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Those birds in the sky

November 10, 2008 § 13 Comments

From mobile photos!

Those birds in the sky,
they push there wings out and fly.
As the sun sets,they return for the night.
In a flock,without a fight.

In a big city they live,
There haunts being window sills.
In the concrete filled with dark myth
They know every nook and labyrinth.

At dawn long before the stars are gone,
The skies they head and fawn.
For food the sweep down
In one stroke leaving the ground brown.

Yet all i see of them,
Flirting along the skies realm
Is a moments of wing spread glory-
Wish i too can be like the free.

From mobile photos!

I AM….

July 2, 2008 § 6 Comments

I am too kind.
for though i hate,
i love-all.
I destroy for
destruction is creation
and creation is destruction.
There is something between
those,for nothing is two but three.

I am too harsh.
For though i love all,
i hate everyone.
I don’t understand the reason,
and for that destroy
whatever i created.I hurt everyone,
for by hurting,pain dissolves all pain within.
Destruction is the representation of within.

I am a human.
I am the son of man and woman,
I am the sun of humanity,
the progeny of a single thought,
masked as three yet one,I am the heir
to the throne of life.I am the human,
who has a purpose,who seeks the fruit
of success-nay it is love.

I am an alien.
I do not belong here.
Though i am from here,
my home is far away,
in the ether,beyond your eyes
can ever see.I am a bird
whos wings are hurt,
and this is the healing sojourn.

I am the ultimate.
I am an expression,from the past-
The wish of it and the futures
idol,for whom i live and believe
in whatever i do.Though i might
not know, I am the pasts’
want and another drop of salt
in the wide ocean of humanity
and wisdom,shore on the horizon.

I am nothing.
I might be an living being.
I have a life,and i move on.
yet what every i do,
will be to fill the chain,
which long ago started
and far ago will end.
I am the link.

I am me.
After all i can be only me.
Yet i search for my deeper
identity.What will I be,
if not for the search,
what will i be if not for the quest.
What i am is me,
and me i shall be.

the light shines the brightest


June 26, 2008 § 7 Comments

So we are alive,are we?
Then we all should live.
So we all exist.
We all just need to survive.
We all just need to thrive,
to help cover our insecure selves.

So every one has there own problems,
everyone has them,just that it is different.
So we all think of dieing,
because that is what we all are ultimately
going to do-die.
For death is a part of life.

So everyone who is alive has a life,
yet all of us were once dead-
unborn in the mind of the universe.
So all of us will be dead-
a dead thought buried in the universe,
far forgotten but suddenly remembered.

So we all need to do something,
for we all feel ,we feel,
that when we die,more than our ashes,
our deeds and doings should have
spread far and wide.
So we all don’t hide.

So we all did once hide,
but we don’t.Yet the past remains,
if not dead ,dormant because
once the world is spoken,
whether revered or blasphemously ,
it remains recorded vividly.

So we all do,do something.
And that we say is our worth.
We either preach virtue,
or we all say, let do.
So we all think we are right-
barking dogs seldom bite.

So we all can think!
And so we think,think about
everything,for we all
think we can think out anything.
And so we sit and wonder-
who cares what is right?

So we all think we are right.
And so we all think others are wrong.
We all care for we want to prove,
to ourselves that we were worth
and not just a penny in a ocean,
that we are not charity.

So we are all humans!
And we can do a lot,yet
we all talk,talk and talk.
All our actions are grave,
for everything leads to our
grave.Life is made,for
we have a purpose,
disastrous or lustrous,
we make or brake
for destiny’s sake.
And so we are all humans,
we think,think and ponder,
we all sit and wonder,
yet time is quicker and better.
So,go and put a thought but also
act,for time will not wait,
we have to run faster than it.

So keep living.
So keep trying.
So keep smiling.
So keep life.
So keep remembering.
So,so you are alive.

the light shines the brightest

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