.A light,the long tunnel had a light at its end.It was unlike any light he had ever seen all his life.It told him,not to do it.He didn’t understand.He paused.He questioned the light.The light told him he was the progeny, that he came from a great family and that he had a purpose.Everything till then was a challenge,a test.It was he who had chosen this way to enlighten himself.He still didn’t understand,but he was curious,he decided he will give it a try,after all,he didn’t have anything to lose-except his life.And well if something would throw light on to his life,why not bask in it?

And the light thought him,it led him.enlightenment was indeed this.
All are god.All are me.I am all.he realized that there are so many things.he was not the only alien ,there were lots of them,but being aliens they were rare.He learnt so many things,which he had never known.When you go to a new place,you watch the people and observe what they do,he did that.he understood the basic nature of humans.He understood his own emotions.and even though he was sitting under the light,there was a shadow.His was his loneliness.Your shadow is your greatest tutor and so loneliness thought him things,yet your shadow lets you down,your enemy knows that you are there.He knew he couldn’t control the shadow,but at least,he can concentrate on the light,it will give him a solution.

A betrayal.

Then suddenly darkness came.The shadow took over again.The reign of darkness spread and all that was good seemed red.He felt the old pain,grow inside him,he left his life going back to square one.His experience thought him that this was test,but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to take it.But then at 15 he was wise,wiser than the other kids.He aimlessly roamed the darkness.he had a match to strike and light up the light,but he didn’t couldn’t find any place to light the match.The darkness grew,like only darkness can.

the darkest hour is before dawn,and words became his dawn.One fine day he picked up his pen,from then on,life became life.He understood the light was him.He appreciated it.he loved it.yet there are moments in his life,when darkness sets in again.It eats him,like how it spreads when the sunsets.But since he was the light,he quickened the darkness,so that he quickened the dawn.

In between all this,he had learnt to break the walls.he broke and created them at his will.He was not scared of the world,but then having known loneliness as it is,he knew that those moments are something which will make you rich.His pen was his sword and he was not afraid,you sometimes fled from a battle so that you don’t taint your sword.The walls he knew,were like all on earth-a boon and a bane-both were of the same,but it is what name you lend to them-god or devil.

What will his life be?What will he be in the future?

No one is a mater of destiny,except us.But have a shadow within us,which we might watch so that we don’t become our own walls.We our the only once who can summon and we are the ones who can be summoned.We have the right to choose and we are the choice.Everyone and everything has a voice and its purpose is not just to make some noise,but to tell you about what you are and your choice.No one is to be blamed.Everything is right ,as everything is the same.What is a crime?What is a sin?Every wall has a weak spot within and once we strike it,there is nothing of it except its remains in our memory.

When you build your walls,remember where is the spot,so that you can guard it when you have to and also break it when you need to.No wall is too great.A wall is a tool like everything else.You are the creator,preserver and destroyer of the tool.Use your tool,the way it is supposed to be.There is a light within and none can destroy it. Darkness is a phase,when light decides to show you its other face.Your eyes might pain,if you keep looking into light,so cool your eyes with darkness as it is as sweet as fire is when compared to water.

Be yourself.Don’t be afraid to break.For if you don’t lie,truth has no meaning.

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