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November 9, 2009 § 20 Comments

Its been raining Chennai for the past few days. So no classes blah blah. Of course none of the national NEWS channels would have told you that many have died and many more misplaced and that schools and colleges have been closed etc(that doesn’t stop a few colleges and schools from working). Wrote a poem as well(in my poetry blog).

From newcamera2
From newcamera2

More about the second photo later.

I do wonder why rains in Chennai/TN don’t make it to the NEWS. Someone gets crushed by a bus in Delhi and the media is all over the place, someone sneezes in Mumbai and its hot NEWS. I am just curious that is all. After all people with better discretion run those things, the fourth estate etc etc.

We have had a couple of political fiascos going on as well. MNS, breaking microphones and well even trying to assault another leader in the Maharashtra assembly. Cool. We can forget about peace talks and Gandhigiri with such people around. No wonder others think they can lay claim to pieces of our land.

And of course one poor politician getting caught at it. I am a CA student and well the IT act(well a part of it, for my level) is there in the syllabus and  trust me, it is the most complicated thing I have never read/tried to read. As I commented – why don’t we let the IT department go after terrorists? (as per the act, illegal income is also taxable(correct me wise ones). But we all do know, the reality, if not the truth. Come on , where is 1.5 crores and over 2000 crores?

Farmville- well am jobless enough to afford getting caught up in something for a while. So yes, apart from the NEWS channels, this has kept me going(and tweeting and blogging as well). I get detoxed pretty fast, so am not worried about getting addicted etc(though it did feature in my dream yesterday night, does that count?) .

Anyway its been 20 years since the Berlin wall fell. It showed that people can rise together and get what they want. We can learn a lot from history, but ironically the only people who learn it(you and me) don’t care about it(the least popular subject in schools I think).

Once upon a time, I used to dream of making a world a better place etc, but when everyone hung up on making things bad, you can’t really stop anyone. So anyway, the present gen. will long be gone, it won’t be gen. X or Y it will be another one, but surely a human one(hopefully nature doesn’t watch movies/listen to humans-2012?).

What most of don’t realize is that, it is not the planet which needs saving, it is our race. This rock has been here for aeons, what makes you think, a bunch of petty creatures can destroy it? Human vanity, nothing else. And remember we are part of nature as well. Intelligence does weird things to you,  like making you think you have too heavy head. Just use it, stop trying to praise it too much. *and my comp is usually on for about 12 hours a day 😛 *

Lots more to say, but this post is just a random one, so let me end by remind you of the Great Super Heroes Challenge, just scroll down, you will find it.





A subway full of water

November 28, 2008 § 18 Comments


From mobile photos!

A subway full of water.This is the subway opposite Pothys(can you see the building?) .Lovely isn’t it.My area is an island.Thankfully my street is better off than most places.Except the 14 hour power cut,there have been no other problems,oh of course  i forgot the mosquitoes who tried to sing a lullaby.I didn’t have the heart to kill such talent,so i bore it all night long.


From mobile photos!

Above are Auto drivers of Chennai,huddled up,discussing the situtation.The subway is after all one of the cities most used.”T-nagar traffic jam aa”,is one of the most popular statements in Chennai.

From mobile photos!

Swimming anyone?The dirtest water you shall find anywhere on earth,baring the koovam and Adyar,both of ’em by the way have breached their banks i heard.

From mobile photos!

And so a few people who were too bored by the power cut(and the autodrivers of the near by stands) decided to play some cricket to entertain themselves.You can a mini river falling into the lake.

From mobile photos!
From mobile photos!

Yup who told you,cricket needed a big ground to play?So what if the English team has run away after a 5-0?We will send these local players.They are capable of adapting to any condition anywhere.Now that is adaptability!

From mobile photos!

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