Quantum of Solace-movie review

November 9, 2008 § 23 Comments

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Someone please kill him! Well yes,he is James Bond alright,but come on how can he escape all those attempts to kill him? Let it be a car chase(the movie starts with Bond driving a Aston Martin in Seina ,chased by the bad guys as usual) or boat banging or the Aeriel  ,none of them can even tickle the guys shoelace!Seriously,Bond makes our wondrous tamil superstars look like mortals!

Daniel Craig  seriously looks old!The actresses are pretty good(ya and well its Bond movie,so he gets the girls).I liked the performance of Olga Kurylenko(who does the role of Camille) the best.

The movie is too fast paced,at times you are left wondering what is going on.There are a lot of “I will shoot and I don’t give a hoot” movies out there and this one is just one among the lot.The only reason why it even has this reception,i feel is because its a Bond movie.Compared to Casino Royale(this is a sequel to it) ,this is bad.

Bond is out to seek revenge for the death of Vesper(The lady who dies in Casino Royale) and he meets Camille who it seems is also after the same person.The face of the enemy(it seems) is Dominc Greene( Mathieu Amalric) who heads Greene planet and is a member of the Quantum.He is involved in organising a coupde’tat in Bolivia and all he wants in return is a desert,but why? The Americans too seem to have a finger in the pudding.What on earth is going on? 

What exactly is Greene planet after? What is this Quantum?

Bond Never really gets his revenge.The movie ends with Bond walking away into the night in Russia.Of course Mr.White(whom he manages to capture in the beginning of this movie but manages to escape) is out and Quantum is seems to a mystery.


Final word:-

Well if you like Bond,then you might enjoy it.There weren’t many gadgets in this one.It is all about Bond chasing and being chased -cars,boats and planes.As I said ,the movie is too fast paced and it could have been slower.It got monotonous in certain places because I have seen those type of scenes before in other movies.In the next movie at least they should send a bullet through him or get him poisoned (like in Casino Royale).The music was superb,especially the opening song( Another way to die by Alicia Keys and Jack White)The acting was pretty good but still i don’t like Craig.Rowan Atkinson seriously is still better(Jonny English).

rating:-3/5(well after all its a dumb bond movie).

Quantum of shoelace,no smoking and nuke wars

November 7, 2008 § 14 Comments

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