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July 2, 2008 § 10 Comments

I am what i am.That is it.Do i think too much? Well i don’t know,but if i didn’t think,then i will not be me.It isn’t supposed to be two posts about me,i wasn’t planning this,but then it struck me that i need to clarify a few things.

A lot of you ask me,am i really 16? It is easier to laugh this one out.I wonder why people think i am not 16 .The reason might be that i think differently.Now i wonder why i think differently. The fact that i think differently from the majority of people in my age group is tough to accept.To me,there is nothing strange in asking questions,questioning is life.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

Questions,questions and more questions exist in this world.As Einstein says,there is no limit to asking questions.I ask myself why do i question? And the replies i get are infinite,for my mind can think without rest.I try to let my mind think all its want.I like dreams,i like the impossible ,i like fantasies to say the least.
So why should I come back to this so called “reality” of yours? I am pretty comfortable with where I am.If you want come with me and i will show you the way i think,but it isn’t easy for me to accept what you think.I love to watch clouds.I love the silence of night.I love to dream.And most of all ,i love it when my brain and heart churn out answers.it must be the greatest feeling to get answers,but then all answers lead to more questions and so think more.

Look at all the sentences which seem true and question them.

David Reisman

Now i haven’t progressed much here.I am still caught up.I am still trying to think out if i should be writing this.As i said i am very happy in the world i live.When someone says a no to something,i believe it can mean a yes.i believe that i can find solutions to the perennial problems of humanity,for i can think.yet thinking does lead to dead ends.Those are the times when you are left desperate,that is when you press your mind to think harder and you wish and think that you can think that one out.

Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.

Voltaire (1694 – 1778)

this is one of the most truest sayings.And so i shall end this with a few questions:

why all this?
why life?
why god?
what for?
why live?
why die?
why think?
why not think?
why hurt?
why love?
why a end?
why a beginning?
why a nation?
why humiliation?
why hunger?
why poverty?
why education?
why earth?
why universe?
why big bang?
why creation?
why everything?

and here is what i think about everything



A bacteria’s view of population explosion

June 24, 2008 § 16 Comments

So i am sitting here to write something.And as i write this so much is happening out there:-

1)the human race is expanding.

2) more people are dieing.

3) The level of pollution is increasing.

4) the food prices are rising.

5) More hate is being created through war.

6)More and more kids are being nurtured to hate each other.

7) there are the natural disasters.

8)there are the man made disasters.

9) And a lot more too.

Yet in what way can i influence them? I have a English teacher(who also happens to be my vice-principal) who keeps on going about the fact that the human population in the world is becoming larger and larger.Now i seriously wonder what can we do about?
When we talk about population explosion,illiteracy,poverty all tag along.So we are all aware it is a cyclic process,right.So what can we do? NO this is not right,i am asking the same question again and again?

So i am going to try and answer it.First of all,i think we are all,including me,too scared of ourselves.

We cannot face what we are all.so to help myself over come that,i am

going to become something else.
I choose to be a bacteria.

Now being a bacteria,my main aim in life,is to help my species become larger in number.By creating a humongous population,we can rule earth.All other creatures how ever big they are,will be controlled,because we will out number and over power them.Yet since i am a bacteria and i haven’t changed much since the beginning,what i thought was a brilliant plan has failed.I find my own brother trying to kill me.We have become so large,that we don’t have enough space and all of us who are equal fight for supremacy.A few of my brethren are weak.

So together, unconsciously or consciously we the bacteria with the power have enslaved them.So to protect themselves,they all live together.Yet they are all still weak,so to increase their security,they try to grow more hands,legs and with that more moths and with that all the problems.And unfortunately they all don’t have the sense ,that they cannot find enough food for all the mouths and a lot of them die-a few once a lot many times over.But,Within them they all have a hope ,that someone created by them,will have the power to over throw all of us.

The problem with them is that,they don’t have the capacity to do anything we require,as they don’t have the brain power.A few of them try to become physically strong ,but then the long years of suppression helps us and we employee them for our own use.They become tools.So well i should talk about bacteria like myself.What did our fore fathers do? They too added more drops to the ocean,only the reason being different.they wanted their legacy to be carried on,and now too many of us exist and our family legacy is split into so many that we have no clue about a few lost brothers.

So now there are a lot of us in the world.And we all fight among ourselves.A few of us are the polished good waters,who try to act as if everything is fine.While a few others are the bad waters,for whom nothing is fine and yet they act as if it is.And then we have the few who know both waters.They try to think of solving everything.Yet the only solution till now,which would be the easiest and fastest is to drop a little bit of some chemical in a few places. Or simple start wars.yet that would be cruel,wouldn’t it? The small fish,needs to become more daring.

And the small fish among us are trying to.They all aspire to become like us “posh”.And

we are trying to set higher and higher standards.Yet one problem remains,the more the bacteria who come out,more are sent down.so how can we solve it? So as a bacteria who is thinking,i come to the conclusion.We need to stop fighting.We all need to appreciate each other and try and help each other.We all shouldn’t feel insecure.We all should love each other.Easier said then done.

You cannot teach everyone.Other bacteria need to understand the need.They all should know that stealing and cheating aren’t the way.If they are truly powerful,then they should be able to challenge what the past has done to our wonderful species.Someone should teach them and that can be done only by people who understand.

When someone hurts you.You don’t hurt them back.For you never know why they did it.All of us are equally guilty for everything.So we should try and understand what happened.If we cannot join together and mitigate our race now and emancipate those who need to be,it might be too late.Who knows there might be no bacteria at all on earth.Then again,the humans might soon die before us,they have nuclear power.Well if that happens,it would be a good example to bacteria.Then we will know what will happen,if we try to rule the world.we should all remember,that what we create will dig our grave.Whether we are going to witter with hate or die with a smile with love,is left to us.

Just giving privileges will not help,everyone should be prepared for shouldering the responsibility of saving our race.

a ranting and live homework doing and thinking

June 5, 2008 § 11 Comments

note:be warned,if you search for correlation,cohesion or sense,you will not find them(or you might ,if you are good at reading between the lines)

Well at last after a month and something,i touch my books.They have gathered some dust,but that its what worries me now.What is or rather are ,the english hmework,which i have so conveniently postponed till now šŸ™‚ School re-opens tomorrow,i will return to the place which has been my haunt for the past 8 years.But this is year special unlike any.This will be my last year in school.I do not how to react to this/ go out and have fun? er…study? At last a time has come when choices want to play spoilt sport.There is Euro 08Ā  and the Olympics,what am i to do? Exams will become omnipresent in my life for the next 10 months.IT is going to be bugging,i mean,i just cannot get the point of it all? we are all born to do the same thing-study,marry,procreate and die? whats the difference between a bacteria and us? Hell i just invited an anthropologistĀ  to the imaginary diamond jubileeĀ  celebrations of Indian independence.if you are wondering what it is ,it is a report.Why do we even write the same old monotonous reports? Well i think Nita doesn’t do them that way( i just remember,i had comment at wide angle view,today morn).No this is pretty unusual,i do not rant,i usually don’t say much here about school life,it never fit here and never will.I suck at writing reports and am alright at articles(usually poems,turned into sentences courtesy punching-nations.At least this year i have a descent english teacher,my last year teacher well according to her ,”India got independence in 1857″.Excuse me/ and when i pointed that out,she was like “history is not important in english”,can we ask for more hypocrisy?Again what i am doing ranting,hell i am supposed to be writing reports.I am doing a report on derailement,should i say ” the railway minister should stop watching IPL and watch the track?”oh! ya when i am at it,maybe IPL is the main reason for inflation! Thats it people,now everything will stabilize.China will host the olympics,SRK,SALMAN will get their crowd.One by talking about underwear and another by making you look like an ass in front of under four footers.I have spent more than 6 mintues on this.Wait i will write a couple of sentences.The next one is a article,ok,that should be nice,its on unemployment.The contribution of english teachers to world problems-give their students articlesĀ  and reports to write,but give “key points” which basically mean write this and that,balh! I don’t care,i feel very rebellious.Might be i should make Idly and not war like Purnima ( ha,i haveĀ  added her as an author in YU! now ) .Blogging has made my writing style different,I seem to write ,as if i am writing to people.My heading reads Under informed are unemployed,don’t know if it is right,but well the topic is about students choosing wrong courses.Its dhoom,well the song is,which is playing right now.Its one of the two movies of Abi i like.He sucks other wise.The other is GURU.I watch a lot of hindi movies,without understanding a lot of hindi,but it is improving.Wow! i almost wrote wiki says!!!! i would have become the first to quote wiki pedia for a note book article,talk about being lead by whims and fancies!Well i just thought i will write a couple of sentences,but it is tough now i am writing like destination infinity(the style is really nice,but i think my teacher is going to be pissed off).WOW! ok i am wrote something very much me,a simile between employment,food and stomach and money ,maybe i should put a šŸ˜› next to the thing.My mom says this every now and then ” you are 16 going on 60″.well i just wrote a couple of lines like i was 60,well maybe it is time iretire,but well i still have to write another 75 words(no i didn’t count).till now i have tried to get punching and eating (punctuation ,ya thats a PJ or even worse)right,but i think i have made a lot of mistakes,priya,will again advise me(*sigh*) but as i just wrote “parents and teachers advise goes down the drain and someone needs to put sense!”(yes i wrote that in my book).hell i have had enough,i am leaving for later(i.e. once i go to school),for a guy who writes something every day,a few sentences shouldn’t be tough,but who knows fridays? My hits have stopped at 102 for the past hour or so and i will be able to write again only in the evening tmro.damn.but well hopefully the book review draw people here šŸ™‚ ha that reminds me,i have to get the print out of a review ,i have chosen an equal music( that is the only one which isn’t a best seller,might be i should add the poem which i wrote inspired by it?).WOW! o re piya is playing now,its such a nice song..guess this post has become long enough…so good night(well no actually i might stay up till one)…anyway tc.

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