signs of life

July 26, 2008 § 8 Comments

water flows,
rain falls,
fire burns,
wind blows,
earth moves,
then if not for these
what else defines life?

ants save,
dogs smell,
birds sing,
mice run,
animals in general know,
so if not for these
what else defines intellegence?

Animals know balance,
they kill,those that need be.
Plants know balance,
and so they spread seeds
with others will,
if not for these,
what else defines obidence?

Earth keeps spinning,
the sun keeps breathing,
the sky keeps chaging,
the galaxies keep crawling,
the universe as a whole moves,
so if not for these,
what else is a sign of life?

opposites keep attracting,
likes keep repelling,
the weak keep dieing,
the strong keep surviving,
knowledge keeps appreciating,
so if not for this,
what else is the need for living?

Life is everywhere,
everything is moving,
in the inanimate there is life
and in the alive there is still,
since everything is what it is,
everything is and always will be
a sign of living.

few reflections

May 4, 2008 § 13 Comments

what can life give,
unless we give life?
what can earth give,
unless we give earth?
what can the world give,
unless we give the world?

every seed we sow,
is what that grows,
into the trees which
satisfy our wants-
for every want
we need to sow more.

what we expect from life,
we need to give to life,
if we want joy,
we need to spread joy,
if we want peace,
we need to spread peace.

the world gives what you want
and you give the world
what it wants,the more
you ask,the more you give,
see deeper into what you want,
we are the universe.

life is nothing if there is nothing
to die for.unless our hearts
are drenched in love
and our guts filled with fear
and our minds with unpredictable
dangers,there is no life.

there needs to be a reason behind everything,
that reason we all seek.
few bother chasing the questions,
few try proving their non-existence,
few their existence,
few just blindly follow.

if nothing was there,
then why all this?
because there is all this,
why the belief?
life is just the moments
of freedom between
life and death.

it is a fantasy,
where we are own
villains and hero,
where we are god,
where we create the
forces,just to reflect.

i don’t know why i write,
nor do i know why i do anything,
yet there is a reason,
asking the question is all i bother,
the answers hopefully will bother
showing up soon.

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