In the end, I walk this road alone

July 13, 2009 § 18 Comments

In the end , I walk this road alone ,
People have come and gone ,
Some have seen and some have shown,
But in the end , it is me walking alone.

Roads meet and diverge,
People leave or converge;
Horror, grief, misery
Or joy,happiness and serendipity.

Yards and yards of verses written,
A few steps here and there beaten.
Fresh dried leaves swept away-
By men and dry winds of May.

In the end , I walk this road alone,
Despite all that went underneath ,
Firmly I still stand on my Feet.
In the end , it is I who walks alone.

Feelings,emotions and fears,
Guilt,traumas and tears.
Cloud racing and jocund company
The vibrations of a human symphony.

Paths which lead and paths which feed,
Paths filled with actions and many a deed.
The heart goes a way and the mind another,
The road,indifferent , which in concrete is better?

Decisions, desperation and conclusions
People,words and aspirations.
Dreams and ambitions,
Floods and indulgence.

In the end , I walk this road alone,
If not today , someday,
Let me choose a way,pray,
Which I feel in my way.

In the end , I walk this road alone,
People have come and gone,
Some have seen some have shone
But in the end, it is me walking alone.

The light shines the brightest

the never ending road

June 18, 2008 § 8 Comments

winding roads,
a few scenery,
a few machinery,
a little bit of humanity.
in the past ,
the road carried many,
in the future,it
will lead many more.
go on you road,
go on.At least remember me.
for the sake of the sake
that i took you,not just
now,but in the past as well.
live on,keep on going.

p.s.: the pictures were taken on my way back from kodai to chennai

well this one is the starting of the ghat section(on the way to kodai)

roads pass under my feet

May 29, 2008 § 1 Comment

roads pass under my feet,
as fast as my thoughts pass.
i move towards them,
they dissapear under
my feet.a few moments you
sense you have passed them,
and try to recount the moments,
but with better things to see,
you forget about them
and move on,
what was there,will be,
what you see,might remain
but thoughts don’t matter,
action do,so we go on.

p.s.: i am in Kodai,on a holiday 🙂 its pouring cats and dogs and i am locked up in my room 🙂 So a recollection no the road,will be writing a review when i come back 🙂

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